Wednesday’s Den: 13 of baseball’s top free agents this winter……..

13) Justin Turner, 3B Dodgers— Should thank the good Lord the DH came to the National League; he’ll be 36 in three weeks.

12) Michael Brantley, OF Astros— Will turn 34 next May, has been hurt a decent amount, but he is a consistent hitter. Another guy headed towards being mostly a DH.

11) Marcus Semien, SS A’s— Has worked his butt off to become a good player, but fact of the matter is that he ain’t a big money guy. He is steady, shows up and plays every day but he also has a .322 career on-base %age— his fielding is steady but not brilliant.

10) Joc Pederson, OF Dodgers— Career .236 hitter who hit .190 this year but now owns a World Series ring. Some team will take a chance that he can recapture past glory; he is still only 28, and he hit 36 homers in 2019.

9) Didi Gregorius, SS Phillies— 30-year old shortstop hit .284 for the Phillies; I’d prefer him as a SS option over Semien, but he’ll also be more expensive.
8) Liam Hendriks, P A’s— Had two really good years as the A’s closer, but closers come and closers go. Remember Grant Balfour? Someone will pay Hendriks; he had 161 strikeouts, only 24 walks the last two years.

7) Trevor Bauer, P Reds— Had a 1.73 ERA in 11 starts this year; I’d be queasy about him pitching in a big media market— he talks too much.

6) Marcell Ozuna, OF Braves— Had big year this year after two mediocre years in St Louis. Will be 30 next week, figures to strike it rich this winter.

5) Masahiro Tanaka, P Bronx— Had his best ERA since 2016 this year; his WHIP this year was 1.17, hard to imagine he won’t re-sign with Bronx.

4) George Springer, OF Astros— .361 career OB%, but numbers figure to regress if he leaves that small ballpark in Houston.

3) Nelson Crux, DH Minnesota— Whats the market for a 40-year old DH? He knocked in 100+ runs four of last five full seasons, had a .397 OB% this past season.

2) DJ LeMahieu, IF Bronx— Hit .300+ five of last six years, can play multiple positions. He’s also 32, so not sure how long a contract he’ll get.

1) JT Realmuto, C Phillies— Really hard to find catchers who can hit. 

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