Thursday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) If you were a college football player, which bowl would you NOT want to play in? There are a ton of bowls, 39 if I counted right. We’ll talk about this later on this month, but no way would I want to go somewhere cold, like Boise or the Bronx or Detroit. Bowl games should be warm; at least the game in Detroit is indoors. 

Anyway, did you know players get swag bags at bowl games? Here are three of some of the best swag collections EVERY player gets at these games………

12) New Mexico Bowl North Texas vs. Utah State
— Oakley Jupiter Squared sunglasses
— Oakley 5 Speed backpack
— Bluetooth speaker
— water bottle
— beanie
— Montgomery pen
— Pacific Headwear trucker’s cap

11) Valero Alamo Bowl Iowa State vs. Washington State
— $425 Amazon gift card— Every kid gets $425, a good deal for the scrubs
— Fossil watch
— mini helmet
— team panoramic photo

10) AutoZone Liberty Bowl Missouri vs. Oklahoma State ¦
— Shopping trip to Memphis’ Bass Pro Shops
— Bose SoundLink micro Bluetooth speaker;
— Bulova watch
— Nike athletic shoes
— sport sandals
— backpack and sunglasses
— football

9) Minnesota QB coach Kevin Stefanski will take over as the new offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings, after John DeFilippo was fired Tuesday. Here’s an idea; let your QB call his own damn plays— he makes $28M a year, I’m guessing he could do it. 

8) We mentioned the other day how Mike MacIntyre got fired as the head coach at Colorado and is now the DC at Ole Miss. Turns out that MacIntyre will now be making over $1M more per year than he was at Colorado, and he’s not even the head coach. 

7) I have the NBA Full Court package on DirecTV; I enjoy watching good basketball, but I read the stuff about the Chicago Bulls revolting against their new coach and not wanting to practice the day after a 56-point loss and it makes me want to cancel my subscription. 

Not sure what the solution is, but the league has a problem on its hands.

6) The sport that loses the most in transition from in person to on TV is hockey. If you’ve never gone to a college or pro hockey game, you should— it is great fun. Watch the officials; they’re such great skaters.

5) I think Bob Uecker should’ve gotten an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Indians’ radio announcer Harry Doyle in the fine baseball movie Major League.

4) As recently as 1999, Vice-President Mike Pence was a radio talkshow host in Indiana. The guy’s head has to be spinning; his every move now is fodder for late-night comedians.

You have any idea how hard it is to just sit there with no emotion or no motion like he did in the Oval Office Tuesday? Someone on the Interweb compared him to the dead guy in Weekend at Bernie’s, and it didn’t seem like that big a stretch to agree with him.

3) Tampa Bay Rays’ plans for a new ballpark in Ybor City officially died this week when owner Stu Sternberg had a press conference at the Winter Meetings. Sounds like the Rays might be locked into the Trop now, until 2027- they could easily wind up in Montreal eventually. 

2) The Heisman Trophy that Tim Brown won in 1987 sold for $435,763 at a public auction recently. Lot of money for a trophy.

1) Pretty cool that the Blue Jays will be paying Troy Tulowitzki $18.4M a year for the next two years, while he probably plays 2B for the A’s, who will be paying him the big league minimum. Now if he can only stay healthy…….

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