Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) New England 14, Buffalo 10:
— New England threw 3 passes the whole game. Three.
— Harris ran 64 yards for a TD on Patriots’ third series.
— New England won/covered its last seven games
— Last seven games, Patriots ran ball for average of 155.1 yards/game.
— Last seven games, New England is +13 in turnovers.

— Last five games, Patriots outscored foes 66-3 in second half.
— Before their bye, Buffalo averaged 19.8 first half points.
— Since their bye, Buffalo is averaging 7.7 first half points.
— Teams combined to convert 6-25 third down plays.

12) Purdue Boilermakers are #1 in country in college basketball, first time they’ve ever been atop the national rankings. Purdue made the Final Four in 1969/1980, losing the national title game to UCLA in 1969.

Matt Painter is 15-11 in NCAA Tournament games; lot of time will pass between now and March, but couple of pundits have already picked the Boilermakers to win it all this season.
11) Memphis Tigers lost their last three games, after a 5-0 start; apparently the team doesn’t have good chemistry. coach Penny Hardaway

Freshmen Bates and Duren were the top two recruits in the Class of 2022 and were considered future NBA lottery picks, but they re-classified to Class of ’21 and went to college a year early- they’ve both been starting, which apparently irked the older players on the squad.

Memphis doesn’t have a true point guard; they tried to make the 6-9 Bates a PG, but he isn’t a point guard and now he isn’t even starting anymore- he played 22 minutes off the bench at Ole Miss Saturday.

You can’t force chemistry on a team; having talent is great, but if they don’t play together, it is mostly wasted talent. Will be interesting to see how their season plays out.

10) You watch the New Orleans Saints play and you know they need a quarterback; last time the Saints drafted a QB in the first round was 1971, when they drafted Archie Manning in the first round. Archie was a lot different than his two sons; he played like a right-handed Steve Young, ran around a lot, but he was stuck on a terrible team and mostly got pummeled in the NFL.

But Archie Manning is a legend at Ole Miss; the speed limit on their campus is still 18 miles an hour, because Manning wore number 18 playing for the Rebels.

9) NBA’s Houston Rockets started the season 1-16, losing 15 games in a row, but all of a sudden they’ve gotten hot and won six straight games. Five of those six games went over the total; under was 12-5 in their first 17 games.

Houston plays the Nets Wednesday, which should test that winning streak.

8) Maryland fired basketball coach Mark Turgeon last week; Turgeon went 226-116 at Maryland, 105–79 in conference games, 5-5 in NCAA Tournament games. He signed a contract extension last April, but apparently is getting paid $5M to go away.

Wish the hell someone would pay me $5M to go away; I’d go away for $50, maybe $25.

7) A new bowl game this fall is the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, which will be played December 18 at SoFi Stadium, where Rams/Chargers play.

Kimmel said: ”This is not a joke. This is a real bowl game named after me, so mark your calendars. … It’s like an early Christmas gift for all of us.”

The Super Bowl is at SoFi Stadium this season; the college football national title game is at SoFi in January 2023.

6) There are seven first-time head coaches in the NFL this season; they are a combined 37-48 against the spread.

5) Tony Romo makes $18M a year doing NFL games on CBS? Seriously? Cris Collinsworth makes $12.5M from NBC? If I’m home and hear Collinsworth’s voice on TV, I hit the mute button, he is so annoying.

Romo is good, but he ain’t $18M worth of good. No one is.

4) Feel like this fact fell thru the cracks little bit last week, but it bears repeating; of the last 55 NFL teams who threw 4+ interceptions in a game, Baltimore Ravens in Week 12 are only team that won that game- they beat the Browns 16-10 on a Sunday night game, surviving four INTs thrown by Lamar Jackson, three of them on consecutive possessions.

3) Odd scheduling quirk with Cleveland; they’re playing consecutive games against Baltimore, with their bye week in between. That doesn’t happen much.

2) Carolina Panthers fired OC Joe Brady during their bye week; Brady was the OC at LSU two years ago, when Joe Burrow led the Tigers to the national title, but Carolina has stammered thru this season, and they told Brady to take a hike.

Sounds like head coach Matt Rhule is taking the rap for owner David Tepper here; really rich hedge fund traders aren’t terribly patient people- that’s how Tepper became wealthy, and he is really, really wealthy— $13 billion worth.

Brady is only 32 years old, so he’ll re-surface soon with a big coordinator’s job, probably back at the college level.

1) Weird news item of the day:
A couple has sued Texas Longhorns’ special teams coach Jeff Banks and his girlfriend, saying Thomas’ monkey bit their child in the backyard of Banks’ house on Halloween night.

The girlfriend was identified in the lawsuit as “Pole Assassin” which her stage name when she dances. She once appeared on “The Jerry Springer Show” with the monkey.

Wish I was making all that up, but I’m not that creative.

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