Tuesday’s Den: Random comments, thoughts, questions

13) Is the famous cook Wolfgang Puck a hockey fan? 

12) What is the point of batting the pitcher 8th? Still don’t get it, and no one has done it in a playoff game, so that tells me it is just a gimmick.

11) Wouldn’t geographic re-alignment help baseball by creating more games between rivals and reducing travel costs? 

If the All-Star Game was US against the World, it would be a lot more spirited. 

10) An actor named John Hurt passed away last year, at age 77; he appeared in 207 movies, and died in 43 of them, which is the record for the actor whose character died in the most movies. 

9) I don’t think set-up men should make the All-Star Game; if you’re not a starter or not the team’s closer, then you’re not one of the six best pitchers on your team, so no All-Star Game for you. 

An exception is Milwaukee’s Josh Hader; their front office is misusing Hader so badly— he’s thrown only 44.2 innings all season, when he should be starting games, not pitching in the 6th and 7th inning only. 

If Milwaukee gets nosed out of a playoff berth, that’ll be a big reason why. 

8) Mets sent TV analyst Keith Hernandez out to a wiffle ball field in centerfield for an inning or two during the first game of last night’s twinbill, to tutor little kids on hitting balls off a tee. 

You know your team is bad when watching a 5-year old whack wiffle balls is a diversion from the actual game you’re broadcasting. 

7) A former Goldman Sachs banker is in talks with U.S. prosecutors to potentially plead guilty to criminal charges stemming from an alleged scheme to steal billions of dollars from a Malaysian state investment fund. 

Is there no end to the corruption in this world? It is sad. 

6) There was once an NHL player named Miroslav Satan who played 15 years in the NHL, playing for five different teams, scoring 224 goals. How could someone named Satan never play for the Devils? 

5) I’m curious how many actors have played the President of the US in movies/TV. 

4) Do NASCAR drivers get a lot of speeding tickets when they’re driving in normal traffic? 

3) I was curious about guys who are in the Las Vegas Summer League, are they responsible for their own sneakers, if they’re guys without shoe contracts? 

Was told by someone who knows that established NBA players send sneakers to guys on their team who might need them, and that player agents might also provide some to clients. 

2) Baseball doings:
— Mets put Todd Frazier (ribs) on the DL.
— Marlins’ C JT Realmuto is on the paternity list.
— Dodgers put OF Yasiel Puig (oblique) on the DL. 

1) Former NBA star Yao Ming got his degree this weekend from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China; he first enrolled in 2011. The 38-year old Ming majored in Economics. 

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