Tuesday’s List of 13: Things I learned while watching way too much TV

13) Texas Tech’s marching band was the first marching band to to travel to its school’s road football games, way back in 1925.

12) Actor Dennis Quaid is left-handed; he was a quarterback in Any Given Sunday, a relief pitcher in The Rookie. 

11) Since he became the starter ten years ago, Green Bay is 94-48 when Aaron Rodgers starts for them; they’re 6-11-1 in games he’s missed.

10) Pittsburgh’s Joe Musgrove began Thursday’s game with 21 consecutive strikes, the most by any starting pitcher to begin a game since pitches were first tracked in 1988.

9) There are 48 college football games this season where the visiting team is getting a guarantee of at least $1M. At the highest level, college sports is very big business.

8) There is a movie called Owning Mahowny that is about a bank manager with:
(a) a gambling problem and
(b) access to a multimillion dollar bank account; 

The movie is based on the true story of the largest one-man bank fraud in Canadian history. It stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Minnie Driver.  

7) Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich is the first player with a cycle, a 5th hit and an outfield assist all in the same game since Andre Dawson on April 29, 1987. Yelich had his big night Wednesday in Cincinnati.

6) Baltimore Ravens have won their last 14 preseason games; they’re also 21-27 in the regular season the last three years, haven’t made the playoffs since 2014. 

5) Now I feel old: Trent Green’s son is the backup QB at Northwestern.

4) Something is amiss with the Red Sox’ front office; David Howard, who has been Boston’s minor league field coordinator for nine years, has been fired- no word on why. Odd timing. 

3) The other night in Fenway Park, Red Sox scored 11 runs in an inning; Andrew Benitendi made the first out of the inning with a sacrifice bunt, then ended the inning by grounding into a double play. Research Doug Kern looked this up, and says that has never happened before in the big leagues. 

2) Friday night’s Detroit-New York baseball game was first one this year where both managers were ejected. Ejections have to be way down since instant replay became a thing.

1) There are 24 grad transfer QB’s in college football this season, which means a kid got his degree at one school, wasn’t happy with his playing situation and went elsewhere to finish his college career. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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