Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Steve Fisher retired as San Diego State’s coach Monday night, ending a 26-year career where he compiled a 495-288 record, winning the 1989 national title with Michigan, when he replaced Bill Frieder just before the NCAA tournament, after Frieder bolted for Arizona State.

Fisher later built San Diego State’s program up from practically nothing to one of the best programs in the west- he will be missed.

12) Cubs raised their World Series championship banner last night; they’ve moved the bullpens to under the outfield bleachers, and put in 500 new, premium-priced seats down each foul line, where the bullpens used to be. Cubs beat the Dodgers 3-2 to win their home opener.

11) What have you done for me lately?

NHL’s Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014, their only Cups in 52 years of existence, but they fired coach Daryl Sutter Monday, after six full seasons with the Kings- he won two of the last five Stanley Cups, but got canned- doubt he’ll be out of work long.

10) Reminder; if you’re in Las Vegas and come to the SouthPoint Casino, bring a fleece or a light jacket- excellent place to watch sports, but a little cool in here.

9) You meet people from all over the country here; was talking to a guy from Louisiana Sunday night— he told me one of the main reasons Ben Simmons chose to play basketball at LSU was that lot of the bigger-name schools wouldn’t OK a camera crew following Simmons around all the time so Showtime could do their infomercial/documentary on him.

Hard to figure out why LSU’s season went so far into the dumper that season.

8) Then there was the conversation between two friends sitting behind me last night, while I was watching the Padres-Rockies game. These two guys were talking politics and apparently they hadn’t seen each other since last November’s election. It was a spirited discussion between two friends, but it got heated now and then- they didn’t agree on too much.

7) Padres 5, Rockies 3— Wil Myers hit for the cycle, just the second Padre (Matt Kemp) ever to do that.

6) Mets 4, Phillies 3— Teams carry so many pitchers these days, their benches are short; Mets were tied 2-2 in the 7th inning last night- they had go-ahead run on second with two out and a righty on the mound for the Phils.

Terry Collins had Michael Conforto in the on-deck circle, but if he uses Conforto there, Philly puts a lefty in, and Collins counters with Wilmer Flores. So he used Flores against the righty, preserving Conforto for later in the game (he never got in) if he needed him. Smart.

5) Heat 124, Cavaliers 121— Miami stays alive in the playoff race, barely beating a Cleveland team playing without Lebron James/Kyrie Irving. Heat still needs the Pacers to lose a game to make the playoffs— Indiana beat the 76ers in Philly last night.

4) Giants 4, Diamondbacks 1— Buster Posey got beaned in his first at-bat yesterday, was removed from the game as a precaution. Giants later scored three runs on a ground ball to the pitcher, something you rarely see, even in a Little League game.

3) NFL announced the Saints-Dolphins game from London will be one of those hideous 9:30am ET kickoffs. Imagine working in a sports book here in Las Vegas, with a 6:30am kickoff? Oy.

2) Active managers who will be in the Hall of Fame someday: Bruce Bochy, Joe Maddon and Terry Francona. Cubs’ GM Theo Epstein will also get in.

1— Lawson brothers bolted Memphis’ basketball team last week; four of their teammates have since followed them out of town, gutting the Tigers’ roster- they’re basically an expansion team right now, a total rebuild.

Lawsons surfaced Monday at Kansas; we’ll see how that goes.

I know this; recruiting is a cut-throat business and it never seems to end.

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.