Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) They ran the Boston Marathon Monday; I’m thinking it isn’t healthy to run 26 miles.

A marathon is an event that was established “…….in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens, who reported the victory.”

Unfortunately for Pheidippides, as soon as he reported the victory, he collapsed and dropped dead. Like I said, running 26 miles at once might not be good for you.

12) That said, it does take serious onions to run that far; it is demanding, both physically, mentally. Monday, a retired Marine who lost the lower part of his left leg by stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. ran on his prosthetic leg while carrying a large American flag for the entire 26.2-mile race, finishing in 5:46:13.

That is one tough human.

11) I’m probably not the best person to discuss running; if I drive 26 miles, I’m looking for the drive-thru window at Wendy’s or McDonald’s.

10) Rough start to the year for my A’s; their two best pitchers (Gray/Graveman) are both hurt already, now SS Semien has a broken wrist and is done for couple months. Not like he is Ozzie Smith or anything, but unless they bring highly touted prospect Franklin Barreto up from AAA, best they can do is move Lowrie back to SS and bring a 2B up from Nashville. Oy.

9) Toronto 4, Washington 3 OT— All three series games have gone OT, second time in Washington’s franchise history that has happened. Caps are 1-5 in those six games.

8) Cole Hamels has started three games for Texas this month; Rangers led all three games after the fifth inning. Texas bullpen, however, has allowed 14 runs in 9.2 innings in those games and Texas lost all three.

7) A 17-year old basketball prospect named Kevin Knox was offered $1.4M to play basketball for a Chinese pro team next year, but declined the offer. He’ll announce his college choice next week; most of top programs are involved.

6) Angel Hernandez is a bad umpire; he just is. You watch him work the plate and there is always a lot of crabbing by players during his games there.

5) Carlos Martínez pitched for the Cardinals in the Bronx Saturday; he lost 3-2. Martinez faced 30 batters; 19 of them either walked (8) or struck out (11).

Martinez threw 118 pitches, 25 were called strikes, 19 were swinging strikes, 16 were fouled off, 47 were balls and 11 were put in play. Of the 11 balls put in play, four were hits. Very odd line for him.

4) Brewers 6, Cubs 3— World Champs have lost four in row, are 6-7 overall, 2-5 at home.

3) Cavaliers 117, Pacers 111— Indiana was down 18 after three quarters, but covered thru the backdoor. Kevin Love was +!7; Cavaliers were -11 with him off the floor.

As I type this, Spurs are up 56-30 over Memphis. Not a lot of competition there.

2) NFL schedule gets released Thursday night, the draft is next week. It is freakin’ April, but the NFL has an amazing ability to stay in the news.

1— Utah Jazz have a problem, with Rudy Gobert out for Game 2 with the Clippers, but this year, Jazz are +102 with Derrick Favors on the floor, if they didn’t play the night before. When they played the night before, Favors was -45. No back/backs in the playoffs, good for Utah.

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