Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) New York-Chicago played an epic 18-inning game on Sunday Night Baseball; games like this are what baseball unique- lot of odd decisions have to be made and it tests the mental toughness of the players. Excellent theater.

Of course, in today’s softening society, some people want there to be tie games in baseball. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong it is.

12) One thing that is really irritating; hearing someone who is getting paid to watch baseball complain that a game went extra innings. You have a cushy job; too bad there is a small bit of inconvenience involved. If you quit your job, I’m guessing a ton of people would wait outside in a snowstorm to take your place.

11) 583 pitches in the game; umpire Joe West is 64 years old. Hope he has today off. He basically umpired a doubleheader behind the plate Sunday night.

10) Interesting stuff on the Interweb about Kansas State football and succession plans for 77-year old coach Bill Snyder, who battled throat cancer this past winter.

Snyder is an icon in Manhattan, KS—it is hard to describe how pathetic Kansas State was before he became coach. Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma teams used to beat K-State 64-3 without breaking a sweat, but Snyder made the Wildcats winners and he carries a lot of influence- he wants his son Sean to take his place as head coach.

Others have resisted this succession plan, but some of those others have moved on to other jobs. It appears as if Snyder will get his way and his son will succeed him, but the real question will be, can Sean Snyder succeed as his dad’s successor?

9) In France, they hold elections on weekends and get a higher voter turnout than we do in this country.

8) Mets are so spineless they pushed back Matt Harvey’s next start until Friday in Milwaukee- they don’t want him starting at home right away. Hell, part of his punishment should be having to pitch in front of the home fans, who will give him the grief he deserves if he doesn’t do well.

If Harvey pitched well, the home fans would love him, no doubt.

7) Cincinnati Reds in first place after five weeks of baseball? Surprising.

6) Patrick Ewing is going to be an interesting study as the new basketball coach at Georgetown- the Hoyas picked up a grad transfer this weekend from South Dakota (43.8% inside arc, 31.6% outside arc), a team that won the Summit League regular season title- Monday they offered a 9th grader (Class of 2020) from Washington DC a scholarship.

5) Red Sox scored a total of 15 runs in Chris Sale’s first six starts; they scored 17 in his 7th start, Sunday in Minnesota.

4) If Kyle Lowry stays with the Toronto Raptors, they can offer him  a contract worth $205M for five years; if he goes elsewhere, he can get $152M for four years. I’m not sure of the tax implications of playing in Canada, but it sounds like he would be forfeiting a lot of cash if he chooses to leave Toronto.

3) Average attendance at all minor league baseball games in April: 3,986, best-ever for April. Owning a minor league team is a solid investment.

2) Former New Mexico/Ole Miss guard Cullen Neal will be a grad transfer at St Mary’s next year; Neal was headed to St Mary’s out of high school, but then Steve Alford got the UCLA head coaching job and his dad Craig Neal inherited the Lobos’ job, so Cullen stayed in Albuquerque and played two years, but the fans were tough on him when the team struggled, so Cullen transferred to Ole Miss. Craig got fired this past spring.

1) This from Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, on the Matt Harvey story:

“Several hours after Harvey texted a Mets coach (or texted the coach back, depending on who tells the story) to let him know that he was ill and wouldn’t be coming to Citi Field for Saturday night’s game against the Marlins, the Mets’ pitcher was visited at his Manhattan apartment by a couple men — Mets security people — sent by the team to see what was happening with him.

Harvey, it seems, sensed the Mets were checking up on him with their surprise visit around 10 p.m. (to see if his headache story checked out). Meanwhile, people close to the Mets suggest that, after many messages went unreturned, the security men were merely checking on him (to see if he was OK, or needed help).”

Harvey is a free agent after the 2018 season. Everyone involved needs him to pitch well; Harvey so he can break the bank next winter, the Mets so they can get rid of him before than and still get someone of value in return.


Author: Armadillo Sports

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