Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Looking back on Sunday night’s Super Bowl you have to tip your hat to Tom Brady; he is a great leader who finds a way to win. He has a tremendous will to win and that is obviously very important. It is also difficult to measure beforehand.

The Scouting Combine is March 3-6; kids will run the 40, lift weights, do lot of measurable things that scouts will use to justify draft picks. There is no metric to measure heart or desire and until there is, scouting will continue to be an inexact science.

Brady? 6th round pick
Russell Wilson and Joe Montana? 3rd round picks
Kurt Warner? Wasn’t even drafted
Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington, JaMarcus Russell; all first round picks.

12) Is Brady the greatest QB ever? He is right up there with Elway-Marino-Montana-Fouts-Kelly, and his five Super Bowl rings are tops in the game. He is still going strong at age 39, so his resume isn’t complete yet. His WR’s have been some unusual guys; no Jerry Rice in the group, which makes him look even better.

11) As for the Falcons, they lost OC Kyle Shanahan to the 49ers, and now they have to pick up the pieces from the biggest collapse in NFL history. You look back on the past and it says teams who lose Super Bowls suffer a hangover— this hangover could also be the worst one yet.

I’m serious; only four teams in any NFL game ever have won after trailing by more than 25 points, and two of those were playoff games. This was the freakin’ Super Bowl.

Only four comebacks that were bigger than Super Bowl LI:
— 1/3/93— Oilers led 35-3, lost 41-38 in Buffalo (playoff game)
— 12/7/80— Saints led 35-7, lost 38-35 in San Francisco
— 1/4/14— Chiefs led 38-10, lost 45-44 in Indianapolis (playoff game)
— 9/21/97— Colts led 26-0, lost 37-35 in Buffalo

10) Pirates announced that Andrew McCutchen will move from center to right field this year, to improve the Pittsburgh defense.

9) Pitcher Jason Hammel gets $16M for two years from the Kansas City Royals.

8) Houston Rockets retired Yao Ming’s #11 last week; I’m thinking a lot of basketball fans in this country (myself included) don’t fully realize the impact Yao has had in promoting basketball around the world, especially in Asia. In other words, he helped make the Rockets and the NBA a freakin’ fortune.

7) Yogi Ferrell did so well on his 10-day contract with the Dallas Mavericks that they gave him a 2-year contract. He scored 30-something in Portland the other night, got paid the next day.

6) UTEP coach Tim Floyd’s first year as a head coach was 1986 at Idaho; his three assistant coaches that year were Larry Eustachy, now head coach at Colorado State, Kermit Davis, the head coach at Middle Tennessee State and Randy Bennett, the head coach at St Mary’s. Thats a really good coaching staff.

5) Oakland A’s are going to name the ballfield at the Oakland Coliseum “Rickey Henderson Field” to honor one of their great players who is also an Oakland native.

4) http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/presents3/how-celtics-taught-lakers-coach-luke-walton-love-basketball

This is a great article written by Baxter Holmes about Luke Walton and how his love of basketball came to be as a young kid. Well worth your time to read.

3) Good to read no bad comments about Houston as a host city for the Super Bowl. Everyone said the same thing— they crushed it!!! If the media doesn’t complain, you know its good.

2) When the Cleveland Browns had their expansion draft in 1998, they passed on selecting a quarterback the Rams left unprotected. Bad move; guy was Kurt Warner, who is now a Hall of Famer. Warner backed up Tony Banks in ’98, which wasn’t a fun year. Nick Saban actually won a lot of games with Banks as his QB at Michigan State. Not easy.

1999 was more fun, a hell of a lot more fun.

1— First spring training baseball games are Friday, February 24. Things ramp up a little early this year because of the World Baseball Classic. Training camps open next week.

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