Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) NFL switched the Seattle-Arizona game to Sunday night because the Raiders had COVID issues last week, so that game was somewhat in doubt— it turned out to be a lucky break. Seahawk-Cardinal game was first one in at least 70 years where both QB’s threw for 300+ yards, ran for 50+ yards; fun game to watch.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll, the youngest-acting 69-year old in America, had his knee scoped October 13, during the Seahawks’ bye week.

12) Chargers’ QB Justin Herbert had a 31-yard run Sunday, longest run by a Chargers QB since Mark Malone’s 36-yard run in 1988.

Malone was a great athlete; he was a QB who played some WR for the Steelers, and in 1990, he caught a 90-yard TD pass from Terry Bradshaw, in a game against Seattle.

11) Indiana Hoosiers are ranked #19 in one college football poll this week, the highest they’ve been ranked nationally since November 8, 1993.

Hoosiers play Ohio State in a few weeks; they’re 2-42-1 all-time against the Buckeyes.

10) When an NFL team changes punters, like the Steelers did last week, it creates another problem, in that the punter is almost always also the holder for kicks, so if you bring in a new punter, the kicker has to work with him.

There was a time when I was a kid, where mostly backup QB’s held for kicks, or defensive backs did. When Tom Dempsey made the first 63-yard FG in NFL history, his holder was Joe Scarpati, a DB. Rams used to have DB Nolan Cromwell hold for kicks, Dolphins used to have a WR named Karl Noonan do the holding.

Now it has been decided that it is just easier to have the punters hold, since they can work a lot in practice with the kicker. Makes it harder to have a good fake FG play, though.

9) LSU lost 32 players, three assistant coaches from their national champion football team last year; that’s a huge turnover, and now their new QB is hurt. Everyone has to scramble this year, adjusting on the fly. In the long run, it’ll help coaches be better coaches, as long as they don’t get fired first.

8) It is a little eerie when I’m surfing the Interweb, looking at stuff I might like to buy, and a half-hour or so later, ads for that stuff starts showing up in margins of sites I’m looking at. It is like we’re being monitored all the time, trying to scrape every last nickel out of us.

7) Re-runs of the great TV show The West Wing popped up on TV last week, first time in a long time I’ve seen them. The West Wing ran on NBC from 1999-2006; great cast- Martin Sheen, Alan Alda, Jimmy Smits, Alison Janney, Rob Lowe.

6) How much you think Chris Rock got paid for these commercials he is doing for IPhone 12? Has to be a pretty penny.

5) A reader from California contributed this knowledge:

In the late 1200’s, a set of legal statutes enacted by King Edward I were recorded on a series of scrolls, known as the Ragman Rolls.

These records were so lengthy that their name came to be used as a byword for any long, serious process- and eventually, became the word “rigamarole”

4) Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz had a big game in the Badgers’ season opener Friday, completing 20-21 passes for 248 yards in an easy win over Illinois, but then he tested positive for COVID, so now Wisconsin has that problem to deal with.

3) Best wishes to Washington coach Ron Rivera, who had his last cancer treatment Monday. Hopefully he’ll be healthy now and his life can get back to normal.

2) Big game this week; Ravens-Steelers. Baltimore is 7-2-2 ATS in last eleven games of this divisional rivalry.

1) Rams 24, Bears 10
— Chicago had two empty trips to the red zone, both in the 2nd half.
— Bears were the last NFL team this year to complete a pass of 40+ yards. 
— Rams outrushed Chicago, 165-49.
— Five of Bears’ last six games stayed under the total.

— Rams won all three of their home games, giving up 13.3 ppg
— LA has outscored opponents 93-32 in second half of games.
— LA’s last four games stayed under the total.
— NFC West teams are 13-7 ATS outside the division.


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