Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) Crossed paths last week with a group of four families and their 8-10 year old kids who were visiting from California, and were off to a trip to Cooperstown later that day. 

I always wonder when people come so far to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, what they think of it once their trip is over. Cooperstown is in the middle of nowhere, 72 miles from Albany- if you like trees and lakes, you’ll enjoy the drive there. Very rural. 

Baseball Hall of Fame itself is tremendous, and Sal’s Pizza across the street is very good. 

12) Legalized sports betting starts today in Delaware; West Virginia hopes to have sports betting up and running by the start of football season. New Jersey is supposed to start sometime this month. New York? Who the bleep knows. 

11) Danny Hurley is the new basketball coach at UConn; he threw out the first ball at the Mets’ game Sunday. This will take some getting used to. 

How good a job is UConn? Not a lot of great players in-state, and the fanbase was spoiled by Jim Calhoun, not to mention how often the women’s team wins. 

10) Why does the baseball Wild Card exist? The ’93 San Francisco Giants went 103-59, and didn’t make the playoffs— how about that? 

Wild Cards started in baseball in ’95, but oddly, the Giants had losing seasons is 1994-96, after winning 103 games in ’93. They’ve made up for all that this decade. 

9) Oakland A’s drafted Oklahoma CF Kyler Murray with the #9 pick in the baseball draft; the thing here is, Murray is also penciled in to be the Sooners’ QB this fall. He is 5-10, very short for a potential NFL QB, but Brees, Tarkenton, Jurgensen, Russell Wilson are all under 6-feet tall. 

By way of information, the No. 9 pick in last year’s baseball draft got a $4M signing bonus. 

We’ll see how that works out, but would he leave Oklahoma now for $4-5M? 

8) Washington Nationals lost P Jeremy Hellickson (hamstring) after four pitches Sunday; he had been doing great work for Washington. Hamsrings generally take a while to heal. 

7) On May 1, Colorado Rockies were 30-1 to win the World Series; on June 1, they were 22-1. 

6) Part of the reason why? Arizona Diamondbacks hit .193 as a team in May. 

5) Have you seen David Letterman lately? He has this big, bushy white beard that makes him look like Rutherford B Hayes. First time I saw him with the beard, I didn’t recognize him. 

4) Philadelphia Eagles went for it on 4th down 29 times last year, most in the NFL. 

3) Tampa Bay’s Blake Snell tied an American League record Sunday when he struck out the first seven Mariners he faced in Seattle. 

2) ESPN wants to televise New York-Toronto game on Sunday Night Baseball July 8, but New York has a doubleheader in Baltimore the next day- they want Sunday’s game to be a day game. 

The two sides, MLB and the union are negotiating to reach a compromise, but if one isn’t found, New York might boycott dealing with ESPN personnel. 

Dodgers-Angels, Braves-Brewers or Cardinals-Giants would be alternative games to show. 

1) Baseball draft is weird, since it falls during the college baseball national tournament. How does it affect guys who are still playing? Lot of money on the line for these high draft picks, and the rookie leagues start on June 15th. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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