Tuesday’s List of 13: nobody asked me, but………

13) Cleveland Browns are 0-12 as they head into their bye week; 18 of their 53 players Sunday were rookies. They’ve used six different QB’s in 12 games. In a league where close games are the norm, Browns have lost eight games by 11+ points.

A young man named Taylor Gabriel scored four TD’s in his last four games for the Falcons, who are a playoff-bound team. How did Atlanta get him?

Cleveland cut him in September, after he caught 64 passes for 862 yards for them in 2014-15. They cut a guy who is a productive player for a playoff team, and who was also productive for them. Oy.

This is why the Browns are 0-12; they cut productive players.

12) Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles has been in all 50 states; I’ve only been in 27, which is fine. No desire to see Alaska or the Dakotas. No offense, just not interested. Hawai’i could be a different story.

11) So the dust settles and Tom Herman is the football coach at Texas, while the team he coached this year gets ready for a bowl game with an interim coach and a depleted staff. Herman’s agent is former NFL lineman Trace Armstrong, who played 15 years in the NFL.

Herman’s first job in football was as a grad assistant at Texas Lutheran; his salary was $5,000 and a meal card, so he has earned his way to the top.

10) San Diego State-Wyoming play for the Mountain West title this weekend; problem is, they lost their games last weekend by a combined score of 119-66. Hard to get fired up about a championship game in a bad league where the teams that are playing aren’t much better than average.

9) Evidence of that: Mountain West rivals San Jose State/Nevada already fired their football coaches this week, as coaching carousel begins to spin, slowly.

8) In its last four games with rival Florida State, Florida Gators have had the ball 50 times and scored two touchdowns. Thats 2 out of 50. No bueno.

7) Wasn’t happy to hear CBS Sports Network TV guys infer that the Alaskan Shootout may be in danger of not continuing. Reading between the lines of what they said this weekend, and looking at who plays in the event, the main leagues commit teams to the tournaments ESPN run and the Shootout isn’t one of them.

Too bad; Alaska used to be a great event but now they have events in all these tropical places that obviously are more fun to visit than frigid Alaska, plus their TV exposure is better, but it is still too bad, if true.

6) Smart move by NFL this week, with Minnesota-Dallas the Thursday game. Both teams played on Thanksgiving last week, so they’ll be playing with a full week’s rest and chances are you’ll see a higher quality game.

5) Bengals kicker Mike Nugent is the first NFL kicker since 1986 to miss three PATs in a row.

4) In four games in November, Navy’s football team punted TWICE; they scored 66-75 points in their last two games. Thats what happens when you run the ball in a league where no one else cares about anything but throwing the ball. AAC teams mostly suck on defense.

3) Northwestern has a better basketball team under Chris Collins; they’ve lost tough games to Butler/Notre Dame already, as they try and build a resume that will get them into March Madness. They’re going to be a bubble team, unless they get hot in conference.

It is a little heart-wrenching when the Wildcats play on TV; at some point during the game, they usually cut to a shot of Doug Collins sitting by himself somewhere in the arena, agonizing over his son’s team. It is cool that he cares so much, but you feel for him.

If Northwestern makes the NCAA’s, they’ll be one of the main stories on Selection Sunday, seeing how they’re one of five original college teams that has never made the tournament.

Who are the other four, you ask? Wm & Mary, Army, Citadel, St Francis NY

2) Good trivia; the longest overtime field goal in NFL history: 57 yards by Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders.

1— Tulsa’s kicker made a field goal Friday that actually hit both uprights; you don’t see that every day. Not sure I’ve ever seen it before.

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