Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) University of Tennessee’s football team is still looking for a football coach, as they re-define the term “clusterfuck”. At this rate, they’ll be interviewing Al Pacino for the job; he was good as the football coach in Any Given Sunday.

What a bunch of bumbling fools the Tennessee administration is; they offer Jeff Brohm a deal, he says yes, the AD takes it to the chancellor, who says no— they make changes, the AD takes it back to Brohm, who then says no. Oy.

12) Since Les Miles doesn’t appear to be a candidate in Knoxville, how about Tee Martin, who is the offensive coordinator at USC now and was a QB in college who led Tennessee to the national title in 1998? Martin replaced Peyton Manning as the Vols’ QB- wouldn’t he be a good choice?

11) I’m sure the NFL offices were thrilled that Sports Illustrated came out with an article saying that Browns’ WR Josh Gordon was making $10,000 a month in college selling weed.

Gordon is playing this week for the first time in three years after various suspensions.

10) There will be conference games in college basketball this weekend; the Big 14 is playing two games per team, because their conference season is a week shorter this year, with the conference tournament in Madison Square Garden in March.

That means the Big 14 teams who make the NCAA tournament will have a week off before Selection Sunday, which is very unusual.

9) March 17 will be Decision Day for Eli Manning and the Giants- they owe him a $5M bonus if he is still on the roster then. Chances seem pretty good that he will not be.

8) Best red zone offenses in the NFL (when teams get inside the opponents’ 20-yard line): Eagles 6.11 points/drive, Packers 5.35, Saints/Raiders 5.29

Worst red zone offenses: Browns 3.11, Colts 3.36, Jets 3.38, Cardinals 4.00

7) Best black zone offenses in NFL (drives that start 75+ yards from goal line): Patriots 2.59 pts/drive, Saints 2.43 Eagles 2.21, Vikings 2.07

Worst black zone offenses: Colts 0.64, Browns 0.78, Giants 0.92, Ravens 0.93

6) Best ratios of 20+-yard plays, for/against: Vikings +24 (54-30), Eagles +17 (47-30), Falcons +16 (48-32)

Worst ratios: Giants -26 (26-52), Colts -22 (36-58), Buccaneers -17 (38-55).

5) East Carolina basketball coach Jeff Lebo resigned (got fired) Wednesday; Pirates are 2-4 in what was Lebo’s 8th year in charge at ECU- he is the second coach to leave his job this week, and it isn’t December yet.

4) Dak Prescott has thrown six INT’s in 4th quarter, most of any QB in NFL this season.

3) Nation-wide in college football conference title games that are rematches, the team that won the first game is 17-13 vs spread in the second meeting.

2) You can’t make this stuff up: American Airlines says a computer glitch allowed all their pilots to take vacation over Christmas week. Now the pilots’ union says thousands of flights are in jeopardy of cancellation. Americans says they’re offering time and a half pay for pilots to fill in and expect (hope) to resolve the issue.

1) Since Eli Manning has been the Giants’ starting QB, the three other NFC East teams have all had 10+ starting QB’s- Washington has had 10, Eagles/Dallas 12 each.

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