Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Here’s a question to debate with your friends:

If there was a new football league with every player ever playing IN HIS PRIME, and you had the first pick of all the quarterbacks, who would you take?

Elway? Montana? Brady? Marino? Fouts? Peyton Manning?

Its an interesting question. Brady has accomplished the most, in terms of championships/wins in playoff games; does that make him better than all the other quarterbacks?

12) What makes a great quarterback? I’ve discussed/argued about this with several people for years, it is part of what makes sports so much fun.

We watch NFL games every Sunday, and some things are obvious:
— Accuracy
— Mobility
— Arm strength
— Toughness

Here’s the thing; a lot of what makes a quarterback great are things that we, the average fan, cannot see:

— Do his teammates believe in him?
— Is he receptive to coaching?
— Does he make the proper reads?

NFL teams are worth an average of $3B apiece, so this is a $100B business. Teams go about that business in different ways, for better or worse.

11) Over the weekend, an adventurous gambler wagered $4,000 on the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl NEXT YEAR. At 75-1 odds, the gambler will bank $300,000 if he wins, but the casino gets to hold that $4,000 for over a year.

When I saw that betting ticket on Twitter, the conspiracy theorist in me suspected that Deshaun Watson was getting traded to Carolina, that’s the only way the bet makes a lot of sense, because their odds would drop dramatically if they upgraded from Teddy Bridgewater to Watson at QB.

10) Nolan Arenado’s contract has six years and $199M left on it; Colorado is sending St Louis around $50M along with Arenado, who right now can be a free agent after the 2021 season.

Colorado is expected to get five prospects in return; reality of this is that it is a depressing time to be a Rockies’ fan. Trust me, I know, being an Oakland A’s fan.

Next rung on the depression ladder will be when Colorado trades SS Trevor Story.

9) CBS is going to have 120 cameras working during the Super Bowl. Lot of cameras.

8) Green Bay Packers fired their special teams coach; now they’ve fired defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who had been in Green Bay for three years.

7) Jason Witten joins Philip Rivers as NFL players who retired and instantly became a high school football coach. Witten is the new coach at Liberty Christian School in Dallas. He also had offers to become an NFL assistant, but he wants to spend more time with his family.

6) Baylor’s basketball team has eight players who have red-shirted, which means sitting out a year, either because they transferred, were hurt, or just wanted to get bigger/stronger. College athletes have five years to play for; red-shirting is more prevalent in football.

It also means that Baylor’s team is a little older than most of their competitors.

5) More baseball stuff:
— Indians gave OF Eddie Rosario $8M for one year.
— Phillies gave Didi Gregorius $28M for two years. 

4) Random question: Can you remember a 26-year old QB who made the playoffs three out of his first five years but still got dumped by his team? I mean, Jared Goff is 42-23 as a starter the last four years and he gets traded, while lesser QB’s on cruddy teams keep their job.

A friend suggested Drew Brees when he moved on from the Chargers to New Orleans, but he was coming off of shoulder surgery; Miami’s team doctor suggested they pass on Brees. Detroit sure as hell hopes this move works out as well as when the Saints acquired Brees. 

3) Chad Hall is the Buffalo Bills’ WR coach; he played HS ball in the Atlanta area, then went to the Air Force Academy, and later played in 25 NFL games, catching 16 passes, two for TD’s.

When Hall was in high school, one of his school’s rivals had a QB/DB named Sean McVay, who later became a WR at Miami OH and obviously now is the coach of the Rams; the two players became friends, and stayed in contact over the years.

Here’s what makes this relevant; Chad Hall’s sister is…….married to Matthew Stafford.

2) ESPN should be embarrassed about their daytime programming; it isn’t good- they should go back to showing re-runs of the World Series of Poker.

They pay huge money to Mike Greenberg, Stephen A Smith, who get involved in contrived arguments as they spout out their “hot takes”

Monday morning, Greenberg was babbling something about how, if the Stafford/Goff trade doesn’t work out well for the Rams, fingers will start pointing at Sean McVay.

— Under McVay, Rams have had four winning seasons in a row.
— Last time Rams had four winning seasons in a row: 1983-86, under John Robinson
— Before McVay, Rams hadn’t made the playoffs since 2004.

Some people on TV say stupid stuff for attention. No bueno. 

1) Strange times we live in:

A Texas police chief accused of cheating on his wife with two different women, neither of whom knew about the other, quit his job after he was arrested on suspicion of faking a marriage annulment he showed to one of the girlfriends.


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