Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Atlanta’s young star OF Ronald Acuna batted .469 LY in the 159 AB’s where he put the ball in play on the first or second pitch of an at-bat.

Once he had two strikes on him, Acuna hit only .179.

12) Watching all these re-broadcast baseball games the last two weeks, I’m surprised by one thing; that no manager has lost a replay review, then run to the guy with the phones to New York, grabbed the phone and started yelling at whoever is on the other end in the Big Apple.

Frustration makes me people do nutty stuff.

11) Six teams don’t have a first round pick in next month’s NFL Draft:
Bills, Bears, Texans, Colts, Rams, Steelers.

Miami has three first round picks; four teams have two— Jaguars, Vikings, Raiders, 49ers.

10) I’d be curious to know how much lower the electric bills are for Las Vegas casinos this month, as opposed to a normal month, with all those big signs turned off for 30 days.

9) Something to remember for a year from now:
— Last four years, underdogs are 11-5 ATS in NCAA tourney regional finals.
— Last three years, underdogs are 14-10 ATS in Sweet 16 games.

8) Dallas Cowboys poached special teams coach John Fassel from the Rams; now they’ve poached the Rams’ kicker, Greg Zeurlein.

7) Last July 25, Orioles OF Stevie Wilkerson became the first position player EVER to earn a save in a big league game, in the O’s 10-8, 16-inning win in Anaheim.

Baltimore scored three runs in the 15th, but a young pitcher gave those runs right back in the bottom half of the inning, then that same pitcher started walking guys in the 16th, so he was yanked for an outfielder, and Wilkerson got the save.

6) Justin Verlander was the first pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same visiting ballpark; he’s thrown two no-hitters in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

5) 61 major leaguers hit 30+ homers last year; will the baseball be juiced this year, too?

I’ll be fascinated to see what changes they come up with for this (shortened) 2020 season, if there is a season; how much will they experiment with rules? Hopefully, not too much.

4) For some reason, Aaron Rodgers was in freakin’ Peru last week, when it was announced that the country was shutting down air travel because of health concerns. Luckily for him, Rodgers was flying on a private plane- he got out of the country with 15 minutes to spare.

3) Hey, Giancarlo Stanton is healthy now, ready to play ball, good news for my fantasy baseball team.

Bad news for my fantasy team: Regular season ain’t starting until June 1st at the earliest, maybe July 1st- what are the chances that Stanton is still healthy then?

2) If there is no baseball in 2020, and that could happen, these five players are among those who become free agents next winter: Betts, Springer, Realmuto, Bauer, Stroman.

1) Cruise lines didn’t get any bailout money from the government, mainly because they register in other countries, to avoid paying taxes in this country:
— Carnival Cruises- Panama
— Cruise Norwegian- Bermuda
— Royal Caribbean- Liberia

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