Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

We’ll start today with a story from a long time ago; don’t think I’ve told this one here, if I have, then my bad, but I don’t think I have. Anyway………

Way back in 1986 or so, I was in my mid-20’s, still living at home. That football season, for the first 5-6 weeks that season, my dad’s insurance guy would show up at our house on Monday night with something for my dad to sign. He would stay for the first half of the  football game; it just seemed like he liked hanging out and talking ball, so he made excuses to show up, which made sense. My dad was fun to talk to.

Anyway, we’re sitting there one night, and I hardly know this guy, but he says to me, “Are you putting money away for your future? Because if you’re not, then you’re a f—-ing idiot!!!”

My eyes are bugging out of my head; I hardly knew this guy and he is cursing me out in my own house. I mean, what he said was right, but jeez, not great people skills on his part. My dad was sitting there, half-smiling. It was a little weird.

The insurance guy played ball at the Colonie Athletic Club with couple friends of mine, but I was never there— we were pretty much strangers, but I listened to him; entered the Deferred Compensation program where I worked, and started putting money away every payday, so now, 36 or so years later, things are better than they would have been otherwise.

Sadly, a couple years later he passed away after playing either hoops or handball— he was in his early 40’s, I think. But my Deferred Comp letter that comes four times a year came in the mail Monday; whenever it does, it reminds me of that night, and how odd it was.

Sometimes, wisdom comes in unusual forms.

Bears 33, Patriots 14
— Chicago scored on 7 of its 11 drives.
— Bears outgained New England, 390-260.
— Chicago converted 11 of 18 third down plays.
— 2nd-year QB Fields is now 5-12 as an NFL starter; he threw the ball for 179 yards, ran for 82 more.

— Patriots benched QB Jones after three scoreless drives.
— Zappe led TD drives on his first two drives, but after that……
— 5 drives, 24 plays, 78 yards, 3 turnovers.
— Patriots are 20-21 SU since Brady left; 11-9 ATS at home.
— New England gave up 20-37-27-33 points in their losses; 14-0-15 in wins.

— Gambling is difficult; no one saw this result coming.

— Bears have a WR named Equanimeous St Brown; his brother Amon-Ra St Brown plays for Detroit. I’m looking thru the stats and I can’t stop thinking “Who the bleep names their kid Equanimeous?” so I did some research.

In case you were wondering, the word “equanimeous” means having emotional stability and composure, particularly in times of high stress. So now we know that.

— Was interesting to hear that Chicago QB Justin Fields acknowledged that WR Darnell Mooney is a great friend of his; Mooney has been targeted 39 times in seven games; next-highest on the Bears is 20 targets (St Brown). Pretty big difference; if you have a fantasy football team, you want WR’s who are best buddies with the QB.

— World Series odds: Astros -185, Phillies +150

— National League teams won the last three World Series. Astros are in World Series for 4th time in six years, winning in 2017, losing in 2019, 2021.

— April will be the last time Jim Nantz calls a Final Four; he will step away from the college basketball mike after this season, with Ian Eagle taking his place.

— Indianapolis Colts benched QB Matt Ryan for this week’s game with Washington; Sam Ehlinger will make his first NFL start in Ryan’s place.

Since Frank Reich has been the Colts’ coach, these QB’s have started for Indianapolis:
Philip Rivers 11-6
Andrew Luck 11-7
Carson Wentz 9-8
Jacoby Brissett 7-8
Matt Ryan 3-3-1
Brian Hoyer 0-1
Ehlinger will be the Colts’ 7th starting QB the last 4.5 years. Not ideal.

— NFL injuries:
Jets’ RB Breece Hall tore his ACL, is out for the year.
Chargers’ DB JC Jackson (knee) is out for the year.
Chargers’ WR Mike Williams (ankle) is out for several weeks.

— Jets acquired RB James Robinson from Jacksonville, for a 6th-round pick.

— Georgia Bulldogs are favored by 23.5 points over Florida this week, the most points Georgia has ever been favored by in this rivalry- the previous high was in 1971, when the Dawgs were a 21-point favorite over the Gators.

— Robert Griffin III is on ESPN’s Monday night pregame show; he had a very strange playing career. Washington broke the bank by trading draft picks so they could take RGIII with the 2nd pick in the 2012 draft- they went 10-6 in Griffin’s rookie year, made the playoffs, but from that point on, RGIII had a 7-20 record as an NFL starter.

Since then, Washington has only made the playoffs twice; their last playoff win was in 2005.

The NFL Draft is a fascinating study because in a business where each team is worth $3-4B, the draft is very much an inexact science. You trade a bundle of picks to draft a guy, that guy better be good, or there is a price to pay.

Think about it this way; RGIII is 32 years old, and his TV career is well underway. The last two Super Bowl-winning QB’s are 45 and 34 years old. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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