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13) There could be more of this to come; Western Kentucky will visit Houston Thursday night, in a hastily-arranged game designed to elevate both teams’ resume for the NCAA Tournament.

WKU is 15-4, and appears to be a bubble team at best if they don’t win the C-USA tournament. Houston is 18-3, but a win here would help improve their resume.

12) Oklahoma State 74, Texas Tech 69 OT:

Oklahoma State was 22-32 on foul line, Texas Tech 8-12.

Cade Cunningham was the #1 high school recruit in the country last year; he chose to go to Oklahoma State, which “coincidentally” had just hired his brother as an assistant coach.

All that is perfectly legal, has been done many times before. In the mid’80’s, Kansas hired Ed Manning as an assistant coach, then Ed’s son Danny led the Jayhawks to a national title. Ed Manning played in the NBA, but he was a truck driver when Kansas hired him.

During this game, ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla had the onions to say that the brother’s hiring wasn’t a “package deal.” In other words, Oklahoma State would’ve hired the brother as an assistant coach, even if Cade Cunningham was a badminton player. Have to call bullshit on that one.

11) By the way, Oklahoma State will be going on probation soon, just not this year, because the NCAA hasn’t gotten around to hearing OSU’s appeal of the NCAA’s verdict on a previous issue. By the time the Cowboys go on probation, Cade Cunningham will be playing in the NBA.

In June 2020, after an FBI bribery-and-corruption investigation implicated a former OSU assistant coach- he got a three-month prison sentence, the NCAA gave Oklahoma State a 3-year probation, a one-year postseason ban and the loss of three total scholarships over a three-year period.

10) Duke 85, Syracuse 71— There is a phrase called “addition by subtraction” where the group does better when one person leaves. Not necessarily that person’s fault, just that roles become more defined, there are fewer people looking over their shoulders to be subbed out.

Duke, in three games since Jalen Johnson skipped town:
— won 84-60 at Wake Forest
— won 66-65 over Virginia
— won 85-71 over Syracuse

Duke was 5-8 when Johnson played; they’re 6-0 in games he missed. Those are the facts; they are not in dispute. Decide for yourself why those facts are what they are.

9) There have been  Celtic fans on social media bitching about coach Brad Stevens; Celtics are 15-15, lost six of their last nine games. To this point, they’re underachieving.

I’ll say this; of the 357 D-I college teams, how many would fire their coach if Stevens became available? He made the Final Four with a HORIZON LEAGUE TEAM (Butler wasn’t in the Big East yet). If he isn’t appreciated in Boston, someone with deep pockets surely will.

8) West Virginia won six of its last eight games; they’ve won five road games in a row, which is pretty amazing. West Virginia plays in the Big X; of the other nine teams in the league, closest town to West Virginia is Ames, Iowa, which according to Mapquest, is 872 miles away.

Thats their shortest conference road trip, 872 miles. Yikes.

7) South Carolina used to be an ACC school; they bolted the league in 1971, stayed independent in football until 1991, when they joined the SEC.

The basketball Gamecocks joined the old Metro Conference in 1983; that was a pretty good league, with Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, but it was basketball-only.

You wonder if they could do it all over again, if South Carolina would’ve stayed in the ACC.

6) Only one major league team ever has had a player wear 0 and another player wear 00 at the same time; the 1985 Blue Jays had Al Oliver (0) and Cliff Johnson (00).

This season, Marcus Stroman will wear 0 for the Mets; there were rumors that Taijuan Walker was going to wear 00, but he will wear 99 instead, joining Turk Wendell as Mets who wore #99.

5) Reliever Tyler Clippard is going to sign with Arizona; he must be good at packing:
2007— Bronx
2009-14— Washington
2015— Oakland/NY Mets
2016— Arizona/Bronx
2017— Bronx-White Sox-Houston
2018— Toronto
2019— Cleveland
2020— Minnesota
2021— Arizona

4) Since 2000, colleges with the most NFL draft picks:
141— Ohio State
127— Alabama
126— LSU
119— Miami
109— Florida, Florida State, Georgia, USC
101— Oklahoma

3) QB Tyler Shough has bolted Oregon for Texas Tech; Slough started all seven games for the Ducks last year, as Oregon won its 2nd consecutive Pac-12 title, but he was splitting time with Anthony Brown at the end of the season.

2) Albert Pujols’ wife announced on Instagram that this season will be her husband’s last year in the major leagues; Albert Pujols has had a great career, hitting 662 home runs, a career OPS of .924, winning two World Series rings. He also earned roughly $345M in salary.

No word from Pujols himself on his career plans, but five years after he retires, he’ll be going to Cooperstown.

1) Golfer Tony Finau won the 2016 Puerto Rico Open, his only PGA Tour win; since then, he’s finished in the top ten of 37 other tournaments, earned $19.2M, but no more wins.

During that time, 43 other golfers have won 2+ tournaments. $19.2M is damn good golfing, but you’d think he would have more than one tournament win. 

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