Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Personal opinion: Every NFL team should dress three QB’s for every game, with the third QB being a 54th player on the roster. This would preserve the quality of the game. NFL teams are really, really rich; they can afford adding a #3 QB to rosters.

Say the quarterback gets hurt on the first series of the game; now a team would only have one QB the rest of the game— if he also gets hurt, it is a disaster, so teams would have to throw fewer long passes, since they can’t let the backup QB get hit much. Hurts the quality of the game.

12) Tuesday will be a busy day, a tough day for NFL players, as rosters go from 80 players to 53. Teams can add players off the waiver wire starting Wednesday, and 16-man practice squads will be formed— this is a really busy week for people in the front office. 

11) San Francisco 49ers/QB Jimmy Garoppolo came to an agreement on a 1-year deal, meaning he will stay in San Francisco this season. Could be an awkward situation; Garoppolo led the 49ers to the NFC title game two of last three years, but 2nd-year QB Trey Lance is going to be the starter this season.

It was assumed that Garoppolo would be traded this summer, but:

a) they apparently didn’t get an offer that intrigued them
b) they didn’t want to trade him to division rival Seattle, which needs a QB. 

10) Denver Broncos/Tennessee Titans both cut their veteran punters, giving Buffalo Bills a shot at signing a new punter, after they cut rookie Matt Araiza.

Lot of times, when teams look to free up sone room on their salary cap, they cut the veteran punter and add a younger guy, who makes less $$$. Rams let Johnny Hekker walk this winter, same kind of deal. 

9) Carolina Panthers’ kicker Zane Gonzalez is hurt; Panthers tried out five different kickers on Monday.

Speaking of the Panthers, WR DJ Moore is the only WR in the NFL who had 1,200+ yards from scrimmage in each of the last three years. He had 1,100+ receiving yards all three years; his rushing yards put him over 1,200 all three seasons. 

8) In college football, there are 36 games this week where a I-A team (FBS) is playing a I-AA team (FCS). These are mostly glorified scrimmages, besting on undermanned teams while getting your players some experience, all while charging fans I-A prices. Go figure.

If a I-A teams loses to a I-AA team, and it’ll happen 2-3 teams a year, that team should be disqualified from playing in a bowl that season. 

7) Nebraska Cornhuskers have lost their last seven games, all by less than 10 points; they’re the only team in the last 86 years to lose seven games in a row, all by single-digit margins. 

6) Last year, there were ten games where a Pac-12 football team played a Mountain West team; the Pac-10 team was favored in all ten, but the Mountain West teams went 7-3 ATS. Over the last three seasons, Mountain West teams are 18-12 ATS vs the Pac-12, 16-10 as an underdog. 

5) When Justin Verlander left his start after three innings with a calf injury Sunday, it ended a streak of 41 straight games where the Astros’ starting pitcher lasted 5+ innings, which ties the 2018 Nationals for the longest such streak the last five seasons. 

4) Weird Stat of the Day: Last week, Ryan Aguilar walked in his first major league at-bat; he is the first Angels’ player since Jeff DaVanon in 1999 to walk in his first MLB at-bat. Since then, 163 position players have had their first MLB at-bat with the Angels. None of them walked.

3) Toronto Blue Jays have 17 guys on their roster who have been an All-Star at least once in their career, most of any team in the major leagues. 

2) Rory McIlroy’s strokes gained while putting rankings:
2019-20: 122nd
2020-21: 66th
2021-22: 16th

He ranked 6th on Tour this season on putts from 15-20 feet.

1) RIP to coach Ernie Zampese, who passed away this week at age 86; Zampese was an offensive football guru, the coordinator of the Air Coryell San Diego Chargers in the mid-80’s, later the Rams in the late 80’s, when they had very good teams with Jim Everett at QB.

All in all, he was an NFL assistant coach for 24 years for four different teams. Offenses he coached were always fun to watch.

RIP, sir. 

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