Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…..

13) First of all, thanks to Ken Thomsen for having me on his excellent sports talk show last night from Las Vegas. Sportsxradio is well worth your time for knowledge about sports, with emphasis on the gambling side of it; it is on from 10-12 every weeknight here in the East.

12) Sports is big business; read today that when Florida Gulf Coast made the 2013 Sweet 16, applications to attend FGCU went up 27.5% the next year.

When Butler made two Final Fours under Brad Stevens, applications went up 50%, so UMBC is expecting a boost to their coffers this coming year. Their online store did more sales Saturday than they did in the previous year combined.

11) Penny Hardaway will be introduced as the new basketball coach at Memphis today; Tigers won 21 games under Tubby Smith this year, but obviously the big-$$$ boosters wanted things to change, so they changed. Hardaway has been coaching a high school team in Memphis, a really good team, so the thought is that this opens the door for Memphis HS recruits to stay home.

10) Looks like Vikings @ Eagles is the NFL season opener September 6. Defending Super Bowl champ almost always opens the following season with a Thursday night home game.

9) Eight NFL quarterbacks will make more $$$ than Tom Brady this coming season; four of the eight have never won a Super Bowl.

8) Red Sox-New York will play two AL East games in London in June 2019, as baseball tries to suck every last dollar out of other countries now. Think A’s-Seattle open next season in Japan for first time since 2012. I’m not a fan of all this, but no one asked me.

7) Look up JReidDraftScout on Twitter; there is an interesting 140-second clip on there of the interview Carson Wentz had with the Eagles at the 2016 NFL Combine. They showed him clips of some of his college plays and asked him to explain what he saw and why he did what he did on that particular play. Interesting stuff.

6) Did lot of research on Nevada coach Eric Musselman Sunday; his dad Bill was also a really good coach, in college and the pros. He once went 48-6 as coach of a CBA team here in Albany. When Bill Musselman was coaching the Virginia Squires in the ABA (1976), he once played his whole starting lineup the whole 48:00. Imagine someone doing that today?

5) Was doing some fantasy baseball research Monday; Cincinnati OF Scott Schebler hit .215 in 393 PA vs righties LY, but with 38 walks. he hit .271 vs lefties, but with only one walk in 135 PA vs southpaws. One walk in 135 PAs? A .290 OB% vs lefties is no bueno.

4) Arizona Diamondbacks put a humidor in their stadium this year, hoping to make baseballs less “happy” with the goal to reduce the amount of home runs hit there this season. They did this in Colorado a few years ago and it worked a little bit.

3) Oklahoma State 71, Stanford 65— Chippy game where host Cowboys came back in 4th quarter to extend their season.

2) Utah 95, LSU 71— I turned this game on and it was 31-9 Utah; guess LSU kids weren’t too excited about playing in high altitude.

1— Get well soon to Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue, who has taken a medical leave of absence after leaving three games with an unknown illness. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.