Thursday’s List of 13: Wrapping up last two nights of hoops

13) The great Brent Musburger is retiring from TV broadcasting next week, the end of an era where he was one of America’s most recognizable voices.

Musburger trivia: When he was a young man, in 1959, Brent was an umpire in Class A ball out in the Pacific Northwest. He once umpired a game where the catcher was a young Tim McCarver, who went to play a long time in the big leagues and who also became a prominent broadcaster.

12) Turns out that Musburger is leaving ESPN to become the main voice for the soon-to-be-launched Vegas Sports Information Network, which has a nearly completed studio on the floor of the South Point Casino. The network will be available on SiriusXM radio.

As luck would have it, my next Las Vegas vacation is going to be at South Point, so that could turn out to be very cool.

11) Celtics 120, Rockets 109— Quote from Boston TV guy Mike Gorman: “This is like when you go to a high school rival and they have two local guys officiating.”

Gorman is supposed to be the reasonable guy on Celtic telecasts. Oy.

10) Georgia Tech 75, Florida State 56— So Florida State beats Duke/Louisville, everyone is touting them as a Sweet 16 team (at least) and then they’re down 41-15 at the half in this game. Now as a handicapper, I cannot trust the Seminoles.

Josh Pastner might be doing the best coaching job in the whole country.

9) Louisville 106, Pitt 51— Think Jamie Dixon enjoyed this score? He bolted Pitt because he felt unappreciated, now the Panthers are 1-6 in the ACC while Dixon has TCU contending to get into the NCAA’s. And Louisville played this game without their injured point guard.

8) USC 82, UCLA 74— Bruins got their butts kicked by a more athletic, tougher team that also made 14-34 on the arc. UCLA is soft and very young, but they’re way better than this. Trojans held Bryce Alford to 3 points; if he isn’t scoring, he is totally bleeping useless.

7) Marquette 74, Villanova 72— Hard to win when you go 6-34 on the arc. Villanova led this game 68-55 with 5:43 left to play, but faded down stretch. Wildcats played only seven guys.

6) VMI 80, Chattanooga 64— Keydets were a 22.5-point underdog. 22-point underdogs don’t win very much.

5) Tennessee 82, Kentucky 80— Vols fell behind 8-2 early, survived shaky (17-27) foul shooting and pulled off a big upset. Kentucky’s last three road games were all decided by 7 or less points.

4) Penn 77, LaSalle 74— Last two years, Ivy League teams are now just 3-14 against A-14 teams. LaSalle had been playing well until the last couple games, which were awful.

3) West Virginia 85, Kansas 69— Bob Huggins gets a $25,000 bonus every time he beats Kansas; he donates the money to cancer research, in honor of his late mother. Jayhawks have now lost their last four visits to Morgantown.

2) Wyoming 66, UNLV 65— Cowboys were up 18 at the half, but trailed by 3 with 1:35 left before they pulled game out down the stretch. Teams combined to go 18-34 on foul line.

1— RIP Mary Tyler Moore. I spent a ton of time as a kid watching her TV show and the old Dick Van Dyke Show. A terrific actress. She also had a variety show on CBS in the late 70’s that helped launch David Letterman’s comedy career.

I’m having lunch at a bar yesterday and had to explain to one of the younger workers who Mary Tyler Moore was. Showed him some pictures of her off the Interweb and he says “Oh, she was beautiful.” Indeed.

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