Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but….

13) In 1955 Jonas Salk decided not to patent his polio vaccine, so that the millions of people who needed it could afford it. It is estimated that his failure to get that patent cost Salk $7,000,000,000, thats billion, with a B.

A guy passed up seven billion dollars, just to help other people.

12) By way of contrast, I read that the current president’s daughter has a trademark on coffins, and my blood boils. Who in that position buys a trademark on BLEEPING COFFINS???? She wants to capitalize on people dying; 23,000+ people have died from COVID-19 already.

I talk about the Showtime TV show Billions a lot; great show. One of the key subplots of the show is that Bobby Axelrod got really, really rich in the aftermath of 9/11; he was the only member of his firm who was out of the office when the towers were hit by two airplanes— everyone else died, but he became one of the wealthiest people in the country, trading stocks in the aftermath of that horrible event.

Sketchy ethics, but its a fictional TV show; the trademark on coffins is very bleeping real.

11) I work pretty hard here at providing information and keeping things positive, but I wake up every day, and 800-900 more people have died and it is heartbreaking, even moreso when you know that most of this was avoidable, if our federal government was competent/honest.

Moving on to happier stuff…….
10) In their history, Dodgers have retired ten numbers; nine of the guys played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Don Sutton is the only non-Brooklyn Dodger to have his number retired, although in the 30 years since Fernando Valenzuela left LA, no Dodger has worn number 34.

9) WR Brandin Cooks has played six years in the NFL; he had 1,000+ receiving yards in four of those six seasons, but still, he’s already been traded three times.

— Traded by the Saints (with a 4th-round pick) to New England for 1st/3rd round picks.
— Traded to the Rams (with a 6th-round pick) for 1st and 6th round picks
— Traded to the Texans (with a 4th-round pick) for a 2nd round pick.

Cooks helped the Rams win the NFC title two years ago; can he replace DeAndre Hopkins?

8) From his Twitter feed, Rick Pitino’s all-time best high school players:
— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
— Moses Malone
— Lebron James
— Kobe Bryant
— Pearl Washington
— Len Bias
— Patrick Ewing

7) Watching replays of last year’s LSU football games and NFL Draft previews, and I wonder to myself, how the hell was Joe Burrow the #3 QB at Ohio State?

6) CBS fired Hall of Fame QB Dan Fouts, replaced him on NFL telecasts with Charles Davis. Davis is a good analyst, but so is Fouts.

Drew Brees will work on NBC football telecasts after his playing days are over.

5) ESPN has a 10-part series on Michael Jordan’s Bulls coming out soon; it was originally supposed to begin airing June 3, but has been pushed up to Sunday, April 19.

4) Georgia Tech was banned from ACC/NCAA tournaments this spring, events that wound up not happening. Despite that, Tech’s probation is over; they’re eligible for both next season.

3) XFL has laid off most all of its employees; no one is saying if the league will be back next spring. Popular wisdom was that under normal circus stances, the XFL would’ve been back in 2021, so we’ll see. NFL should take a hard look at some of their rules innovations, which were carefully thought out and could help the game.

2) A lesson in persistence; the great basketball coach Dean Smith made it to 11 Final Fours, but he didn’t win a national title until his 7th Final Four, in 1982.

1) Over the last decade, the best college basketball teams ATS (regular season):
— Virginia 163-104
— South Dakota State 147-102
— Tulsa 153-113
— Wichita State 156-115
— Villanova 158-125
— Michigan State 162-129

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