Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Alabama 26, Georgia 23 OT— Freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa was 35-53 passing this whole season, before this game. Alabama put him in to start second half, trailing 13-0- they looked dead, but Tagovailoa was 14-24/166 with three TD’s, including the game-winner in OT, as Alabama wins another national title, in highly dramatic fashion.

Jalen Hurts is 25-2 as Alabama’s QB, but he’ll never start another game— will he transfer?

12) Watching the ESPN Film Room on ESPN News, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said: “In bowl games, officials are going to let ‘em play a little more. So if you have to hold, hold.” Kevin Sumlin agreed and said same thing also goes for defensive backs in pass coverage.

11) Gundy made another point just before halftime, saying how important it is for teams to have something positive happen right before the half. “It really helps the mood in the locker room at halftime.” Halftimes are lot longer in college ball than the NFL.

10) Kevin Sumlin got fired by Texas A&M after this season; if he wants to go on TV next year, he will be very good. Good natured guy, gets points across quickly.

9) Gundy and Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald agreed that their teams are better off with their coordinators calling plays, rather than the head coach, who has to manage the administrative aspects of the program. They were saying playcallers study film “for eight hours a day”.

8) 6.5 years ago, Georgia QB Jake Fromm played in the Little League World Series; now he was a QB in the national championship game as a freshman in college.

7) A gambler at South Point Casino in Las Vegas risked $557,500 to win $300,000, taking Alabama on the money line. No pointspread. Yikes.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like watching a game with half a million bucks riding on it. Especially this game!!!

6) Portent of the future? National anthem was played with Donald Trump on the field, but the players were in the locker room. Thats smart, avoiding any potential political displays or any other controversies that would take away from the game.

5) If Alabama played 14-0 Central Florida on a neutral field, they’d be a 13-point favorite.

4) In divisional round of NFL playoffs, #1-seeds are 16-5 against #6 seeds- the #6-seed won a road game the previous week, while the #1-seed had a bye.

3) When a 2-seed plays a 3-seed in this round, the 2-seed is 26-8- the bye really does help.

2) Since 2001, when the Patriots play at home in this round of playoffs, they’re 5-4-2 vs spread.

1) Chicago Bears hired Chiefs’ OC Matt Nagy as their new head coach. Nagy played six years in the Arena League— he joins Jay Gruden as former AFL QB’s who are now NFL head coaches.

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