Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……

13) An ethical question to start off today: if you owned an NFL team (an average NFL team is worth $3B), and your team had the worst record in the league in December, would you to tell the coach to make sure the squad kept losing, to make sure you get the #1 pick in the draft?

Drafting Trevor Lawrence will sell a lot of tickets, when fans can go to games again; trading the first pick would bring a back a big haul of draft picks, which would fill a lot of holes that a bad team obviously has. 

Lot of money at stake; these conversations would have been interesting to hear. 

12) CBS analyst/former NFL QB Rich Gannon had the Bears-Jaguars game Sunday; he was very critical of the Jacksonville coaches as Chicago pulled ahead and routed the Jaguars, but it has to be a possibility that Doug Marrone was doing his job, making sure Jacksonville lost and clinched the #1 pick in the draft, which they did Sunday.

For the long-term success of the Jaguars, having that #1 pick is probably the best way for them to become good again.

11) An unnamed someone bet $500,000 on the Carolina Panthers’ money line Sunday; that person mustn’t think much of Dwayne Haskins as a quarterback. Panthers won 20-13, and the gambler had a big day, just in time, too. Washington released Haskins Monday. 

It takes a lot of onions to wager $500,000 on the Panthers to win straight up- they had lost eight of their previous nine games.

10) Haskins was Washington first round draft pick LAST YEAR, the 15th pick in the draft, and they freakin’ cut him before his second year was over, making him the only QB in the last 20 years who was drafted in the first round, then cut before his second year was over.

Four 1st round QBs in the last twenty years were traded/cut after their second year in the NFL: Paxton Lynch, Johnny Manziel, Josh Rosen and Brandon Weeden. 

9) Mike Glennon played QB for Jacksonville Sunday; he’s had a nomadic career:
2009-12: NC State, started last two years, replacing Russell Wilson
2013-16: Tampa Bay- Was 5-13 as a starter, with 30 TD’s, 15 INTs
2017: Chicago- Went 1-3 as a starter, with 4 TD’s, 5 INT’s
2018: Arizona- Threw 21 passes in two relief stints.
2019: Oakland: Threw 10 passes in two relief stints.
2020: Jacksonville: 0-4 as a starter, with 5 TD’s, 5 INT’s

6-20 as a starter, still making seven figures a year ($1.19M this year)

8) Was a little odd Sunday, watching NFL games on the dish, and CBS get doing promos for the Ball State-San Jose State bowl game, but both teams have really good years. San Jose is actually undefeated; good for them!!! 

7) Baseball stuff:
— Texas Rangers signed Japanese P Kohei Arihara.
— San Diego signed Korean IF Ha-seong Kim 

6) RIP to Phil Niekro, the knuckleballer pitcher who won 318 games in a 24-year career, mostly for the Braves. Niekro pitched until he was 48 years old; he passed away this weekend. RIP, sir. 

5) College hoop scores of note:
— Maryland 70, Wisconsin 64
— Drake 66, Indiana State 63 (Drake is 11-0)
— Evansville 84, Southern Illinois 72

4) In their 52-33 win over Minnesota Christmas Day, the Saints had 11 first downs on their first 14 plays, which is incredibly bad defense by the Vikings (and good offense by the Saints).

52 points the Saints scored are the most points the Vikings gave up since 1963, when the Cardinals drilled them 56-14.

3) Rams’ QB Jared Goff had his broken right thumb surgically repaired Monday, is out for this week’s game with Arizona. Backup QB John Wolford will get his first NFL start; he started for four years at Wake Forest, then played for the Arizona Hotshots in the AAF in 2018- they were 5-3 when the league stopped playing, and Wolford was leading the league in TD passes. 

2) Minnesota Timberwolves’ star Karl-Anthony Towns dislocated his left wrist, will be evaluated every week. Timberwolves are obviously hoping for a short absence for their star.

Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie partially tore his ACL, is out for the season.

1) Bills 38, New England 9
— Bills sweep New England for first time since 1999.
— Buffalo won eight of last eight games, covered last seven.
— Bills outscored last six opponents 128-61 in first half.
— Over is 11-4 in their games this season.

— New England lost last three games, are out of playoffs for first time since ‘08.
— Last three games, Patriots scored only one touchdown.
— Patriots converted only 9 of last 34 third down plays.
— This was Buffalo’s 7th win in last 42 series games. 

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