Thursday’s List of 13: NFL’s top 9, bottom 4 teams……

32) Browns— Hurting Steelers come to Lake Erie this week needing a win. Chances are they will get it. Cleveland was outscored 60-8 in second half of its last three games.

31) 49ers— They’ve lost eight games in a row (1-7 vs spread); now Tom Brady is coming back near his hometown this week, so very little shot that New England will let down. Not good.

30) Jaguars— Offensive coordinator they fired few weeks ago is rumored to be candidate to be the new coach at Purdue. Jacksonville is -12 in turnovers the last five games.

29) Bears— Read few different national writers Monday speculating that Jay Cutler’s days in the Windy City may be numbered. Usually when there is speculation, someone has tipped off the person doing the speculating.

9) Dolphins— Won/covered last four games, picked Rivers off four times, just in 4th quarter last Sunday. Interesting game in the Coliseum this week, against the Rams in Jared Goff’s NFL debut.

8) Giants— Six wins by total of 21 points; they’re finding ways to win close games, just like they found ways to lose close games the last three years.

7) Chiefs— They’re 18-3 in their last 21 games, but they’ve also scored only one offensive TD in their last two games.

6) Broncos— 3-3 in last six games after a 4-0 start; if the defense doesn’t force turnovers, they are going to struggle.

5) Falcons— Bye week comes after their worst offensive game of the year. At 6-3, Atlanta is in good shape to return to the playoffs for first time in four years.

4) Seahawks— Wilson looked more nimble in Foxboro last week; if he is mobile, then Seahawks are very good.

3) Raiders— Haven’t been in the playoffs since 2002, when they lost the Super Bowl to the Bucs, but right now, they’re as good as anyone.

2) Patriots— Still think they’re the best team, but if Gronkowski is out for any length of time, then no.

1) Cowboys— Not often an NFL QB holds a news conference to say his former backup deserves to be the starter. Thats how well Dak Prescott is playing this season- he might be the MVP if the season ended today.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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