Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) Been a rough sports year for the Pac-12; they went 1-8 in bowl games last fall, and now got only three teams in March Madness, two of them in play-in games. USC was shunned, but maybe that was because of the FBI stuff.

Maybe if more people could watch the Pac-12 Network (hint, hint), they’d get screwed over less on Selection Sunday.

12) Creighton-Kansas State is really interesting, because the Bluejays’ best player is Marcus Foster, who played the first two years of his college career at…….Kansas State.

11) Did agent Scott Boras cost Royals’ 3B Mike Moustakas $38.5M this winter?

There are stories on the Interweb that Boras turned down a 3-year, $45M deal with the Angels, who later signed Zach Cosart instead. Moustakas, who also turned down the $17.5M qualifying offer from the Royals, wound up signing back with Kansas City for $6.5M for 2018.


10) College basketball coaching carousel:
— Lorenzo Romar returns to Pepperdine; he coached the Waves from 1996-99.
— Cal-Northridge hires former NC State coach Mark Gottfried.

9) Goalie Alex Nedeljkovic became only the 13th goalie in AHL history to score a goal when he found an empty net in Charlotte’s 7-3 win over Hartford last week.

8) When Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield went to the NFL Combine, he was interviewed by 11 different teams (15:00 each). Would be curious how similar the interviews were.

7) When Richard Sherman signed with the 49ers over the weekend, he represented himself, saving the 3% agents normally get. Sherman saved roughly $210,000 by doing that, but did he get himself the best deal possible?

Writer Mke Florio points out that if he signed the same deal with the Lions as he did with the 49ers, Sherman would’ve paid $1,176,500 less in state taxes. Maybe he wanted to stay in the NFC West; only he knows for sure.

6) Basketball teams that run the Princeton offense generally practice all different kinds of layups for eight minutes in every practice; why doesn’t everyone do this?

Seems like that would be an important skill to have, to be creative close to the basket.

5) Providence lost in the Big East finals Saturday night; all three of their tournament games went to overtime, which doesn’t happen very often.

4) Good grief, I’m tired of the Masters commercials; they started in freakin’ January, before the Super Bowl. Its a golf tournament on a really nice course, we get it. Enough already.

3) Listening to Nevada coach Eric Musselman Sunday night, he kind of threw St Mary’s under the bus as far as scheduling goes.

Nevada added four games to their schedule as late as August (URI, Texas Tech, TCU, Davidson) after Musselman read how the Selection Committee would stress road games this season. Wolf Pack didn’t win the Mountain West tournament, but they did get the league’s first at-large bid since 2015.

St Mary’s apparently refused to schedule better teams, even turning down home/home series. Sunday, they paid for it.

2) San Diego Padres have a shortstop prospect named Fernando Tatis Jr who they’re very high on; his dad Fernando Tatis is famous for one thing— on April 23, 1999, he hit two grand slams in the same inning, for the Cardinals in Dodger Stadium.

Not only that, but both grand slams were against the same pitcher- Chan Ho Park. Eight RBI in one inning is a record that likely will never be broken.

1— Doug Gottlieb tweeted this Sunday night, about the St Mary’s snub:

“St Mary’s not getting in is the reason Gonzaga will leave the WCC”

Gonzaga is likely to bolt the WCC soon, much like Wichita State left the MVC last summer. But where will the Zags go? Please don’t tell me the Big East.

Gonzaga is located in Spokane, WA, which is roughly 30 miles from the Idaho border. How in the name of Rand McNally can a school 30 miles from Idaho be in the freakin’ Big East???

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