Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Lions 30, Packers 17— Detroit wins for just 2nd time in last 26 visits to Wisconsin; Green Bay’s season is in the ashcan. Stafford threw for 361 yards, and scored TD’s in red zone.

12) Eagles are 8-1 heading into their bye week; in the last 20 years, out of 45 teams to start a season 7-1, only the ’12 Bears, ’96 Redskins started 7-1, and then missed the playoffs.

11) Seattle Seahawks penalties the last three games: 41 penalties for 358 yards. They need to knock those numbers down- 120 yards a game is tough to overcome.

10) Bulls’ Zach LaVine signed a 4-year, $35M deal with adidas; he is making $3,202,217 from the Bulls this season. Why is a sneaker company paying him 273% what the Bulls pay him?

9) Only players ever to hit a home run on Opening Day, and then in Game 7 of the World Series that same year: George Springer this year, and Yogi Berra, in 1956. Thats it.

8) Atlanta Falcons are getting killed by bad field position; in their last four games, they lost field position by 9-7-11-16 yards.

7) Tampa Bay’s star WR Mike Evans gets suspended for this week’s games with the Jets after his cheap shot at a Saints defender Sunday. The suspension costs Evans $290,967.37.

Bucs also shut QB Jameis Winston down because of his sore shoulder; Tampa Bay’s season is a mess- they had very high expectations this summer.

6) Eastern Illinois beat Illinois in one of this exhibition games for charity; surprising result, but the game doesn’t count, so Illinois may not have taken it as seriously as it should have. You know Eastern Illinois took it very seriously.

5) Clippers/Lakers both played at home Sunday, in the Staples Center; would be curious to know how many people paid to watch both games.

4) Miami Marlins dumped 44-year OF Ichiro Suzuki last week, possibly ending a career that will undoubtedly end with a Hall of Fame induction. He is still good enough to come off of someone’s bench; we’ll see if this is the end for Ichiro.

3) SI.com points out that the Cincinnati Bengals have made 106 trades in their 50 years, but none of them were with the Browns or Steelers, their two biggest rivals. The AJ McCarron trade last week that the Browns butchered with their incompetence would’ve been the first one.

2) They had four refs working a G-League basketball game on ESPNU last night; good Lord, just what we need, more refs. As an old coach once said when they went from two to three refs: “Just one more to yell at.” Now they have two more to yell at.

1) College basketball starts Friday night, with a ton of games; more suspensions than usual early on this fall, so it is a good time to sit back, study and start to get a handle on this season. There will a lot of information to process late Friday night.

Auburn already has two kids suspended, Texas A&M two, USC one and Southern Illinois has two kids hurt- Rhode Island had a kid arrested over the weekend- no word yet on his status. The recruiting scandal that is ongoing will probably result in more players being held out of the lineup.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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