Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Former Raiders/Seahawks’ coach Tom Flores got elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the weekend; he seems like a good guy, won two Super Bowls. Congratulations.

Flores was 83-53 (.610) as coach of the Raiders, but in the nine years before he was their head coach, the Raiders were 91-31-6 (.746). Flores’ had an 8-3 record in playoff games, won two Super Bowls, which got him inducted. Fair enough.

I’ll repeat myself here:
Flores with Oakland 83-53 (.610)
9 years before that, Raiders were 91-31-6 (.746).

He later coached the Seahawks for three years, going 14-34.

12) I bring this up because if Tom Flores gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, then Dick Vermeil should get inducted, too. Here is Coach Vermeil’s resume:

1976-82— Eagles 54-47 (53.5%), won NFC title in his 5th year
8 years before that, Eagles were: 33-74-5 (30.8%)

1997-99— Rams 22-26 (45.8%), won Super Bowl in his 3rd year
7 years before that, Rams were 34-76 (30.9%)

2001-05— Chiefs 44-36 (.550)
3 years before that, Chiefs were 23-25 (.479)

It is a lot harder to turn around a losing program and make them champs. Coach Vermeil got to the Super Bowl with two franchises that were dumpster fires when he got there. It is time he got his day and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

11) Houston Texans hired David Culley as their new head coach; he was the QB coach for Buffalo in Josh Allen’s rookie year, 2018. He’s never been an NFL coordinator.

Brian Daboll hasn’t gotten a head coaching job yet; he has been Buffalo’s offensive coordinator the last three years.

If you watched Josh Allen play in 2018, then watched him play this year, how on God’s green earth could you hire the QB coach from back then, and not Daboll, who has helped Allen’s skill level progress exponentially? It is nonsensical!!!!

10) Robert Morris College made a pretty big jump up in college basketball this year, moving from the NEC to the Horizon League, jumping from the 29th-ranked league to league #19.

Things aren’t going well; the Colonials are 2-11 vs D-I teams, 2-9 in Horizon League, losing their last eight games in a row. But four of their last seven losses came in overtime; including their last three home games.

Seems like this is a rough year for anything new in college basketball; changing leagues means all new road trips, and it is a much better league, with new, tougher opponents. Robert Morris went 24-12 in the NEC the last two years; sounds like they need to step up their recruiting some. 

9) You look at the college basketball top 25, and none of these teams are ranked:
Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, UCLA

Last time these five teams were unranked at the same time? 1961.

8) Tampa Bay RB Leonard Fournette scored a TD in all four of Tampa Bay’s playoff games this year, joining Terrell Davis (1997), Larry Fitzgerald (2008) as only players to score a TD in four playoff games in the same season. 

7) How is Ben Simmons a career 56.4% shooter on the foul line? The guy is one of the best passers I’ve ever seen, he’s a really, really good player but he can’t shoot- go figure. 

6) Speaking of shooting, I heard yesterday that Stephen Curry turns 33 years old next month; time flies, doesn’t it? Can still remember sitting in Graney’s Bar on New Scotland Avenue, watching his Davidson team play in the NCAAs. Hard to believe it was 13 years ago.

Quick aside; if you’re ever in Albany, Graney’s is an excellent sports bar. Lot of TV’s, good food and the bartenders are very attractive. Very good place to watch ballgames. 

5) Baseball stuff:
— Cardinals signed C Yadier Molina for one year, $9M
— Angels signed DH Shohei Ohtani for two years, $8.5M. 

4) Washington State suspended its starting QB after the kid was arrested for DUI; he went thru a stop sign, then drove the wrong way down a one-way street. Not good. 

3) The great basketball scout Tom Konchalski passed away Monday at age 74, after a battle with cancer. He was widely praised as a kind and trusted counselor, a historian of New York-area basketball and he has been remembered by many as a great friend. When you’re from New York City and get praised as being a nice person, you KNOW he was a nice person.

2) On national TV Sunday, Jeff Van Gundy/Mark Jackson were praising Mr Konchalski- Rutgers hired Van Gundy as an assistant coach, largely on Konchalski’s recommendation to Bob Wenzel, who was the Scarlet Knights’ coach back then. Mark Jackson was a great high school player in NYC, and also spoke highly of Mr Konchalski.

1) Long time ago, November 2000, I was.a lucky enough to be an assistant coach at Schenectady HS; our team drove south and scrimmaged Christ the King in the Bronx. Mr Konchalski was there; he was a great gym rat, and he knew the top-flight recruits for sure, but he also studied the D-3 level players. He just loved basketball, and was a basketball encyclopedia. RIP, sir. 

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