Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

— Warriors 104, Celtics 94:
Golden State was +12 in turnovers (6-18)

Wiggins scored 26 points, had 13 rounds.
Warriors won, despite Curry going 0-9 on the arc.
Golden State leads series, 3-2

— When they vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame next winter, these two quarterbacks will be up for the vote. Here are their blind resumes:

Quarterback A: 72-72 regular season W-L record, 8-2 in playoffs, won 2 Super Bowls.
Quarterback B: 117-117 regular season W-L record, 8-4 in playoffs, won 2 Super Bowls.

Is Player B more qualified because of the extra 90 regular season (45-45) games?
Interesting question.

Quarterback B is Eli Manning; Quarterback A is Jim Plunkett. 

— Eli Manning’s 8-4 postseason record is interesting; only 3 of the 12 games were at home. He went 1-2 in home playoff games, 5-2 in road playoff games, 2-0 in Super Bowls- the two Super Bowls will get him into the Hall of Fame.

But it says a lot about his mediocre regular season record that the Giants earned only three home playoff games in his 16-year career. He will get into the Hall of Fame, hopefully not on the first ballot.

— There are 21 QB’s from the Super Bowl era who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Here are their W-L records in playoff games:
Troy Aikman 11-4
Terry Bradshaw 14-5
Len Dawson 5-3
John Elway 14-7
Brett Favre 13-11
Dan Fouts 3-4
Bob Griese 6-5
Sonny Jurgensen 0-0 (played one game in relief)
Jim Kelly 9-8
Peyton Manning 14-13

Dan Marino 8-10
Joe Montana 16-7
Warren Moon 3-7
Joe Namath 2-1
Ken Stabler 7-5
Bart Starr 9-1
Roger Staubach 11-6
Fran Tarkenton 6-5
Johnny Unitas 6-2
Kurt Warner 9-4
Steve Young 8-6

— Baseball injuries:
Red Sox put P Nathan Eovaldi (back) on IL
Detroit put P Edwin Rodriguez on the restricted list
Dodgers P Walker Buehler is out 6-8 weeks.
Washington put P Stephen Strasburg back on IL
Atlanta 2B Ozzie Albies broke his foot Monday night. 

— Duke’s basketball team added four grad transfers for next season, one each from Illinois, Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern.  

— Wisconsin-Stanford have an early season basketball game at Milwaukee’s Miller Park on November 11.  

— Oklahoma City Thunder have a ridiculous number of draft picks this year and next year; they traded the 30th pick in this month’s draft, and two 2nd-round picks to Denver, for F JaMychal Green and a 2027 first-round pick.

Thunder still has the #2, #12 and #34 picks in this year’s draft. 

— Major league records in Game 3 of a series, if first two games were split:
Arizona 3-5
Atlanta 7-7
Cubs 3-3
Cincinnati 2-2
Colorado 6-4
Dodgers 4-3
Miami 2-4
Milwaukee 5-5
Mets 9-3
Philadelphia 1-6
Pittsburgh 4-3
St Louis 3-4
San Diego 7-5
San Francisco 3-4
Washington 3-5

Baltimore 6-4
Boston 5-5
White Sox 3-5 (0-5 at home)
Detroit 2-7
Houston 5-5
Kansas City 3-3
Angels 7-1
Minnesota 4-4
New York 3-3
A’s 3-4
Seattle 5-4
Tampa Bay 5-4
Texas 3-5
Toronto 5-3 

— RIP Philip Baker Hall, who passed away this weekend at age 90; Hall was a great actor with 185 acting credits to his name. I remember him best from a 1996 gambling-themed movie Hard Eight with Gwyneth Paltrow and John C Reilly. RIP, sir.

— From 2016-21, 23,687 amateur golfers tried to qualify for the US Open golf tournament; only 23 of them made it. 

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