Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Statistics are fun, they can be educational, but they can also be really misleading; take the Carolina Panthers’ defensive stats, which should be really good this week, because Carolina’s offense was so terrible that Chicago scored two defensive TD’s early on, then just sat on their 14-0 lead and didn’t even try to score with the ball. Bears had five first downs, gained 153 yards on 37 plays for the whole game, but they won by two TD’s. Very unusual.

12) I’d be curious to know in all the fantasy football leagues around the country, what the teams’ records were in Week 7 that had Aaron Rodgers on them? I had Rodgers on my team when he got hurt in 2013; lets just say things didn’t go too well from that point on.

11) We post the six most popular picks in the Westgate SuperContest each week; thru seven weeks, those picks are just 15-27 vs spread, which means sports books are making a killing so far this season. Handicapping the NFL is a minefield that is very tough to navigate.

10) Cleveland Browns’ tackle Joe Thomas played 10 years and six games without missing a single play, a streak more impressive than Cal Ripken’s iron man streak, but he got hurt Sunday and is now out for the season with a triceps injury. Thomas is a future Hall of Famer.

9) Cubs fired pitching coach Chris Bosio; they won the World Series last year, did Bosio get a lot dumber all of a sudden?

San Francisco Giants also re-assigned most of their coaches, including pitching coach Dave Righetti, who had been in that job since 2000. Giants won three World Series in this decade; maybe they should re-assign the person who put together such an aging roster this past season.

8) Army’s football team has already accepted a bowl bid, to the Armed Forces Bowl on Dec 23. At 6-2, the Cadets are having a breakthrough season.

7) Ole Miss QB Shea Patterson is out for the year after getting hurt against LSU Saturday nite. Been a rough year for the Rebels, who are playing with an interim head coach.

6) Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey tweaked a leg muscle in San Francisco Sunday; one of the Cowboys’ safeties (Jeff Heath) kicked a field goal, banking it in off the right upright. Cowboys are holding tryouts for a backup kicker this week.

5) This is how competitive pro golf is around the world: In fall of 2016, 30 guys won their cards for the European Tour for 2017 at Q-School. Of those 30 guys, only two have their cards for 2018.

4) Michigan State has a running back named LJ Scott who is pretty good, but he’s been arrested seven times, all for roughly the same thing— unpaid traffic tickets, driving without a license or with a suspended license. How do they keep letting him play? It is mostly harmless stuff, but it shows a lack of respect for rules and sends a bad message that he is playing.

Back in the day, my man Jerry Tarkanian would’ve done this: assign a staff member to take care of his traffic issues for him. Drive him to DMV to pay his fines and renew his license. The better the kid was, the more important it was to keep him eligible and out of trouble.

3) I’m watching 76ers-Pistons game as I type this; game is in Detroit’s new downtown arena and the crowd there is really small. Does every NBA team make money?

2) Denver Broncos have played two road games, scoring one TD on 23 drives; should they explore trading for Eli Manning? Giants are on their bye week; Denver could use a QB. Giants might need to start a rebuilding process.

1) Cleveland Browns should sign Colin Kaepernick; it would diffuse his lawsuit against the NFL, then people could see in plain view whether he is still good enough to keep playing in the league. Plus, there is no way he is worse than the three suspects who’ve been playing QB for the Browns this season. Then they can draft a top-flight QB prospect next April and move on.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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