Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) OK, first thing today, I’d like some feedback from you, the reader; whats your favorite Christmas song? I’ll post some of the more interesting answers I get sometime before Christmas. 

E-mail me at ffib13@gmail.com Thanks. 

12) Jacksonville Jaguars fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett Monday, then named Cody Kessler their new starting QB for their home game against the Colts this week. 

Previous starter Blake Bortles had started 70+ consecutive games for Jacksonville, but the team’s 7-game losing streak cost him his starting job, at least for now. During Bortles’ tenure as the Jaguars’ starting QB, Jacksonville fired three offensive coordinators. 

11) We all think its great to be a pro athlete or a celebrity, but can you imagine what it is like to be sitting at home Monday night watching the ballgame and while a Tennessee player is hurt. the TV geniuses decide to analyze whats wrong with the Jaguars. 

All of a sudden, it becomes a “bash Bortles” thing; we all know that QB’s get too much credit and too much blame, thats why they get paid a lot of cash. But it still has to be weird to be sitting at home and hear guys who may or may not know a lot critiquing your career. 

10) Aaron Rodgers lost his last eight road starts; it’s the longest road losing streak by a Packers QB since David Whitehurst lost nine straight from 1978-81.

9) Bengals lost QB Andy Dalton (hand) for the season; backup Jeff Driskel will get his first NFL start Sunday at home against Denver. Driskel has thrown 36 passes in four NFL games; he was 17-29 passing in Sunday’s loss to the Browns. 

8) Texans 34, Titans 17— When did it become OK for football coaches to become reckless and go for it on 4th down whenever they feel like it? The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business, do things that are smart!!! 

Down 14-10 late in 2nd quarter, Tennessee had 4th-and-1 on the Houston 2-yard line. Instead of doing the smart thing, kicking a FG to make it 14-13, Titans not only go for it, they give the ball to a backup TE masquerading as a fullback, first time he ever carried the ball in the NFL. 

The play doesn’t work, Houston runs the next play 97 yards for a TD and school is out. There is a proper time to be conservative and/or “normal.” You do enough goofy things that don’t work, and your players will stop believing in you. 

7) Last week was the first time the Big East didn’t have anyone in college basketball’s top 25 since February, 1982. Villanova is back in the top 25 this week. 

6) Of the first 85 games ACC basketball teams played this month, only four of them were true road games, and North Carolina played two of those (Wofford, Elon). 

5) Atlanta Braves signed C Brian McCann to replace Kurt Suzuki and fill out their platoon at catcher with Tyler Flowers. Braves are also expected to sign 3B Josh Donaldson to a one-year deal, which Donaldson would use to get a longer deal at this time next year. 

4) Red Sox beat the Dodgers in the World Series; the difference in each player’s winning share and losing share of World Series money: $154,810.23. 

3) Random fact: 19,429 baseball players have made it to the major leagues. 

2) Ole Miss football team went 0-8 against the spread in conference games this season, the first SEC team to do that, since at least 1985. They’re fifth team since 2005 in any conference to go winless against the spread in league play. 

1) This week, Rhode Island became the 8th state to have legalized sports betting; New York hasn’t done a damn thing yet, while everyone goes over to New Jersey to bet, and spend money on food and Christmas shopping. Brilliant!!!

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