Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray chose football over baseball Monday, ending speculation as to whether he would show up at Oakland’s training camp later this week. 

Murray forfeits the vast majority of his $4.66M signing bonus from the A’s, but he’ll make a lot more than that when he gets picked in the first round of the NFL Draft. Read Monday that Murray winds up earning $210,000 from the A’s, for pretty much doing nothing. 

The 58th overall pick in last year’s NFL draft got a contract worth $4.86M, so as long as Murray is picked higher than 58th (which he will be), he makes money on this deal.

Meanwhile, A’s had the 9th pick in the MLB draft LY and totally wasted it. No bueno. They do retain Murray’s baseball rights, but those are basically worthless now. 

12) With Hall of Fame baseball player Frank Robinson passing away this past week, there were pictures of him posted on the Interweb; one of them was when he was managing the Nationals, in 2005 or 2006. He is leaning against the front rail of the dugout. 

You look right behind the dugout and you can see the fans in the front row; one of the fans is Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court judge who was under scrutiny last year for how much money he spent back then on tickets to Nationals’ games. Pretty sweet seats he had.

11) Cincinnati Bengals’ new offensive coordinator is Brian Callahan, whose father Bill coached the Oakland Raiders for a while; the Bengals’ new head coach is Zac Taylor, who played QB for Bill Callahan at Nebraska. 

10) Weird stat: Duke hasn’t won or shared the ACC regular season title since 2010; they haven’t won it by themselves since 2006. 

9) Tennessee is 22-1 and ranked #1 in country, even though none of their players were top 100 recruits nationally coming out of high school. 

8) Indians’ SS Francisco Lindor has a right calf strain that will keep him sidelined from 7-9 weeks, which makes him doubtful to start the regular season. 

7) From Tyler Bischoff: 

UNLV’s basketball team has never had a defense finish outside the top 200 in kenpom.com‘s defensive efficiency rating. This goes back to 2002. 

With seven games left this season, Rebels are ranked #238 in defensive efficiency, which helps explain their 12-11 record. Losing their best player Shakur Juiston for the season was a back-breaker. 

6) Once you watch an AAF game on TV and you hear the replay official as he gives his verdict to the referee, it is obvious that the NFL has to do this next year, just to give transparency to the replay process. Makes the broadcast more interesting. 

5) Three of eight AAF teams ran 70+ plays in Week 1; NFL teams rarely run 70 plays in a game, so it looks like the shorter play clock will result in more action during their games. 

4) New Orleans Saints hired Darren Rizzi as special teams coordinator; he spent the last eight years as Miami’s special teams coach.

3) Los Angeles Rams hired Wes Phillips as their new TE’s coach; he worked with Sean McVay in Washington and is the son of Rams’ DC Wade Phillips.

2) When the Texas Longhorns were recruiting Patrick Mahomes, they recruited him as a DB, not a quarterback, which makes you question what the hell were they thinking about? How many QB’s in the NFL right now played at Texas? 

1) It snowed in Las Vegas Sunday night; that doesn’t happen much. There was a video on Twitter of a guy driving around Las Vegas, with the traffic lights and street lights both out, but all the casinos were lit up like usual. Was a little eerie, though. 

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