Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) I went to a minor league baseball game with my friend Mike last night; Colorado Springs-Las Vegas, AAA teams of the Brewers-Mets. Solid entertainment for $11, and we sat under the misting machines, making it seem cooler than it was (100 degrees).

12) Brett Phillips plays CF for Colorado Springs; he has a GREAT throwing arm. Threw out a guy at third from deep right-center. Damn near threw a guy out at the plate from the warning track in left-center. He went 8-35 in 15 games for Milwaukee; he had three hits last night, and looks like a good prospect down the road.

11) Was hoping to see Mets’ SS prospect Amed Rosario play last night, but he got the call to the majors Monday and will be with the Mets in Denver tonight.

10) White Sox 7, Blue Jays 6— Toronto scored 7 in bottom of the ninth to win 11-10 Sunday, then they blew a 6-0 lead in this game.

9) LaDanian Tomlinson is getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, but the Chargers aren’t letting his longtime teammates Philip Rivers/Antonio Gates go to Canton for the ceremonies. Apparently it is normal for teammates to go to these events, but new coach Anthony Lynn wants his two veterans at practice Saturday.

8) Landry Shamet, MVC Freshman of the Year last year, broke his foot and will be out until around Thanksgiving, tough news for Wichita State as they move up to the AAC this season.

7) Orioles traded for pitcher Jeremy Hellickson last week, but he got into a car accident on the way to the airport and hasn’t pitched for Baltimore yet.

6) Phillies are 21-19 against the NL East, 18-45 against everyone else. Oy.

5) Braves fought like hell to get to .500 at 45-45, but they’re 3-11 since then and looked like a very tired team during their 7-6 loss in Philly Monday afternoon.

4) It is widely assumed that David Ortiz will get into the Hall of Fame when the time comes, but I’m adamant that if Ortiz gets in, then Edgar Martinez should, too. Next year is the last year on the ballot for Martinez. Seattle isn’t a media hub like Boston- that shouldn’t penalize him.

3) I’m wondering when trades are made in the major leagues, how similar is it to fantasy trades you make with your friends? Do guys call each other late at night to negotiate? Do they get mad if they think a team is busting their chops?

Obviously the stakes are much higher but lot of these guys know each other; some teams trade a lot more with one team than others.

2) Since I’m a longtime A’s fan (1965), some thoughts on the Sonny Gray trade:
— I never would’ve traded with New York, just on principle. Screw them.
— 2 of the 3 players the A’s got back are hurt; Fowler has a ruptured patellar tendon, the pitcher is recovering from Tommy John surgery. No bueno
— I mentioned Brett Phillips earlier; would’ve liked to get him instead of someone who won’t be playing baseball until 2019 (Fowler).
— Jorge Mateo is in AA, but gets high grades as a prospect, probably a center fielder.
— When you root for a small market team, July 31 is a bad day. Plain and simple.

1) Thought the Astros would do more than add Francisco Liriano; they put McCullers on the DL, so unless they can add a starter in a waivers deal in August, their pitching going into the playoffs is going to be extremely shaky.

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