Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Think about how smart/fortunate the Green Bay Packers have been; since 1992, their starting QB’s have been Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Thats it. Two Hall of Famers.

By way of contrast, my favorite team, the Rams, have had 10 different #1 QB’s since ‘92, and Jared Goff will be #11 this season.

12) Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers has 8 kids, and therefore is being allowed to commute 71 miles from his home to training camp every day. Very odd situation— chances are Rivers will be retired by the time the Rams/Chargers move into the new Hollywood Park stadium in 2020.

Since 2002, Drew Brees/Philip Rivers have been the Chargers’ #1 QB’s; not bad. In the five years before that, 1997-2001, the Chargers had five different #1 QB’s: Stan Humphries, Craig Whelihan, Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Leaf and Doug Flutie. Continuity is very important.

11) This from the Football Outsiders Almanac, which I just bought online:

“Last year’s Oakland Raiders had the lowest scoring differential (plus-31) of any 12-4 team in NFL history. The other seven teams that went 12-4 with a scoring differential of plus-70 or lower averaged a 9-7 record the next year.”

10) I’m not a big fan of fantasy football, but a ton of people are, and one of the questions those people need to answer this season is what impact Adrian Peterson will have in New Orleans. Saints open the season in Minnesota, against Peterson’s old team, the Vikings.

9) The daughter of Saints’ coach Sean Payton goes to college at Pepperdine; she is a PR intern at the Cowboys’ training camp in Oxnard, CA this summer.

8) Cam Newton isn’t practicing with the Panthers just yet; his shoulder’s health is going to determine a lot of how well Carolina does this season.

7) John Elway’s new contract nets him $6M a year to run the Denver Broncos, who’ve won more games than any team in the NFL during Elway’s tenure as GM, except New England.

6) Tennessee Titans wanted QB Marcus Mariota to gain weight to play this season, but he came to camp lighter, at 215.  We’ll see how that works out for him.

5) QB Brock Osweiler will start the Browns’ preseason opener this week.

4) Bob Stoops retired as Oklahoma’s footballl coach back in June, at age 56, young for a coach to retire. Seems odd until you read that Stoops’ dad was a really good high school coach who died during a game when he was only 54. Then it makes a lot more sense.

3) Chargers have a new head coach in Anthony Lynn, but he has experienced coordinators, in ex-head coaches Ken Whisenhunt, Gus Bradley. That makes good sense.

2) This is a fun week ahead of us: NFL exhibitions resume Wednesday, and the last major of the golf season is this week, as well as the last week of the regular season for my fantasy baseball league. Rams play Dallas Saturday night— looking forward to seeing the Rams’ new offense.

1) My 12-day vacation to Las Vegas/Canton, OH was great fun; seems like six weeks ago I watched LaVar Ball’s AAU team play in Vegas, but it was only 13 days ago. Any night spent watching baseball in the Westgate SuperBook is also tremendous.

That said, it is good to be home.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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