Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) I always wonder about guys who get traded during the season; what happens to their stuff? 

Manny Machado went from Orioles to LA last week; who moves his stuff to the west coast? If a player is married, the spouse gets stuck with all that work, but if not, then what? 

Asdrubel Cabrera got traded to the Phillies but they were in Cincinnati over the weekend, are in Boston now. He hasn’t even been in Philadelphia since the trade. Where does he live when he gets there? 

The better players are so wealthy they can pay people to help them out; does the agent do the logistics for the move? 

12) I also wonder how Michael O’Keefe’s acting career would’ve turned out if he hadn’t played golf against Judge Smails in Caddyshack.

Think about it; he blew the clerkship because he played golf with Ty Webb against the judge; what is Danny Noonan doing now? 

a) Golf pro, is on the Senior Tour.
b) Bartender in the clubhouse at Bushwood CC.
c) Went to law school anyway, became a judge
d) Owns a driving range like Roy McAvoy in Tin Cup 

11) Jacob deGrom has started 21 games this season; six of them were 0-0 after the 5th inning. Mets lost five of those six games.

10) If I were advising Dez Bryant on how to get another NFL job, the first thing I’d tell him is to shut his bleeping mouth. 

It doesn’t matter if what he says is right; what matters is that Bryant is perceived as a cancer in the locker room and for a marginal player to get signed, he has to fit in, not stand out. 

9) Have been reading online how NFL players get messages on social media from fantasy football owners who have those players on their team and lose games. 

A guy tweeted this to Odell Beckham: “this is my real life too. Remember that dropped pass on 4th down with under 5 to play? Want to refund me my league entry fee?”

There are thousands of fantasy leagues around the country; make/don’t make a big play, and ton of money changes hands. That doesn’t even take legalized gambling into effect. 

8) On ESPN.com, an interesting piece by Jason Witten, geared towards players:

Jason Witten’s Social Media Commandments
1. Don’t read your mentions good or bad — the feedback that matters is from your coach and those you respect.
2. Don’t reply to a negative; keep your eye above the spectator line.
3. Negative social media is often not indicative of the real world.
4. Use social media as a way to stay informed and connect.
5. Don’t post anything that wouldn’t make your family proud.

7) Sound wagering advice from Todd Fuhrman (@toddfuhrman) on Twitter:

“if you plan to bet football this fall and want to make ONE simple change  to your betting habits; make it a priority to give yourself multiple lines (outs) to bet into rather than placing all your wagers at just one  shop”

6) We read lot of cruddy stuff about famous people; here is a good thing: 

The LeBron James Family Foundation and the Akron Public Schools opened a new elementary school for at-risk children on Monday. James donated $50M of his own money to the program. 

The I Promise School focuses on educating children from challenging situations or backgrounds. The school will begin with two grades, 3rd and 4th, with plans to expand in the coming years, until it is Grades 1-8. 

The I Promise School has a longer school day and longer school year.  

5) Jets finally signed rookie QB/savior Sam Darnold, which was the smart thing to do. Media at Jets’ camp wasn’t thrilled that Darnold was unavailable for interviews afterwards. 

4) Lions’ coach Matt Patricia, on advice he got on being an NFL head coach:

 “…….Be yourself, make sure the players see who you are, make sure they see the passion, the love for the game, make sure they understand the message.”

3) Broadcast of Monday’s Blue Jays-A’s game on Oakland radio was commercial-free, with the commercials replaced by memories of late announcer Bill King, a year after his enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

2) There are rumors about that Adam Jones blocked a trade from Baltimore to the Phillies. When a player declines to go from a last-place team to a first-place team, it makes you wonder. 

1) Rick Pitino has a book coming out in September that will “lay all his cards on the table” about his time coaching, both in the NBA and in college.

If you’ve seen Spike Lee’s excellent movie He Got Game, none of the Louisville stuff should be a big surprise. Some of the scenes in He Got Game were similar to the Louisville mess, and that movie was made in 1998!!!! 

I’ll read the book at some point, but what we really need is Pitino on TV analyzing games, so I can learn from him. At least put him in the studio. Please?  

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