Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Last week or the week before, there was some stuff on social media mocking players of the past, that they could not compare to today’s NBA players. It was disrespectful.

12) There are 48:00 in an NBA game; Sunday night, Jimmy Butler played all 48:00 in Miami’s 100-96 Game 7 loss to Boston. Tremendous effort; the Heat came up just short. People made a big deal out of Butler playing the whole game; doesn’t happen much anymore.

NBA basketball has changed a lot over the years; last ten years or so, it has gotten a lot softer, guys opting out of playing back/back nights. The game has become a lot less physical. On the plus side, shooting has become more fashionable. More passing/less dribbling, which is a good thing. The game is different, for better or worse.

Back in the day, Wilt Chamberlain AVERAGED 45.8 minutes a game for his 13-year career, and that was the regular season. He averaged 47.2 minutes/game in playoff games. His first ten years in the league, he never played less than 72 games in an 82-game season.

11) My point is this: Guys can play major minutes, if they put their minds to it; teams fly around in private jets these days, the accommodations are a lot better now than in previous years. 

When Wilt was 32, the 1968-69 season, the Lakers played back/back nights 12 times, but they also played three nights in a row four times, four nights in a row twice. Could you imagine asking one of today’s stars to play a game three nights in a row? No freakin’ chance.

That season, at age 32, Chamberlain averaged 45.3 minutes a game, playing in 81 of 82 games. 20.5 points a game, 21.1 rebounds a game.

Let’s see one of today’s players match those numbers. 

10) Get well soon to ESPN’s basketball voice Mike Breen, who tested positive for COVID over the weekend; hopefully he’ll be back behind the mike for the NBA Finals.

9) Rangers beat Carolina 6-2 Monday night, to advance to the NHL’s Final Four; since 2005, under is now 38-25-9 in Game 7 of an NHL playoff series, 4-2 this year. 

8) Under is 27-6 in Houston Astros’ last 33 games; they’re getting great pitching and they ain’t hitting so much. 

7) Phillies spent lot of $$$ this winter on Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos; they should’ve spent some money on their bullpen. Phillies are 4-9 in games where the winning run scored from the seventh inning on. Not good. 

6) Same thing for the Angels, who are 29-16-4 in the first five innings of games, but their overall record is only 27-22. Halos will probably still make the playoffs, but how they going to do once they get there? 

5) Texas Rangers’ CF Eli White made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen Monday night, robbing Tampa Bay’s Ji-Man Choi of a home run in left-center field. His glove had to be a couple of feet over the fence; tremendous play. 

4) Brewers-Cubs played a doubleheader Monday; first game had both starting pitchers making their major league debut, something that rarely happens this early in a season.

3) Are NFL teams scouting the USFL for kickers? Guy on Michigan made a 60-yard FG last week; guy on Pittsburgh made a 56-yarder. 

2) There are point spreads posted for every NFL game this fall; Houston Texans are only team that is an underdog in all 17 of their games. Tampa Bay/Buffalo are either favored/pick ‘em in all of their games. 

1) if the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
NL— Mets-Brewers-Dodgers. Wild Cards: San Diego-St Louis-San Francisco.
AL— New York-Twins-Astros. Wild Cards: Rays, Blue Jays, Angels

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