Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

Hey, I’m going in the shop Tuesday for my 60,000-mile checkup; be back as soon as I can. 

13) When he was 16 years old, Jose Altuve went to an Astros’ tryout camp in Venezuela, but was cut because the Astros considered him to be too short. 

Altuve went back the next day, where he earned his way into a deal with Houston and a signing bonus of $15,000, a small bonus. 

Starting next year, Altuve will be making $29M a year; good thing he went back to that tryout. 

12) From the 2017 NFL Draft:
#2— Mitchell Trubisky, Bears
#10— Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
#12— Deshaun Watson, Texans

If I owned the Bears, I might be asking my GM some questions……..

11) So far this season, NFL road underdogs are 45-23-2 ATS. 

10) CG Technology in Las Vegas took two money-line bets on the Chicago Bears Sunday, totaling $540,000, so when the Saints beat Chicago, CG Technology was 🙂

9) Troy Aikman is an assistant coach at Episcopal School of Dallas, where his stepson plays WR; Aikman does NFL games on Thursday/Sunday, but is on the Episcopal sideline Friday nites. 

8) Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa has a high ankle sprain, is expected to miss a game or two.

 In 2022, Alabama is playing Austin Peay in football; why????

Play them in basketball, when they would actually have a chance;  it is a ripoff to fans for a dominant program like Alabama to play a I-AA team. Play a Sun Belt team, a MAC team, play Rutgers or UMass. Or, have some onions and play UAB, an in-state team.

7) Jets’ G Kelechi Osemele told reporters that he played in pain for the first three games, took painkillers (Toradal) prescribed by the Jets and needs surgery to repair a torn labrum; the Jets think Osemele had a pre-existing condition and can play; he was cleared to play by team doctors and an independent doctor.

Osemele is making $10.2M this season, and his $9.3M base salary is guaranteed because he’s a vested veteran. Oy. 

6) Was watching an old movie (1987) Sunday night, Less Than Zero, with Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr; the female lead in the movie is Jami Gertz, who is married to the owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, Tony Ressler. 

Ms Gertz has represented the Hawks at the NBA Draft Lottery a couple of times; ironically, the Hawks’ chances of winning an NBA title are less than zero. 

5) Of the 27 guys in last year’s NBA All-Star Game, only two of them (Bradley Beal, Kemba Walker) played in all 82 regular season games. 

4) New Orleans Pelicans’ rookie Zion Williamson had his knee scoped, is out 6-8 weeks. 

3) Washington Redskins (+9.5) covered at home Sunday, losing 9-0 to the 49ers; they’re only second team in last 25 years to cover while being shut out. In 2007, the Dolphins (+16) lost 3-0 to the Steelers.  

2) If you bet on every NFL road team this season, you would’ve shown a profit every week- road teams are 62-38-2 ATS in the NFL this year.  

1) RIP to major league umpire Eric Cooper, 52, who passed away over the weekend; Cooper is one of only two umpires ever who worked the plate for two no-hitters by the same pitcher (Mark Buehrle). Cooper worked the New York-Minnesota playoff series couple weeks ago.

The other umpire is Ed Vargo, who worked two of Sandy Koufax’s no-hitters. 

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