Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Baltimore 47, Browns 42:
— Lamar Jackson was in locker room (cramps), came out when his backup got hurt and tossed a 44-yard TD pass with 1:51 left that gave Baltimore a 42-35 lead
— Tucker kicked 55-yard FG with 0:02 left for the win.
— Ravens scored six TD’s on their first ten drives.
— Ravens won eight of last nine games with Cleveland.
— Jackson threw for 163 yards, ran ball for 124 yards.

— 20 points were scored in last 1:51 of this wild game.
— First time since 1922 there were a combined 9 rushing TD’s in a game.
— Mayfield threw for 343 yards, two TD’s.
— Browns gained 493 yards, had 33 first downs, but lost.

— Spread was Ravens -3; there was a safety on the last play, with ton of laterals, that made Baltimore backers the winners.
— One of the strangest and most entertaining games in NFL history.. 

12) Marquette 89, Creighton 84:
— Marquette made 12-21 on arc; they played only seven guys.
— Both teams scored 1.25+ points/possession.
— Creighton was 14-32 on the arc, 14-26 inside arc. 

11) Rutgers 74, Maryland 60:
— Rutgers hasn’t been in NCAA’s since 1991; this looks like the year.
— Ron Harper Jr scored 27 points for the winners. 

10) Felt bad when I saw that Gus Malzahn was fired as football coach at Auburn, then I read where his buyout is $21.45M, that’s million, with an M. Now I’m envious of the freakin’ guy.

Fact of the matter, Auburn is a bad job until Nick Saban retires, because you ain’t going to beat Alabama enough to satisfy whoever it is that makes decisions at Auburn. Malzahn was 68-35 at Auburn, 39-25 in SEC games, 2-5 in bowl games.

15 years ago, Malzahn was football coach at Springdale HS in Arkansas; now he can get a TV gig, kick back, count his money and see if he wants to coach again. 

9) If you think college football coaches are overpaid, check this out; found this on the Interweb a few days ago— these are all college presidents, whose win/loss records aren’t published:

— Former Bryant U President Ronald Machtley made $6,283,616 in 2017.
— Former Johnson & Wales President John Bowen made $5,363,616 in 2017; he retired the next year.
— RPI’s President is Dr Shirley Jackson; she made $5,155,038 in 2017. RPI is an engineering school in Troy, NY, across the river from Armadillo World HQ.
— U of Pennsylvania’s President Amy Gutmann made $2,390,315 three years ago.

Must be nice. 

8) Back to Malzahn for a minute; he is one of six coaches who has beaten Nick Saban three times as a head coach (no one has beaten him 4+ times):
Lloyd Carr, Malzahn, Les Miles, Joe Paterno, Joe Tiller, Tommy Tuberville

Active coaches with 2+ wins vs Saban: Hugh Freeze, Miles, Dabo Swinney

7) Washington Huskies pulled out of the Pac-12 football title game because of COVID-19 issues in their program; Oregon takes Washington’s place, will play USC Friday night in LA. 

6) Frank Gore Jr scored on a 73-yard TD run for Southern Miss Thursday night, in the Golden Eagles’ 45-31 win over Florida Atlantic. Whats remarkable about this is that his father is still playing in the NFL; not a lot of 37-year old running backs still carrying the ball.

5) Las Vegas Raiders fired defensive coordinator Paul Guenther after the Raiders got drilled 44-27 by the Colts Sunday. Las Vegas allowed 37.5 ppg in its last four games, and right now is on the outside, looking in at the playoff picture.

4) Nebraska Cornhuskers are 2-5 this season, their 4th consecutive losing season; this is the first time since 1956-61 that Nebraska’s football team has had four years in a row under .500. 

3) College football coaching changes:
— Arizona fired Kevin Sumlin
— As we talked about, Auburn fired Gus Malzahn
— Illinois fired Love Smith

2) Word leaked out over the weekend that the Cleveland Indians will change their nickname soon, but apparently not this coming season. Lot of money involved in choosing that next nickname; do it right and if the team contends, they will clean up financially selling apparel with the new logo(s) on it.

Problem is, the Indians seem to be dumping salary; Carlos Santana already left town, and Francisco Lindor may be the next one traded away. Losing teams don’t sell many souvenirs. 

1) If you bet over on the Kansas City Chiefs’ season win total the last eight years, you would’ve won all eight bets, that’s how good a coach Andy Reid is. Hard to exceed expectations every year, really, really hard.

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