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I wavered on whether I wanted to do this or not, but here are my top 20 NBA players of all-time. This is obviously open to debate; make your own list, see what you come up with.  

First team:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar— the best player ever
Michael Jordan
Lebron James— 2nd/3rd best players, or 3rd/2nd best players
Bill Russell— won 11 titles in 13 seasons as a player
Earvin Johnson— the best point guard ever.

Next five guys:
Wilt Chamberlain— Averaged 22.9 rebounds/game in his career
Tim Duncan— only 7 guys have won 4+ rings, 2+ MVP’s.
Kobe Bryant
Oscar Robertson
Steph Curry— the best shooter ever. 

Third team:
Larry Bird
Karl Malone
Shaquille O’Neal
David Robinson
Dwyane Wade

Players 16-20:
Hakeem Olajuwon
Jerry West
Kevin Durant
John Stockton
Rick Barry— maybe the most underrated player ever

Again, these are all GREAT players. Also, sometime in the next few days, I’ll realize that I left someone off this list and I’m going to update it, but this is my list, for now. Again, make your own list; lot of great players to choose from. 

— Seattle Mariners have already been shut out ten times this season, not good for a team that was supposed to contend for a playoff spot. Mariners are 29-39, the most disappointing team in the major leagues so far this year. 

— Why do teams shift against the Mets’ Jeff McNeil? He is a slap hitter, and pretty skilled at locking his hips and poking the ball thru the vacant shortstop hole. 

Shifts are way overdone in baseball, part of the reason it’ll be good to see them go next year.

— Brewers 2, Cardinals 0— St Louis is 13-2 against the Reds/Pirates, 25-29 against everyone else. Milwaukee leads NL Central by a game over the Redbirds.

— Four of the eight teams in the College World Series are from the SEC.

Over/unders in the last game of a series:
Arizona under 14-7
Atlanta over 10-9-2
Cubs over 12-8-1
Cincinnati 10-10-1
Colorado over 11-10
Dodgers under 10-9-2
Miami over 13-8
Milwaukee over 12-9
Mets over 11-8-2
Philadelphia over 11-10
Pittsburgh under 13-7-1
St Louis over 13-9
San Diego under 12-9
San Francisco 10-10-1
Washington under 11-8-2

Baltimore 10-10-1
Boston under 11-7-3
White Sox over 12-9
Cleveland under 12-9
Detroit under 11-9-1
Houston under 13-8
Kansas City over 13-8-1
Angels under 13-6-2
Minnesota under 11-10
New York under 12-9
Oakland under 10-9-2
Seattle under 11-10
Tampa Bay under 13-8
Texas 10-10-1
Toronto over 11-10

— Arizona rookie IF Buddy Kennedy hit a grand slam Sunday, for his first major league homer; he hit a 3-0 pitch over the fence. Turns out Kennedy had the take sign but didn’t know it- he thought the count was 2-0. These things get excused when you hit a home run.

— Pirates 12, Cubs 1— Rookie Oneil Cruz, a 6-7 shortstop, knocked in four runs in his major league debut. Pirates have brought up several rookies the last few weeks.

— Royals 6, Angels 2— Halos lost 20 of their last 26 games, are fading fast.

— Lightning 6, Avalanche 2— Home team has won all three games in Stanley Cup finals; Colorado leads 2 game to 1.

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