Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Some odd baseball trivia yesterday, in Washington DC. 

On May 15, New York-Washington had a game suspended in the 6th inning; it was finished Monday. On May 20, Nationals’ rookie Juan Soto made his MLB debut. 

So Monday, in the completion of the suspended May 15 game, Soto homered, making him a player who homered in a game that was started five days before his MLB debut. Go figure. 

12) Soto is really good, by the way; he is hitting .316 in his first 79 at-bats as a rookie. 

11) Nationals acquired closer Kelvin Herrera from the Royals Monday for three minor leaguers, one of whom is a 24-year old who hasn’t even made AA ball yet.

10) Washington Capitals won their first Stanley Cup in their 45-year history this season, so of course, their coach quit Monday.

In four seasons under Barry Trotz, the Capitals were 205-89-34, the best record in the NHL. A two-year contract extension that had been negotiated previously was on the table if they won the Cup, but it was only a $300K raise per year and Trotz wanted the pot sweetened-  obviously it was not. Everyone loses here. 

I’m guessing Trotz wil be a hot commodity in the coaching free agent derby. Right now, the only NHL team without a head coach is the New York Islanders.

9) Keith Hernandez on TV in the 4th inning of the Mets-Rockies game last night: “I’ve never seen so much in-game coaching in my life.” 

He didn’t seem real happy about it, but players get to the major leagues faster now than they used to and they still need coaching when they get there. 

8) Nevada Wolf Pack hired Michael Musselman, the son of Nevada basketball coach Eric Musselman, as a graduate assistant. 

Eric Musselman: “I’m really excited to add Michael to our coaching staff. He will provide high energy and a great work ethic to our coaching staff. I was very fortunate to work for my father at a young age and the opportunity to work with my son is something that is very special.”

Eric Mussselman’s dad Bill was coach at U of Minnesota and also in the NBA. 

7) Pirates and Mariners have both won four 1-0 games this year, most in major leagues. 

There were 29 games last year that ended 1-0; so far this year, there have been 30. 

6) Pretty serious upgrade for the Carolina Panthers, going from Mike Shula to Norv Turner at offensive coordinator. Panthers will be an interesting team to follow this fall. Turner has a great reputation as an offensive guru; how will he mesh with Cam Newton? 

5) Unintended consequence of the immigration crackdown: “Avocado farmers in Santa Barbara County, (CA) are currently struggling to find workers.” 

So if the price of avocados goes way up, you know who to blame…….

4) There are two guys in professional baseball named Josh Smith; they both pitch for the Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston’s AAA farm club.

On Saturday, one of the Josh Smiths started for the Sox; on Sunday, the other one did. 

3) Red Sox are 13-1 in Eduardo Rodriguez’ starts this season.

2) Cleveland Cavaliers dumped two of their assistant coaches; read into that what you will. 

1) Umpire Tony Randazzo is a tough guy; he took a foul tip off the knuckles on his left hand last night, then took another foul ball off his collarbone. Both direct hits- they had to hurt like hell, but he stayed in the game. Tough. 

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