Tuesday’s Den: Conference trends for the NCAA’s first weekend

Conference trends for the first weekend of the NCAAs:

— Last three years (we’re not counting 2020 as a year, since there was no tournament), ACC teams are 7-17 ATS in the first round.
— Since 2013, ACC teams are 35-13 SU in first round
— Last five years, 16 of 37 ACC teams (43.2%) made the Sweet 16.

— UConn was 2014 national title out of the AAC.
— Last five years, AAC teams are 7-8 in first round, 1-6 in 2nd round.
— During that time, 2019 Houston is only Sweet 16 team they’ve had.

— Last five years, A-14 teams are 6-10 in the first round.
— A-14’s last Sweet 16 team was Dayton, back in 2014.

Big East
— Last three years, Big East teams are 18-14 in first round.
— Last three years, Big East teams are 5-13 in 2nd round.
— Thats 5 of 32 teams (15.6%) making the Sweet 16.

Big Sky
— Big Sky teams lost their last 13 first round games.
— Big Sky teams are 1-7-1 ATS in last nine first round games.
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— Montana in 2006 was last Big Sky team to win an NCAA game.

Big West
— Since 2014, Big West teams are 4-4 in play-in/first round games.
— Since 2003, Big West teams are 0-6 ATS in their 2nd tournament game.

Big 14:
— Last three years, Big 14 teams are 16-3 in first round (11-8 ATS)
— Last three years, Big 14 teams are 8-8 in 2nd round
— Thats 8 of 19 teams (42.1%) teams in Sweet 16.

Big X
— Last three years, Big X teams are 12-7 in first round games.
— Last three years, Big X teams are 8-4 on 2nd round games.
— Thats 8 of 19 teams (42.1%) teams in Sweet 16, same as the Big 14.

— Since VCU left the CAA in 2012, things haven’t gone well.
— Last seven years, CAA teams are 0-7 in NCAA games (5-2 ATS)
— Last eight years, six different teams have represented the CAA

Conference USA

— C-USA teams won five of their last seven first round games.
— Those five C-USA teams that won went 0-5 ATS in second round.

Horizon League
— Butler made the Final Four in 2010/2011 out of the Horizon.
— Since then, Butler jumped ship to gr$$n$r pa$ture$.
— Last eight years, Horizon teams are 0-8 in NCAA’s (2-6 ATS)

— Siena was last MAAC team to win an NCAA game, in 2009.
— Since then, MAAC teams are 0-11 SU, 2-9 ATS.

— Buffalo won its first round game in 2018/2019, ending the MAC’s five-game losing skid in first round games. 

— MAC teams covered their last four first round games.
— Since 2003, MAC teams are 1-4 ATS in second round.
— Since 2003, Ohio U in ’12 is MAC’s only Sweet 16 team.

Missouri Valley
— Since 2013, MVC teams are 9-1 SU, 8-2 ATS in NCAA games.
— Those nine teams went 4-5 ATS in 2nd round games.

Wichita State-Drake is a first round game, old MVC rivals.

— Last eight years they were in the MVC, Wichita went 122-16 in Valley games; they totally dominated.
— Last five years Wichita was in the Valley, Drake went 26-64 in MVC games.
— In four years since Wichita (and also Creighton) bolted, Drake is 45-27.

Mountain West
— Since 2014, Mountain West teams are 3-8 in play-in/first round games.
— Those teams went 2-4 ATS when favored, 2-3 as an underdog, 4-7 overall.

Ohio Valley
— Since 2009, OVC teams are 8-2-1 ATS in NCAA tourney games, but they’ve lost seven of last eight SU.
— When Murray State whacked Marquette two years ago, it snapped a 7-game losing skid for the OVC in NCAA tourney games.

— Since 2013, Pac-12 teams are 19-13 in first round games.
— Since 2013, Pac-12 teams are 13-6 in second round games.
— Thats 13 of 32 Pac-12 teams (40.6%) that made the Sweet 16— that will surprise some people.

— Last four years, SEC teams are 17-6 SU in NCAA games, 11-12 ATS
— Thats 7-10 ATS when favored, 2-2 as an underdog, 2-0 when pick ‘em.
— Last four years, SEC teams are 10-7 in 2nd round games
— Thats 10 of 23 SEC teams (43.5%) that made the Sweet 16

— Wofford’s win in 2019 snapped So-Con’s 0-10 skid in NCAA games.
— That said, SoCon teams are 7-4-1 ATS in last dozen NCAA games.

— Summit teams lost 16 of last 17 first round games (6-9-2 ATS)
— Summit teams covered four of last six first round games.
— Summit teams are 2-0 SU in play-in games.

Sun Belt
— Since 2003, Sun Belt teams are 6-14 in NCAA Tournament games.
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— Since 2010, Sun Belt teams are 4-8 ATS in NCAA Tournament games.
— Over last 20 years, Sun Belt has changed a lot, as schools jumped conferences.

— WAC teams lost their last 13 NCAA Tournament games.
— WAC teams are 3-6 ATS in last nine NCAA Tournament games.
— New Mexico State won this league seven of last eight years, so Grand Canyon winning WAC tournament is different— this is their first NCAA bid.

— Last time someone other than Gonzaga/BYU/Saint Mary’s repped the WCC? 2008, when the San Diego Toreros made the tournament.
— Gonzaga won its last 11 first round games (6-5 ATS)
— During that time, Gonzaga is only 3-7-1 ATS in 2nd round games.
— Gonzaga won its last five second round games SU- they’re expected to do a lot more than that this season. 

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