Thursday’s List of 13: NFL’s top 10, bottom three teams…….

32) Browns— Next weekend will be a little more fun for Cleveland fans; its the Browns’ bye week.

31) 49ers— Lost last nine games; play red-hot Dolphins in Miami this week. Chances are that’ll be ten losses in a row.

30) Jaguars— Lost last five games, last three by 7 or less points.

10) Dolphins— They’ve got lot of good receivers; was mystified why they had less than 100 yards of offense thru 53:00 in LA last week. Not a big Tannehill fan, but he’s on a roll right now.

9) Falcons— Someone is going to give Atlanta OC Kyle Shanahan a head coaching job next season; will his dad come along to help out?

8) Giants— Seven wins by a total of 27 points; expect to see them pummel Cleveland this week or I’ll list them as a suspect for a quick exit in January.

7) Broncos— 7-0 when they score 20+ points, 0-3 when they do not. Still think QB Siemian is a suspect, but as long as he doesn’t screw things up, he’s OK for now. Their defense is that good.

6) Redskins— Jay Gruden is an underrated coach; he’s helped make a dysfunctional franchise successful. Washington took lot of grief for drafting Cousins the same year they traded the farm to draft RGIII; seems like a good idea now.

5) Chiefs— 18-4 in last 22 games, but offense has struggled last three weeks. Big game in Denver Sunday; NBC chose that game instead of Patriots-Jets.

4) Seahawks— Drafting is such an inexact science; Russell Wilson, Joe Montana were 3rd round picks, Tom Brady a 6th round pick. Look at Dak Prescott; he was a 4th round pick after a DUI a month before the draft. Then look at some of the stiffs drafted first. Go figure.

3) Raiders— Jack Del Rio was once the catcher on USC’s baseball team, when one of the pitchers was a guy named Mark McGwire.

2) Patriots— Will Brady/Belichick retire at same time? Imagine the poor bastards who would have to step into those big shoes? When does Jimmy Garoppolo hit the free agent market?

1) Cowboys— Very seldom does a team win/cover nine games in a row, and never, ever with a rookie QB. Interesting game today with the Redskins.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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