Thursday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

13) I’m not a New Jersey Giants’ fan, I’m a Ram fan who spends way too much time handicapping sports. Not really sure what the Giants are thinking when they trade Odell Beckham but keep their 38-year old QB. They also dumped Vernon/Collins, so their defense has been depleted.

Peter King wrote that the Giants “…..are an expansion team with a 38-year old QB.”

Better hit a home run with those two draft picks they got from Cleveland. Giants have three of the first 37 picks in the draft, so there is opportunity there. 

In fairness to the Giants, the last two Decembers, Beckham played one game, and caught three passes for 35 yards in that game. I’m not saying what they did was wrong, I’m just saying that what they’re doing confuses me. Why not go young at quarterback, too? 

This is the first time since 1984 the Giants have two 1st-round picks in a draft. That year, they took LB Carl Banks and OL William Roberts.

12) Westgate SuperBook dropped Cleveland from 25-1 to 14-1 to win the Super Bowl; William Hill books lowered them from 25-1 to 18-1. 

Giants went from 40-1 to 80-1 to win the Super Bowl, which seems a bit excessive. Maybe it is more accurate to say that 40-1 was too low to begin with. 

11) Le’Veon Bell gets $52.5M, four years from the Jets. I’m curious how many of these contracts are affecting the NFL’s primetime schedule for this coming season. 

Terrell Suggs played 16 years for the Ravens but is now on Arizona; that would be an interesting Monday night game.

Do the Steelers play the Jets this year? 

Earl Thomas signed with the Ravens Wednesday; another potential 2019 primetime matchup.

10) No matter what, the NFL continues their amazing ability to stay in the headlines 12 months a year. After the NCAA’s, the NFL schedule will come out next month, then the draft is late next month. Always something going on.

9) Iona has won the MAAC tournament four years in a row; here is how they did in the NCAA’s the last three years:
— 2018, lost 89-67 to Duke (+20)
— 2017, lost 93-77 to Oregon (+15.5)
— 2016, lost 94-81 to Iowa State (+7.5)

Something tells me the Gaels might be heading to Dayton next week. 

8) Saint Mary’s 60, Gonzaga 47— After the brackets come out Sunday night, it’ll be fun to try and figure out which team got KO’d from the tournament because Saint Mary’s won this game. Gonzaga hadn’t lost a conference tournament game since 2012. 

7) William & Mary fired coach Tony Shaver Wednesday; the Tribe has never made the NCAA tournament, which is obviously a sticking point, but the last six years, W&M was 64-42 in CAA games, with all six seasons above .500 in conference play. 

Last six years, Tribe was 6-6 in CAA tourney, losing in finals in both 2014, 2015- they lost to Delaware by a point in ’14. There is no guarantee the new coach will be a better coach than Shaver— JMU fired Matt Brady three years ago and is 19-35 in CAA games since then. 

6) Was odd seeing Magic Johnson at the OVC tournament, watching Ja Morant play; you don’t expect to see an NBA legend courtside when you’re watching a Belmont-Murray State game.  Magic was at the ACC tournament in Charlotte Wednesday. 

5) NC State 59, Clemson 58— Tigers led by 18, but lost; they’re 18-13, and probably headed to the NIT. Here are some of the reasons they didn’t win 20 games:

— Nov 26, lost 68-66 to Nebraska
— Jan 26, lost 69-67 at NC State
— Feb 13, lost 65-64 at Miami
— Feb 16, lost 56-55 at Louisville
— March 2, lost 81-79 to North Carolina
— March 13, lost 59-58 to NC State

4) Ted Valentine did the Clemson-NC State noon game in Charlotte; wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if he had showed up somewhere else on TV, reffing a night game. When was last time a ref worked two games in the same day? Has it ever happened at that level?

3) Big Sky tournament: 3-point shooting decided the first two games:
— Saacramento State 72, Northern Arizona 60— Hornets were 12-20 on the arc.
— Southern Utah 94, Idaho State 80— Thunderbirds were 11-15 on the arc.

2) West Virginia 72, Oklahoma 71— Kid on Oklahoma swished what looked like a game-tying 3-pointer at the buzzer, but his toes were on the line, so it was only a 2-point shot and the Sooners head to the bubble- their next four days will be agonizing, waiting to hear their fate Sunday. 

1) Cleveland Browns were going to sign WR Breshad Perriman, but when they traded for Beckham, that ship sailed, so Perriman signed a one-year, $4M deal with Tampa Bay instead. 

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