Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Whats with NBA teams and drama? Milwaukee Bucks fired coach Jason Kidd, who was 139-152 in 3.5 years, but 22-21 this year. News of Kidd’s firing got out before the team told Kidd, and star Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t happy about it, which is never good for an NBA team, when your star player is ticked off.

Antetokounmpo called the coach and asked him if he wanted him to help save his job, which apparently was before Kidd knew he was losing his job. Oy.

If the season ended as I type this, the Bucks would be the #8 seed in the East.

12) Washington Wizards players recently had a players-only meeting; here are two quotes about that event:

First, John Wall:
“We had our team meeting. A couple guys took it the negative way and it hurt our team. Instead of taking it in a positive way like we did in the past and using it to build our team up, it kind of set us back a little bit.”

Second, Bradley Beal:
“It was tough. I try to keep all our stuff as personal as possible but I think in a way not everybody got a chance to speak whenever they wanted to. They didn’t want to bring up an issue or something they had a problem with on the team. Regardless of what may be going on, as men we’ve got to be able to accept what the next man says, be respectful about it and move on from it. I think it was one of those situations where we didn’t necessarily get everything that we wanted to get accomplished.”

Coaching an NBA team is serious money, but it can’t be great fun.

11) In the last 16 Super Bowls, underdogs are 11-5 against the spread.

10) This will be 4th Super Bowl in last five years with two #1 seeds. From 1994-2012, #1 seeds met in only one of 19 Super Bowls.

9) In their last five games, New England has been called for nine penalties for 110 yards; their opponents have been called for 29 penalties for 390 yards.

8) Tom Brady has more wins (27) and passing TDs (68) in postseason than Nick Foles has wins (24) and passing TDs (66) in his entire NFL career.

7) Minnesota Vikings last made the Super Bowl after the 1976 season, when I was a senior in high school; since then, they’re 0-6 in NFC championship games.

6) Last years, $138.5M was wagered on the Super Bowl, just in Nevada- thats a record, one that is expected to be broken this year.

5) Knicks/Rangers both played in Staples Center Sunday; it is first time Knicks/Rangers played road games in the same arena on the same day since 1957.

4) Miami Heat’s James Johnson scored five points in 0:04 Sunday night, as Heat erased a 105-100 deficit in the last minute at Charlotte, eventually winning 106-105. Not easy to score five points in 0:04, but layup-steal-3-pointer did the trick.

3) Carolina Panthers hired Carolina DC Steve Wilks as their new head coach; he was only a coordinator for one year, but has been a coach in college/NFL since 1995.

Cleveland Browns hired Todd Haley as their new offensive coordinator; hopefully he got promised that the Browns will draft a quarterback in April.

2) From Christopher Kamka, NBC Sports, Chicago: In 2017, Chris Gimenez was the first major leaguer to catch 5+ games and also pitch in 5+ games in the same season since the Phillies’ Bill Harman in 1941. Gimenez pitched in five games, caught in 59 games last year.

1— New Jersey Giants hired Pat Shurmur as head coach; he’ll keep DC Steve Spagnuolo, since he was Spagnuolo’s OC in St Louis is 2009-10. Rams improved from 1-15 in ’09 to 7-9 in ’10, then Shurmur became the head coach of the Browns in ‘11, which obviously didn’t go well (9-23).

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