Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) I’m going to rant for a minute or two about ballcarriers who don’t protect the ball near the goal line; instead, they get selfish and try to stretch the ball over the line, so they can score the touchdown, when exposing the ball to contact opens up the possibility of a fumble/touchback.

Happened to Bennie Cunningham in Chicago Sunday; happened to Corey Davis in Nashville and that was just one day. Bears lost by 7 points, by the way. Tennessee won despite Davis’ miscue, but they were losing in the last 2:00. When the Rams lost 16-10 at home to Seattle, Todd Gurley fumbled on the 1-yard line, stretching the ball towards the pylon.

The level of selfishness with this kind of stuff is debatable; scoring TD’s is obviously good, but with lot of incentives in players’ contracts, it behooves the player to score the TD himself rather than set up a fairly easy TD for a teammate on the next play.

It should be about WE, not ME; if that is hokey, so be it.

12) In a related subject, on the Titans’ game Sunday, they showed the list of goals one of the Titan defenders had for this season- nine items. None of them were team-related.

“Make all-pro”, “x number of INTs” “x number of tackles”- nowhere did it say “Help my team make the playoffs” or “Help my defense lead league in points allowed/game”

If I sound like an old guy protecting his lawn, thats fine- football is a team game, and helping the team win (Tennessee is 6-3) should be one of those goals, not just getting your numbers.

11) Mark Schlereth was the analyst on Bengals-Titans Sunday; he does a very good job, has some strong opinions and talks football. Hadn’t heard him work a game before.

In the first half, Tennessee TE Delanie Walker was talking to refs during a TV timeout, telling them about how he was being held. Schlereth says, “He is being respectful, and that will get him a call in the second half.”

Sure enough, Walker drew not one but two defensive holding calls in the 4th quarter.

10) Here is how much NFL teams can change in the course of a half-season; the NFL releases its schedule in April. A month later, Las Vegas puts out spreads on every game, except for the Week 17 games. Back in May, the spread for the Week 10 Texans-Rams game was Houston -3, and that was way before Deshaun Watson became a rookie sensation.

Rams were favored by 12 points Sunday, thats how much Sean McVay has improved the Rams.

9) You watch some of these NFL games, and the GM/owner sit next to each other, which has to be terribly awkward if things aren’t going well.

I mean, if you’re down 31-10, what do you say to the billionaire whose money you’ve used to build this team that is losing 31-10 and maybe has lost three of its last four games?

8) In their last two games, Indianapolis Colts have scored four TD’s, on plays of 45-80-60-61 yards, all very big plays. In those two games, Colts have only been in the red zone once.

7) In their last two games, Houston has been in the red zone five times, and hasn’t scored a point, which seems almost impossible. Hard to believe the Texans won’t try TJ Yates under center this week against Arizona— maybe he could spark an offense that has good receivers.

6) Underrated movie: “One More Time” with Christopher Walken playing an aging singer who makes a comeback. It was made in 2015, is worth your time if you’re a Walken fan.

5) Dodgers-Padres will play three games in Mexico next season

4) Missouri’s highly-touted freshman Michael Porter Jr is a vegetarian; I’m not sure if thats a good idea for a young man trying to make the NBA. Young Mr Porter should still be a senior in high school, but they accelerated his college career so he could cash in on the NBA’s big bucks a year earlier than otherwise. He only played 2:00 in Mizzou’s opener; he has a bad back.

3) Tennessee fired football coach Butch Jones, who then apparently got four Tennessee recruits to flip their commitment away from the Volunteers, hoping to land the kids at whereever his next stop might be. Recruiting is a cut-throat, competitive business; Jones is a good recruiter but a lousy game coach. Will be curious to see where he lands next.

2) NFL’s catch rule lacks common sense; this is what the rule should be— “A catch is when a receiver has complete control of the ball and gets two feet inbounds” thats it- this “going to the ground” BS just lacks basic common sense, and creates calls that are just plain wrong.

1) Bill Walton was on the mike at the basketball game from China Friday night; every time I hear Walton’s voice now I think of my late friend Joe, who passed away recently at a much too young age.

When Joe and I worked together, I’d duck into his office and we would laugh about stuff Walton had said the night before, ro talk about life in general. After I retired, we still texted a lot about basketball, but then Joe became ill and left us much too soon. He loved his children and he enjoyed basketball and being a referee and he was just a good guy who is missed now.

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