Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) IMG Academy is a prep school in Florida that specializes in sports training. 

Of the 130 Division I-A football teams this fall, five starting QB’s are IMG graduates:

— Zack Annexstad, Minnesota
— Deondre Francois, Florida State
— Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
— Shea Patterson, Michigan
— Art Sitkowski, Rutgers

I’d say that is impressive for a high school, but IMG is no ordinary high school; its a factory for creating high-level athletes, which they do very well. 

12) So I’m in line at the bank Friday and a guy in front of me is in line, holding a fishing pole; he gets to the teller’s window and puts the pole on the counter, while he gets a wad of cash. 

Best that I know, and I’ve lived here my whole life, the closest body of water where fishing is possible is two miles away. Maybe he needed the cash for a Uber to get to the pond. 

11) Then I go up the road for lunch, as I walk into the bar, one of the waiters compliments my sneakers, an old (but rarely worn) pair of Nikes that I recently found buried under a pile of stuff (not much gets thrown out at Armadillo World HQ). 

Turns out this person knew from looking at my sneakers that they were made in 2005, and that I had taken good care of them. Not really, I just misplaced them and forgot about them, but they are still very comfortable, 13 years later. 

10) Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Washington Nationals’ teenager Juan Soto has batted cleanup in eight games this season; he is the first teenager to bat cleanup in a major league game since Houston’s Cesar Cedeno, in 1970. 

9) Basketball Hall of Fame does their induction weekend on first week of the NFL season, which means it gets totally overlooked; too bad. Wouldn’t late August be a better time? 

8) Roommates in their college days at LSU: Phillies P Aaron Nola, Astros 3B Alex Bregman. Couple of All-Stars now. 

7) Phillies are fading down the stretch; is it because their front office has lousy people skills? Few weeks ago, they sent starting pitcher Zach Eflin down to AAA for 10 days, simply because they could do that, keep him in turn because of a doubleheader, then bring him back again after ten days. It cost Eflin $20,000 and nine days of major league service time. 

Since that happened, Eflin is 1-3, 9.26 in five starts. 

6) We talked last week about the two Detroit Tigers’ TV announcers who got into a scuffle in the TV booth after the game Tuesday; turns out they’ve both been suspended for the rest of the season. Fact of the matter is, I would fire both of them, since they’re not very good anyway. 

5) Alabama QB Jalen Hurts will likely redshirt this season; thanks to a new NCAA rule, Hurts can play in four games this season and still redshirt. 

Not sure how that changes anything, since he and Tua Tagovailoa would both still at Alabama next year, but I guess Hurts could stay five years and start again when he is a 5th-year senior, after Tagovailoa graduates, unless Alabama recruits a younger QB in 2020 to start this mess all over again. 

4) Hall of Fame defensive end Jason Taylor is now defensive coordinator at St Thomas Aquinas HS down in Florida, one of the better high school programs in the Sunshine State. 

3) There are 3,123 entrants in the Westgate SuperContest; at $1,500 a pop, that means the prize pool is a cool $4,684,500. Whoever wins will bank over a million bucks. 

That said, 19 entrants didn’t put picks in for Week 1- at $1,500 a pop, thats $28,500 down the proverbial drain.

2) After returning from his injury Sunday night, Aaron Rodgers was 17-23 for 273 yards, three TDs; he was 3-7 for 13 yards before the injury. Sometimes life makes no sense. 

1) When Eastern Michigan upset Purdue 20-19 Saturday, it was only their second win in 40 football games against Big 14 opponents. 

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