Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Genius alert: A fan ran onto the court, jumped up and touched the backboard while the 76ers-Wizards game was going on Monday night. Security tackled the guy and got rid of him.

The whole thing seemed fairly harmless, but this kind of stuff has to stop, before someone runs on the court with more malicious intent; someone is going to get hurt. Players have a right to protect themselves, and players are mostly very large people.

If you go to a game, stay in the stands, but in any event, if you can’t handle your alcohol, just stay at home. 

12) Long, long time ago, during a Baltimore Colts game, I think it was a playoff game, guy ran on the field and took the football in between plays. Colts had a linebacker named Mike Curtis who just totally crushed the guy with a tackle. Knocked him flat. Guy was so drunk he bounced right back up- after that, no one ran on the field and took the football.

11) Baltimore Orioles have now lost 14 games in a row; they’re 5 for their last 64 with runners in scoring position.

10) Montreal 3, Toronto 1— Maple Leafs blew a 3-1 series lead, losing Games 5-6 in overtime, then losing Game 7 at home; they haven’t won a playoff series of any kind since 2004.

9) Wizards 122, 76ers 114:
— Philly leads series 3-1, but Joel Embiid (knee) didn’t play the second half.
— Ben Simmons was 5-11 on the foul line. This bothers me.
— Wizards won despite Russell Westbrook going 3-19 from the floor.

8) Ben Simmons is a career 59.7% free throw shooter; I’ve coached high school kids who weren’t any good who shot better than that. Simmons is one of the five best passers I’ve ever seen; he is very, very skilled, but for whatever reason, he doesn’t shoot the ball well. 

Few years ago, Showtime ran a 90-minute special on Simmons, about the period in between his year at LSU and his getting drafted by the 76ers. Was very anxious to see the special, wanted to like the kid, but fact of the matter, he wasn’t very likeable.

Shooting is something that can be learned with hours in the gym, just hard work and proper technique. Charles Barkley said it last night “You can’t be considered a superstar if you can’t shoot the ball”.

7) Utah 120, Memphis 113— Jazz take 3-1 series lead, making 17 of 34 3-pointers.

6) Looking ahead to college basketball for a minute, The Spectrum Center in Charlotte will host a pretty good quadruple-header on December 17th:.

St. Bonaventure/Virginia Tech
Richmond/NC State
Wake Forest/Charlotte
East Carolina/Liberty

5) Bad Luck Department: You know you’re going bad when the Mets are coming to town, and they get rained out Sunday, which means Jacob deGrom pitches against you Monday, when he was supposed to pitch Sunday and wasn’t supposed to pitch in this series.

Arizona has now lost 14 of its last 15 games.

4) Cubs’ 1B Anthony Rizzo hasn’t played the last six days because he has a stiff back; not sure why they’re not just putting him on the 10-day injured list. That way, they wouldn’t have to play a man short every single day.

3) Over the last 30 years, pitchers who averaged least pitches per inning in a season:
12.2— Carlos Silva, 2005 Twins
12.3— Greg Maddux, 1997 Braves
12.3— Bob Tewksbury, 1992 Cardinals

2) Since 2019, National League players with most RBI:
203— Freddie Freeman
179— Nolan Arenado
176— Eduardo Escobar

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL: Mets-Cubs-Giants. Wild Card: LA @ San Diego
AL: Rays-White Sox-A’s. Wild Card: Clev/Hst @ Boston

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