Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) We start today with an excellent trivia question, its too good for the daily question.

Which college football program has had the most quarterbacks start a Super Bowl?

I’ll post the answer tomorrow. The answer is a little surprising. 

12) As far as the start of college basketball goes, I’ll be posting whatever knowledge I have on the college hoop page, like we always do, but things are fluid in these crazy times, as in, matchups may be changing as teams back out of playing because of COVID issues.

December figures to be a little bizarre, until conference games begin. March Madness will be in one geographic area (Indianapolis, probably), to cap off what figures to be a unique season.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some basic college basketball knowledge as the season begins. 

11) Drew Brees’ rib and lung injuries have turned out to be more serious than first thought; turns out he has 11 fractured ribs, so almost half his ribs are broken. Yikes. 

10) Speaking of the Saints, in their last three games, New Orleans has outscored opponents 31-6 in the second half. No second half TD’s allowed for three straight games; impressive. 

9) In their last two games, Indianapolis Colts outscored their opponents 41-3 in second half/OT, winning two games, when they didn’t lead either one at the half. 

8) Northwestern’s football team is ranked #11 this week, its highest ranking since 1996.

7) New York Knicks have four Kentucky alums on its roster right now, plus former Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne is on their coaching staff. 

6) Auburn’s basketball program gave itself a one-year ban from postseason play this year, as they try and soften the blow that will be coming from NCAA authorities. 

5) New Mexico Lobos basketball team has relocated to Texas, so they can begin their season; restrictions in New Mexico are prohibitive, so the Lobos and New Mexico State had to bolt to other states- the Aggies are hunkered down in a Phoenix hotel, roughly until Christmas. 

4) Charlotte Hornets are getting shredded for giving Gordon Hayward a 4-year, $120M contract; they’ll execute a sign-and-trade deal with Boston, so he fits under their salary cap.

Hayward will be 31 in March; he is a career 15.3 scorer, but scored 17.5 ppg with the Celtics LY- he is a 36.6% shooter on the arc, and shooting is at a premium now. 

3) There are rumors afoot than the Washington Nationals will trade for Nolan Arenado or Kris Bryant; Washington’s third basemen hit only .204 last year, with Anthony Rendon off to the Angels, so trading for a stellar third baseman makes sense. 

2) By the way, it is still annoying that DirecTV doesn’t carry the Pac-12 Network; for the $$$ I pay every month, they should have Pac-12 games on there.

1) This is usually one of my favorite weeks of the year; tons of college basketball, pro and college football, Thanksgiving Day is usually a fun day, just a good week, with lot of food and sports. . 

There will still be games this week, but for this year, it needs to be quieter, so everyone is safer. Please be careful, lets make sure that we’re all around to enjoy Thanksgiving, 2021.

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