Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) Stephen Zimmerman is 6-foot-11 and 22 years old; he plays an average of 19.8 mpg for the Knicks’ G-League team and scores 8.2 ppg. He’s played in 85 G-League games over three years. 

Here’s the thing; Mr Zimmerman was the 41st player taken in the 2016 NBA Draft; if he had stayed in college, he would be a senior at UNLV right now. Would he be better off had he stayed in school? I don’t know the answer to this question, but he is playing only 19.8 mpg now, it doesn’t seem like he is that close to getting a call back to the NBA. 

You stay in college, you work harder on your game in practices, plus you can get a college degree that could prove useful if the basketball thing doesn’t work out. 

12) I look at his free throw percentage and it has been right around 62% for all three of his years in the G-League, so in three years as a pro, he hasn’t improved that part of his game. He is grabbing 8.9 rebounds a game, so that number has improved, but he’s also played for three teams in three years. If the lowly Knicks don’t bring him up, then what? 

Kids have to decide between staying in college and practicing more, as opposed to going pro, getting paid and playing more games while practicing less, but it is a cruel world out there, and if you’re not ready, teams move on pretty quickly. Hopefully Zimmerman will keep improving and find his way back to the NBA. 

11) Was pretty sad listening to a 2:16 clip of NBA commish Adam Silver talking about so many NBA players being genuinely unhappy, because they’re isolated in the world. 

Sounds like your basic first-world problem, but if you’re in your 20’s and banking a 7 or 8-figure income and you ain’t happy, I’m not sure how you fix that. I’m approaching 60 years old and am a retired government employee, but I’m pretty damn happy despite not being rich. 

Maybe part of the solution for future kids is that staying in college longer would give you friendships that could propel you into adulthood with a support system, I’m not really sure, but I am pretty adamant that more kids would be better off staying in school longer, to grow up more. 

10) Paul Goldschmidt doesn’t look right wearing a Cardinals’ uniform.

9) Sounds like Nick Foles is headed to the Jacksonville Jaguars next season. 

8) ESPN found an excellent new basketball analyst when it hired former NBA player Caron Butler, who is at ease behind the mike- he is fun to listen to.

7) ESPN.com ran an article that is highly critical of Phoenix Suns’ owner Robert Sarver. Since the departure of coach Mike D’Antoni from the Suns in 2008, Phoenix has had four general managers and seven head coaches, not exactly a blueprint for success. 

6) An 85-year old guy in Texas ran a mile this weekend in 7 minutes, 47 seconds. At age 85. 

Seriously, if I drive 10 miles in my car, I’m looking for the drive-thru window at a Wendy’s. Running is no longer an option, not that it ever was. Kudos to this gentleman, who ran college track for Texas before I was born, back in the 50’s. 

5) In the AAF over the weekend, on its first drive of the game, San Antonio ran 21 plays for 78 yards on a drive that took 9:34, but they kicked a FG, didn’t score a TD. Not sure I’ve ever seen that before, a 21-play drive, and for it not to end in a TD or a turnover, thats weird, especially since it was a 38-yard FG, they weren’t even that close to the goal line. 

4) Announced attendance at the four AAF games this past weekend:
— San Diego @ Memphis: 13,621
— Orlando @ Salt Lake City: 9,302 (was snowing there)
— San Antonio @ Birmingham: 6,539
— Atlanta @ Arizona: 8,865

No idea what their attendance goals are, or if these numbers are good or bad, but they get 90,000 in Tuscaloosa for Alabama’s spring game. 6,539 in Birmingham can’t be good. 

3) Generally speaking, an agent’s take is 3% of the athlete’s salary, so Scott Boras’ take from the Bryce Harper bonanza figures to be $9.9M.

2) Phillies, by the way, sold 200,000 game tickets the day they announced the Harper signing.

1) The ruckus after the Nevada-Utah State game Saturday apparently was related to students storming the court after the game ended. Court storming needs to be stopped, before something really bad happens, with a player slugging someone or a huge brawl breaking out. 

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