Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Green Bay 35, Detroit 17:
— Packers outscored Detroit 21-0 in second half.
— Green Bay scored a TD on five of its first six drives.
— Only nine of Packers’ 61 plays came on third down.
— Green Bay is 12-3 ATS in last 15 home openers.

— Lions lost first two games, giving up 76 points.
— Detroit in 1st half: 31 plays, 178 yards, 17 points.
— Detroit in 2nd half: 26 plays, 140 yards, 0 points.
— Detroit wore white uniform pants for first time since 1949.

12) We need more nice in our world; this weekend in Cincinnati, Mookie Betts did a very nice thing for a young ballplayer.

Betts was playing right field for the Dodgers when Reds’ rookie TJ Friedl hit his first big league homer into the RF bleachers. Betts asked the fan for the baseball, and surprisingly, the guy tossed it to him. First home run baseballs can be pretty valuable in trade.

Betts throws the baseball towards the Cincinnati dugout, so Friedl can have it; next time Betts jogs out to his position, he brings an autographed bat out and gives it to the fan, so the guy got a valuable piece of memorabilia for giving up the baseball.

It was uplifting to see people being nice.

TJ Friedl-related trivia: his dad grew up with Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari; the two friends posed for a picture at the ballpark in Cincinnati the other day.

11) NFL home favorites are 3-11 ATS in non-division games so far this year; home underdogs are 6-4 ATS in non-divisional games, making dogs 17-7 ATS overall in non-divisional games.

10) In NFL games, I care a lot more about “plays run” than “time of possession”; some teams run a no-huddle offense, so time of possession doesn’t mean as much there.

9) 15 of 32 NFL teams used a different QB in Week 1 this year, than they did in Week 1 last year.

8) Over their last 34 games, Tennessee Titans have had 14 kickers on their roster.

7) So far this season, only three college football teams have thrown the ball less than Michigan; Army, Navy, Air Force.

6) Last Thursday, Washington QB Taylor Heinicke earned a $125,000 contract incentive; he played 60% of his team’s snaps in a win.

5) The last two years, young OF Lane Thomas hit 9-84 for the Cardinals; 4-36 last year, 5-48 this year. Not good; then at the trade deadline this summer, St Louis traded him to Washington for veteran P Jon Lester.

Since joining the Nationals, Thomas has hit .298 in 32 games, with a .906 OPS. Very good.

4) CSI is one of my five favorite TV shows of all-time; they’re re-branding CSI as CSI: Vegas, and bringing it back in a couple weeks. It is still William Peterson/Jorja Fox, so it should basically be the same show, which is good news for people who like good television. Looks as if the supporting cast will mostly all be new, which is a little disappointing.

3) NBA training camps start next week; saw a thing where the LA Lakers have six assistant coaches helping out head coach Frank Vogel. Things have changed a lot in the NBA; with so many younger players in the league now, skill development happens way more in the NBA than it used to.

Back when I was a kid, read a book called The Open Man, a diary of the Knicks’ 1969-70 season when they won the NBA title. Think I did a book report on The Open Man in this space during the pandemic; that season, the Knicks didn’t have an assistant coach. None.

Coach Red Holzman ran the team; trainer Danny Whelan helped him out with game management stuff like timeouts, and Dick McGuire did scouting, but Holzman was the only coach on the bench during games. Now teams have two rows of coaches on their bench.

2) Last Saturday, Duke, East Carolina, North Carolina, NC State and Wake Forest all won their football games; last time they all won on the same day?

October………of 1994.

1) Check your baseball highlight show when you can today; Miami’s Jesus Sanchez caught a fly ball bare-handed last night, preventing Washington from getting a double (he over-ran the ball, which was right near the right field line).

The catch was a lot like the one Kevin Mitchell made about 30 years ago, except Mitchell’s was in left field. 

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