Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) 2018 NBA Draft:
1st pick- Phoenix- Deandre Ayton
2nd pick- Sacramento- Marvin Bagley
3rd pick- Dallas- Luka Doncic

Sacramento’s GM just got fired. I wonder why.

12) The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about the first time he went to a horse racing book in Las Vegas, and how amazed he was when he saw that they showed races from all over the country. This was a long time ago, but his face still lit up telling the story. Was cool to see, and made me want to look at the prices for flights to the desert, but have to be cautious until there is a vaccine.

11) Major league pitcher is on the mound the other night, guy on first, two out, 1-2 count on the hitter. The pitcher backs off the mound, takes a note card out of his back pocket and looks at it. What the bleep could possibly be on that card, that he would need it there?

10) Miami Marlins have really ugly black jerseys; hard to read the names/numbers on the back, but if the season ended today, Miami would make the playoffs, which is remarkable. Manager Don Mattingly has done an excellent job.

9) Toronto’s Cavan Biggio was up with the bases empty in Tampa Monday; with bases empty, Rays played four outfielders, which looked weird. He slapped a single to left, which defeated the purpose. I’m thinking that sometimes the analytics guys overplay their hands in order to justify their existence in the business.

8) Dodgers are 7-1 this season in games where the winning run scores from 7th inning on.

7) Random stat: Indians’ 3B Jose Ramirez is hitting .353 at home, only .140 on the road.

6) Obscure news item of the day: A woman that was presumed dead was found alive and breathing inside a Detroit funeral home. Someone has some explaining to do.

NBA playoff games (all Game 4’s):
5) Milwaukee 121, Orlando 106 (Bucks leads 3-1)
— Bucks were only up 3 after the third quarter.
— Milwaukee was +30 in 23:00 that George Hill played.
— Good news for the Magic; when they get eliminated Wednesday, they won’t have far to go before they’re home, seeing how the bubble is just outside Orlando.

4) Oklahoma City 117, Houston 114 (series 2-2)
— Only one Houston sub played more than 15:00.
— Rockets were 23-58 behind the arc, 18-33 inside arc.
— Thunder’s four subs were a combined +33; their starters were minus-18.

3) Miami 99, Indiana 87 (Heat wins series 4-0)
— Miami advances to the 2nd round for first time since 2016.
— Indiana lost in the first round the last five years.
— Miami’s bench outscored Indiana’s 38-3.

2) Lakers 135, Portland 115 (Lakers lead 3-1)
— Game was 80-51 at halftime, which is all the comment this game deserves.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
AL East- New York, Tampa Bay
AL Central- Minnesota, Clev/CWS
AL West- Oakland, Houston
AL Wild Cards- Chi/CWS, Toronto

NL East- Miami, Atlanta
NL Central- Chicago, St Louis
NL West- Los Angeles, San Diego
NL Wild Cards- Colo, NYM/SF

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