Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) New Jersey Giants fired their coach and GM Monday, in midst of a terrible 2-10 season that blew up even worse when QB Eli Manning was benched last week.

Interim coach Steve Spagnuolo takes over; owner John Mara says it is Spagnuolo’s choice who starts at quarterback from now on.

Yeah sure…as long as his initials are “E.M.”

12) You could make a case for Giants’ GM Jerry Reese keeping his job; Giants won couple of Super Bowls in Reese’s 11 years as the GM, but he is gone now, too.

11) Instead of two 6-6 teams playing in some obscure bowl game on a Tuesday afternoon in a empty stadium, they should’ve let Ohio State/Alabama play a play-in game in that bowl, 10-14 days before the national semi-finals. Imagine the TV ratings that would get?

10) If you don’t think Alabama should be in the college football playoff, keep in mind that on a neutral field, they would be favored over any college team in the country, including Ohio State. They’re favored over Clemson in the Sugar Bowl, and Clemson is #1 in the country.

9) Gus Malzahn gets $49M for seven years to stay at Auburn, as college football coaching salaries continue to go through the roof.

As recently as 2005, Malzahn was a high school coach in Springdale, Arkansas. Go figure.

8) In their last five games, Buffalo Bills were outscored 71-6 in the third quarter; they didn’t say it on TV Sunday, but that would suggest their coaches don’t make good halftime adjustments.

7) Speaking of the Bills, their kicker Steven Hauschka never kicked a football until he was 19 years old. He played soccer/lacrosse and also played trumpet in his HS’s jazz band.

When he went to Middlebury College, Hauschka was cut from the soccer team, so he tried out for the football team, did really well and wound up transferring to NC State. He’s kicked for five NFL teams and also kicked for Las Vegas in the UFL.

6) I see video clips of kids strength-training by turning over these huge tires that must go on tractors or something; who came up with that idea? It must work and it looks cool— they just keep turning the tire over and over. Reminds me of the World’s Strongest Man contest they used to show on TV— they had some creative contests that all looked like too much work for me.

5) Boise State 73, Oregon 70— Go on Twitter or YouTube and find the video clip of the kid on Boise State nailing a runner from just over half court to give Boise this upset win in Eugene over the weekend. Excellent win for both Boise State and the Mountain West.

4) Houston/Cincinnati’s college basketball teams are both playing off-campus this season, as their gyms are undergoing multi-million $$$ renovations. Houston is playing home games this season at Texas Southern; Bearcats are playing over the river, at Northern Kentucky U.

3) Monday had to be a big day for UCLA basketball coach Steve Alford; DiAngelo Ball dropped out of UCLA, giving Alford one less big headache to worry about.

DiAngelo Ball is not expected to ever be an NBA player, so you would think that maybe it would be a good idea if he got a college education, especially for free, but what do I know?

2) Monday Night Football takes:
— Sean McDonough doesn’t enjoy announcing football as much as he enjoys announcing basketball.
— When it rains, could someone please give Mike Tomlin a jacket?

1) These Big 14 conference college hoop games are being played in December this year because of the conference tournament being a week earlier than normal in March, but they’ll continue next year, because the Big 14 is going to a 20-game conference schedule, starting next season.

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