Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Chiefs 26, Buffalo 17
— Chiefs won all three of their road games, 2by 3-14-9 points. 
— KC is 11-7 ATS in last 18 games following a SU loss.
— Under is 4-1-1 in their games this season.
— Chiefs are 7-3 ATS in last ten games as a road favorite.

— Buffalo lost its last two games, giving up 68 points, after a 4-0 start.
— Buffalo is 5-10 ATS in its last 15 games as a home underdog.
— Game was played on a rainy, cruddy night in western New York.
— Chiefs ran the football for 245 yards; they outgained Buffalo, 466-206.

12) Cardinals 38, Dallas 10:
— Arizona’s first three drives: 16 plays, 23 yards, three punts.
— Redbirds’ next four drives: 26 plays, 240 yards, four TD’s.
— Arizona ran the ball for 261 yards.
— Cardinals scored 38 points despite Murray completing 9-24 passes.
— Arizona is 3-1 on the road this season.

— Last five games, Dallas has allowed 39-38-49-34-38 points.
— Ezekiel Elliott lost fumbles on two of his first eight touches.
— With 11:30 left in 3rd quarter, play-by-play guy said that Dallas lacked enthusiasm, a nice way of saying they quit. No one disagreed with him.
— NFC East teams are 4-14 ATS outside their division, 1-9 at home. 

11) Why did Red Sox trade Mookie Betts? Isn’t it good to have great players on your team? 

10) Last three Georgia-Alabama games, Dawgs led all three games at halftime, then got outscored by a combined 68-17 in second half and lost all three. 

9) Tennessee Vols signed a new defensive line coach to a 2-year contract this year, but they fired the guy Sunday, after only four games. Must be an interesting story there. 

8) Social media flipped out Saturday night, when Tampa Bay took starter Charlie Morton out of the game despite Morton having thrown only 66 pitches. Everything worked out and the Rays won, but analytics people are obsessed with the idea that facing hitters a third time in a game is a bad idea, even if the pitcher doing it is way better than the reliever.

Thats part of what makes life interesting, different ideas being debated. 

7) When the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League in 2008, it was also their first-ever winning season; they became a franchise in 1998. Starting in ’08, they’ve been over .500 nine of the last 13 years. 

6) Of the 32 current NFL head coaches, 11 of them were also head coaches at a previous stop.

10 defensive coordinators, 7 offensive coordinators have previously been head coaches.

5) Tennessee Titans lost OT Taylor Lewan for the year with a torn ACL; big loss.

4) You wonder how much playing these weeknight games on national TV will help recruiting for Sun Belt, AAC football programs that are getting an unusually high amount of TV exposure.

It is good football, the games have been fun to watch; kids are going to see the games, and it has to help their recruiting a little bit, no? 

3) Long time ago, there was a guy who played in the ABA named Wes Bialosuknia; he played at UConn in college, played one year for the Oakland Oaks, scoring 8.7 ppg. 

He had a great nickname; the Typographical Terror. 

2) Leads seem to less safe in the NFL this year; in six weeks of play, at least one team every week has blown a lead of 16+ points, with the Bengals doing it this past week- they led the Colts 21-0 in Indianapolis Sunday, lost 31-27.

1) One of the great broadcasters of all-time announced his retirement this week; Mike Emrick is one of, if not the best hockey play-by-play guy ever (with the late Dan Kelly). Few years ago, Emrick was very nice to a friend of mine’s son, who is an up-and-coming hockey announcer. He is just a classy guy and was great fun to listen to. Enjoy your retirement!!! 

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