Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Bad news for Daniel Snyder: There is a guy named Martin McCauley, a realtor in Alexandria, VA, who apparently has trademarked every single possible new Redskins nickname.

McCauley, an actuary for the Department of Energy in Washington, has been squatting on trademarks- it is something he’s passionate about doing. McCauley has spent $20,000+ trying to lock up different names Washington could ultimately end up going with, from things like Bravehearts to Pandas.

In other words, Snyder is going to have to pay this guy off, which I’m sure thrills him.

12) Red Tails is one of the main names being discussed as a replacement; turns out there was a 2012 movie named Red Tails, with Cuba Gooding Jr, Gerald McRaney.

Red Tails were a crew of African-American pilots in the Tuskegee training program, having faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II, but they were finally called into duty, fighting against the Nazis.

11) June 13 was the 48th anniversary of the day Robert Irsay traded the Rams to Carroll Rosenbloom, in exchange for the then-Baltimore Colts.

Irsay acquired the Rams from the estate of the deceased Daniel Reeves, bidding $19M, $2M more than Hugh Culverhouse, who later owned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Good trade for the Rams, but after Rosenbloom died in a tragic swimming incident, we were stuck with his wife Georgia as owner- she moved the Rams from the LA Coliseum to Anaheim, then from Anaheim to her hometown of St Louis. No bueno.

Luckily, Stan Kroenke owns the ballclub now, and they’re back where they belong, in LA.

10) No way of knowing if there will be NFL training camps or not, and if so for how long, but one of the many storylines that will play out is that the Rams have to sign a new kicker, after Dallas poached Greg Zeurlein in free agency.

Rams have three kickers coming into camp, but if there aren’t any preseason games, that puts lot of pressure on whoever the new kicker is in Week 1, which will, ironically, be against the Cowboys.

9) Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez are trying to buy the New York Mets; included in the ARod group are ballplayers Brian Urlacher, Travis Kelce, DeMarco Murray, Joe Thomas and Bradley Beal.

One of the competing groups is run by a guy named Steve Cohen; if you’ve seen the excellent Showtime series Billions, Bobby Axelrod is loosely based on Cohen.

8) Russell Westbrook tested positive for the coronavirus, has to quarantine for 14 days, then test negative twice before he can rejoin his teammates with the Rockets. NBA season resumes on July 30 in Orlando.

7) I’m looking forward to watching KBO games when they let fans into the ballpark; not sure if that will be this year or not. They had rough weather in Korea Sunday/Monday; eight of then ten games those two days were rained out.

6) They imploded the Palace of Auburn Hills this weekend, the suburban arena north of Detroit where the Pistons called home for 29 years.

5) Last week Lakers’ guard Rajon Rondo complained about the $275 a night hotel room he was staying in for free while playing ball at DisneyWorld in Orlando; this weekend, Rondo broke his thumb and is out for 6-8 weeks.

4) Legalized sports betting is new to Colorado; in May, a total of a little over $23M was wagered on sports in Colorado, with table tennis getting the most action.

Thats right, people bet $6,175,578.01 in one month, on freakin’ ping pong.


3) Baltimore Ravens’ kicker Justin Tucker has been pretty consistent the last four years:
2016: 141 points
2017: 141 points
2018: 141 points
2019: 141 points

2) Apparently there is a new version of The Match Game on TV somewhere, and I saw where former big league outfielder Nick Swisher was on a recent show, along with Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

1) RIP Kelly Preston 57, who passed away this weekend after a bout with cancer.

Ms Preston was married to John Travolta; she had 71 TV/movie credits, the most memorable for me being Kevon Costner’s girlfriend in For Love of the Game. RIP, ma’am.

TV highlight of the day: Pretty good movie night for a Monday; A Star is Born, The Natural, Margin Call, Rounders, both Airplane movies. 

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