Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) Was watching Invincible Sunday night, a movie about a 30-year bartender who tried out for the 1976 Philadelphia Eagles and wound up playing three years in the NFL. True story. 

Things have changed a lot in 42 years; in training camp back then, the Eagles had six straight weeks of 2-a-day practices, and also had six preseason games. 

Nowadays, teams rarely hit in practices, there are four preseason games; any coach who tried to run 2-a-days on consecutive days would probably get scolded by the league or just told he couldn’t do it. 

12) “The hockey rink is the gathering place for our people throughout Canada. You want to know what’s going on in town? Go to the rink. We’ve got no movie theater in Nipawin, no casino. We’ve got a hockey rink. That’s how so much of Canada is. That’s why this hits us so hard.”
Dan Ukrainetz, a radio announcer in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, talking about the Humboldt bus tragedy this past weekend

11) Saturday is the earliest the Atlanta Braves can bring up top prospect Ronald Acuna and keep him under contractual control for an extra year.

10) After playing in 384 games over 10 years in the G-League, 32-year old Andre Ingram finally got the call Monday; the Lakers called him up to the NBA. 

Can you imagine how exciting that must be, after 10 years to finally make it to the NBA, when he had to have thought it was never going to happen? Ingram played four years at American U; good for him. 

9) Cubs were supposed to open at home Monday, the last team to do so, but it snowed so they will try again today. Lot of cruddy weather so far in April. 

Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo (back) is on the DL now.

8) When Masters champ Patrick Reed was 10, he stopped wearing shorts and wore long pants at tournaments in hot weather, because he knew pros had to wear long pants, and he wanted to be a pro. All the other kids were wearing shorts. 

7) Reed won the Masters Sunday with 13 clubs in his bag that were made by five different manufacturers, which is very unusual for a touring pro.

6) Through Sunday, Astros, White Sox, Pirates, Diamondbacks were only four teams whose starting pitcher went 5+ innings in every game so far early in this season. 

5) Eli Manning gets a $500,000 bonus for going to the Giants” “voluntary” off-season workouts. OT Ereck Flowers was only Giant who didn’t “volunteer” to work out Monday. 

4) Last year, Evan Longoria, Logan Morrison, Steven Souza and Kevin Keirmaier all hit 20+ homers for Tampa Bay; they were all traded over the winter. 

That was the first time EVER a team traded away four players in the same off-season, all of whom had hit 20+ HR’s the year before. 

3) Baltimore Orioles turned a 1-2-5 double play over the weekend; pitcher to home to third, with two force plays- that is the first time the Orioles have ever done that- the last one anywhere in the major leagues was in September of 2012 by the Astros. 

2) NHL trivia: Tampa Bay Lightning scored 196 goals while teams were 5-on-5 this season, the most 5-on-5 goals by any team since the 2009-10 Washington Capitals.

1— Northwestern poached Evansville’s 6-6 Ryan Taylor, who scored 21 ppg for the Purple Aces last year— he is a graduate transfer, so he will eligible to play in the fall. 

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