Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Rough week to be a coach in Cleveland; Browns fired Hue Jackson Monday, as well as OC Todd Haley. DC Gregg Williams is now the interim coach.  

Freddie Kitchens is the new OC; saw an NFL Films segment on Kitchens Monday, on how beloved he is by players he has coached. In these turbulent times, it was great to see. 

12) Cleveland Cavaliers started 0-6, then quickly fired coach Tyronn Lue, like it was Lue’s fault that Lebron James skipped town. What did they think was going to happen? Lue gets $13M to take a hike, so at least he walks away with a championship ring and a smile on his face.

11) Terry Francona, John Farrell and Alex Cora all won the World Series in their first year managing the Red Sox. 

10) Mets hired agent Brodie Van Wagenen to run their franchise; not sure if that is a good idea or not, but Van Wagenen’s wife’s stepfather is Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, so he has that going for him.

I’m guessing that behind closed doors, the Mets’ front office would make a great reality show, and that isn’t a compliment. 

9) Dallas Cowboys fired offensive line coach Paul Alexander less than halfway into his first season with the team, the first time HC Jason Garrett fired an assistant coach during a season.  

Former Cowboys OL Marc Colombo, who had served as assistant OL coach since 2016, will take over as OL coach. A former Cowboys’ OL coach, 75-year old Hudson Houck is back to work with Colombo and the offensive staff in an advisory role.

USC also fired their offensive line coach Monday; HC Clay Helton is taking over play calling duties, too. 

8) Buccaneers named Ryan Fitzpatrick as its starting QB for Sunday’s game at Carolina. 

7) On Sunday, Los Angeles became the first city ever to host an MLB (Dodgers), NFL (Rams), NBA (Clippers), and NHL (Kings) game, all on the same day. Those games all happened within five miles of each other.

6) Syracuse football team is ranked in the Top 25 for the first time since 2001.

5) Klay Thompson made an NBA record 14 3-pointers for Golden State Monday in a game they led 92-50 at halftime in Chicago.

4) Game 3 of the World Series lasted 7:20; in 1939, New York swept the Reds 4-0 in the Series- the four games COMBINED lasted 7:04. Seriously. 

Boston’s 1-4 batters Friday went a combined 0-28 at the plate; the most hitless AB in any baseball game – regular or postseason, since 1920 by a team’s 1-4 hitters was 0-24 by the 1963 Milwaukee Braves against the Houston Colt 45’s (now the Astros).

3) It surprised me that no team down 3-0 in a World Series has ever even forced a Game 6, much less won the Series. You’d think by this time, just about everything has happened.

2) Red Sox won the World Series, won 119 games; their GM west to Western Michigan, a state school. Just thought I’d mention that. 

1) Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts is a free agent; his contract is up. If you owned the Dodgers, would you give him a new deal? Guy just won the NL pennant two years in a row-I’d re-sign him,  but the longer he goes without a deal, the more you wonder.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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