Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Cam Newton was whining about late hits again Sunday, after Carolina beat the Cardinals. Guess he did it then so people could not call him a sore loser, since they had won.

Best part of this is that Carolina goes to LA this week to play the Rams, usually thought of as a dirty team. Refs might start throwing flags during warmups, just to get loosened up. Great.

12) Coco Crisp was going to get $13M from the A’s in 2017 if he played in 140 games this year, something like that. Since his skills are in decline, they were making sure he wasn’t going to reach 140 games, and he voiced his displeasure with that.

Note: It would’ve been incredibly stupid to pay him $13M next year. Fair or unfair, it was good business.

So to quiet the storm and I guess reward a player who had helped the A’s over the last few years, Oakland dealt him to the Indians on August 31 for an obscure lefty reliever named Colt Hynes. Weird circumstances can help a team win a championship.

11) Phoenix Suns have a young player named Alan Williams who was a good very player at Cal-Santa Barbara. If any of the Suns have trouble with the law, they can call Alan up— his mom just got named police chief for the city of Phoenix.

10) Jacksonville Jaguars just fired their OC in large part because the QB had regressed. Who did they replace the OC with? the QB coach, who is in charge of making sure the QB didn’t regress. Oy.

9) Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers are champs, ever wonder what their former coach David Blatt is doing? Guy got fired last year; you have to wonder what he is doing now. Is he coaching somewhere? Did he go back overseas?

Would be interesting if Blatt went on TV, to hear what he had to say. Former coaches are usually better than former players on TV.

8) Who was the first DH in MLB history? Ron Blomberg walked with the bases loaded against Luis Tiant in Fenway Park, in April of 1973, in the first big league AB by a designated hitter.

7) Russell Westbrook is the first NBA player since at least 1983 with 40+ field goal attempts, 20+ free throws and 10+ assists in the same game. He is also the first guy since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1975 to get a triple double with 50+ points.

6) Former Bills’ coach Mark Levy is 91; he looks great. Coach Levy was at Wrigley Field Friday night and was also there for the 1945 World Series, the last time the Cubs played in the Series, before this year.

5) Texas Longhorns haven’t had an offensive player taken in the first round of the NFL Draft since QB Vince Young, in 2006.

4) CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders closed out Taylor Field this week; lot of history there. Toronto Blue Jays actually played exhibition games in Regina in 1989 and 1993.

3) If you’ve never experienced Halloween in Las Vegas, I highly recommend it; few years ago, think it was 2012, i spent a weekend at the South Point Casino, which is a really good place, has a bowling alley, movie theater and 24-hour coffee shop as well as an excellent sports book. South Point also has an equestrian arena, so when the pro rodeo is in town, the cowboys stay there.

I had no idea there was such a thing as pro rodeo, so the first night I am there, I walk down into the casino and 95% of the people there are dressed like the cast of Blazing Saddles.

I ask the security guard if it is cowboy Halloween party and he says “No, the pro rodeo is in town.” I tell him I never heard of the pro rodeo. He looks at me and says “Where are you from?”

OK, so we don’t have rodeo in New York…….

2) So couple nights later, the rodeo is out of town and it is Saturday night and I notice a red carpet with TV cameras near the entrance. Ask the same security guard whats up.

“Oh, the fetish and fantasy ball is tonight.” he says. I give him a knowing look, not wanting to be a fool again, since I know we have fetish and fantasy here in New York but I had no idea what I was about to see.

An astounding parade of people in all kinds of costumes that were, um……revealing to say the least. I’m leaning up against a slot machine watching this in total amazement.

1) So I watch the parade for a little while then go watch the late college football games; after that I’m going up to my room for something and I get on the elevator with this couple from the fetish and fantasy ball.

He is dressed as a prison guard, handcuffs, night stick and all; she is in shackles and a neck collar, with an outfit that is torn in very strategic places. She had to be a model or a porn star, totally gorgeous and it is just the three of us on the elevator. I have zero idea what to do or say.

So I say nothing until we get to my floor and I wish them a Happy Halloween as I get off the elevator. I’m guessing they did.

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.