Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) When Orlando Magic coach Frank Vogel was in 8th grade, he appeared on the David Letterman Show in the Stupid Human Tricks segment, spinning a basketball on a toothbrush while brushing his teeth. I’m not a sure how a kid starts practicing that stunt, but he did and got good enough to be on national TV.

12) Speaking of the Magic, guard DJ Augustin has played for nine different NBA teams over the last six seasons; he’s banked roughly $28.3M in his career and must be an expert packer, too.

11) If you’re Mike Tomlin, whats your reaction that one of your star players was broadcasting your postgame speech live over the Interweb? Would’ve been nice if Antonio Brown had turned the camera off when Tomlin started speaking, but that isn’t what happened.

10) Kansas City Chiefs are first team in NFL playoff history to score multiple touchdowns, allow zero touchdowns in a playoff game, and still lose the game.

9) When the Packers hired Mike McCarthy as coach in 2006, the guy he beat out for the job was Sean Payton. Would’ve been fun to see Payton work with Aaron Rodgers.

8) Tex-Arlington 89, South Alabama 83— Glad to see the Sun Belt get exposure on ESPN; back when ESPN first started, Sun Belt was one of the first leagues to let ESPN broadcast its games on a regular basis.

7) Creighton 72, Xavier 67— Costly victory for Bluejays; senior PG Mo Watson went down with a knee injury and it didn’t look good- he said he heard it pop, rarely a good thing.

6) Saturday was just third time ever that the LA Lakers/Clippers/Kings all played in Staples Center on the same day.

5) After the 2014 college basketball season, South Florida tried to hire Manhattan coach Steve Masiello as basketball coach, but changed their mind after it turned out he was a couple courses short of having graduated from college at Kentucky.

Masiello got Manhattan to the NCAAs two years in a row and was one of hot names in the coaching carousel, but the last couple of years, Jaspers are just 20-29 and are struggling in the MAAC this season. Masiello has since gotten his college degree, but isn’t a hot name anymore, which seems ludicrous. He hasn’t gotten dumber the last two years.

Anyway, the South Florida job is open again; curious to see if USF goes after Masiello this time. They were also interested in then-UNLV coach Dave Rice back then; he’s an assistant at Nevada these days. Either guy would be a good hire for the Bulls.

4) There will be three college football games at Fenway Park next fall: UConn-Boston College, Brown-Dartmouth and UMass-Maine.

Long time ago, back in the 60’s, the Patriots played home games at Fenway.

3) Turns out Derrick Rose got fined $193,848 for missing that game last week; when the NBA suspends a player for a game, they take 1/110th of a player’s salary- for Rose thats the number. So not answering a phone call and making up a lie for 30 seconds cost him $193,848. Wow.

2) There is a new casino opening in Schenectady on February 8, around 15 miles from Armadillo World HQ. Am curious to see what it is like. Also wonder how long it will be before we can go there and bet on ballgames, like in Las Vegas.

1— Last week I asked about why the Chargers would move to LA instead of just staying where they were; read over the weekend where the value of the Charger franchise would roughly double after the move, more than making up for the $550M relocation fee they will pay out over the next decade. When in doubt, the answer is always “its about the money”.

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