Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but………

13) I wrote this here last month but it bears repeating; former UCLA coach Jim Mora coached QB Josh Rosen for three years, and he said on NFL Network that if he was the Browns, he’d take Sam Darnold with the first pick, not Rosen. 

Now Mora just got fired, so there is an interesting story or three there, but still. Can you ever, in the history of the world, remember a coach throwing his former player under the bus like this? 

12) “He needs to be challenged intellectually so he doesn’t get bored.” Mora talking about Rosen. 

I’ve heard this about Rosen before, that he quit playing youth tennis because he got bored with winning so much. You think Tom Brady gets bored with winning?? Nah, me neither. 

11) Mora also said no GM has called him to talk about Rosen, which seems strange. NFL teams do a ridiculous amount of research on prospects— you don’t talk to his college coach? 

10) Philip Rivers better not get hurt; Chargers signed Geno Smith as his backup- he’ll join Cardale Jones on the Chargers’ bench. Like I said, Rivers better not get hurt.

9) Since Bartolo Colon made his big league debut, 17 of the 30 major league teams have gotten new home ballparks. 

8) Houston’s Marwin Gonzalez and Milwaukee’s Hernan Perez were only two players LY with 10+ starts at five different positions. 

7) Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban was in a scene in Showtime’s Billions Sunday night; not a very tough role— he played himself, but have to give him credit— he nailed it. 

6) Solid discovery today in my local supermarket- they sell Dr Brown’s soda, which is usually only sold in delis. Got some black cherry and cream soda— that goes very well with the excellent sandwiches at the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, but they’ll have to do for now with whatever I have to eat here at home. 

5) Roof was open at Marlins Park Monday nite, will be open again tonight, weather permitting, making it six nights in a row the roof in Miami will be open. Last year, in 78 h0me games, Miami had the roof open only six times. 

4) Reds 1, Cubs 0— Chicago is 2-3 to start the season; they’ve scored a total of one run in the three losses. Cubs have struck out 58 times in five games, an NL record for any team in their first five games. 

3) Villanova 79, Michigan 62— Wolverines were 3-15 from floor in last 11:00 of first half, when this game was decided. DiVicenzo is Villanova’s 3rd-leading scorer but doesn’t start- he took this game over, scoring 18 in first half, 31 for the game. 

This was first year the Super Bowl champ and NCAA basketball champ came from the same city. 

2) This was the first national title game since the Magic-Bird final in 1979 with only one McDonald’s All-American playing in it. Just goes to show you that high school ratings can be very misleading. 

1— The golf pool on this site starts this week with The Masters— if you’d like to get in, you pick three guys a week, can only use the same guy once a year. 18 tournament, then a 4-week playoff for the eight people who make it. 

Schedule is on the golf page on this site— e-mail me at ffib13@gmail.com if you’re interested. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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