Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) NBA play-in stuff starts tonight; here is how it works:
— #10 Charlotte @ #9 Atlanta; #10 San Antonio @ #9 New Orleans— Loser is done for the season, winner plays loser of the #7-8 game.
— #8 Cleveland @ #7 Brooklyn; #8 Clippers @ #7 Minnesota— Winner of these games are in the playoffs; losers plays the winner of the #9-10 game. 

12) Lakers won the NBA title two years ago, with Frank Vogel as coach; they fired him Monday, and didn’t handle it well, letting word leak out during their last game Sunday night.

Vogel went 145-107 in three years with LA; he deserved better than being ambushed at his press conference after Sunday’s game, especially after the Lakers won that (meaningless) game in OT. 

11) By the way, Lakers’ rookie Austin Reaves had a triple double in that game, becoming the first undrafted rookie ever to have a triple-double, while scoring 30+ points. 

10) SMU G Kendrick Davis, AAC Player of the Year, entered the transfer portal; he scored 19.4 ppg this season, shooting 37.2% on the arc. He is a graduate transfer who right now is listed as the best player in the portal.

9) Does the transfer portal allow some high school recruits to slip thru the cracks? Teams are spending more and more energy poaching players from other college teams, so they’re spending less time on recruiting high school kids. 

8) Random golf note: Since 2015, Rory McIlroy is +35 in the first round of major tournaments, then 68-under the rest of those tournaments.

7) Barry Bonds retired after the 2007 season; since then, the Giants have started a different guy in left field in their season opener every year since then. 14 different guys. 

6) Cal Ripken’s record for consecutive games played will never, ever be broken; right now, the active player who has played the most consecutive games is Whit Merrifield (472) with Marcus Semien next at 166. Ripken played in 2,632 consecutive games. 

5) There is a baseball pitching stat called (WHIP); it measures how many runners a pitcher puts on base. WHIP is walks + hits divided by innings pitched, but shouldn’t hit batters count too? How can you accurately measure baserunners allowed if you ignore hit batters? 

4) Phillies 5, Mets 4:
— Mets led this game 4-0 in 8th inning.
— Didi Gregorius had game-winning double for the Phillies.
— Mets’ P Walker left after two innings (shoulder)

3) Nationals 11, Braves 2:
— Maikel Franco was 4-5, with five RBI.
— Atlanta has sold out four of its five games this season. 

2) Guardians 10, Royals 7:
— Cleveland rookie OF Kwan is 9-13 with three walks to start his big league career.
— Game was 4-4 after six innings, but the Royals’ bullpen imploded. 

1) Forbes Magazine lists the Denver Broncos as the 10th-most valuable franchise in the NFL; lot of people think that when the Broncos are sold, it’ll be for more than the $4B Walmart heir Rob Walton bid for the team. Walton’s cousin is married to Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke, who owns the NBA/NHL teams in Denver. 

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