Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Kawhi Leonard has played in all ten of Toronto’s playoff games this spring, playing 36.6 minutes a game; no nights off for “load management” He has been great. 

During the regular season, Leonard sat out 22 games, played 34 mpg when he did play; is this a hint of things to come? Stars taking periodical days off to reduce the stress of a long season? 

Steve Kerr suggested the regular season be cut back from 82 to 75 games, for that reason. As long as the players’ salaries get reduced by the same %age as the games are reduced, I’d be OK with it. 

Taking games off when you’re not hurt is BS— people might be spending lot of money to take their kids to see a guy play, and then he doesn’t, for no reason. It is bad business. 

12) Texas Rangers’ DH Joey Gallo is first big leaguer ever to hit 100 home runs before he hit 100 singles; he hit his 100th homer Wednesday afternoon in Pittsburgh. 

11) From Baylor’s Twitter account: 

“Baylor Athletics is thrilled to announce a lead gift for the Baylor Basketball Pavilion. This new facility will be made possible thanks to recently publicized $100 million anonymous gift as a part of Baylor University’s Give Light Campaign.”

Someone gave Baylor $100M; 100 million freakin’ dollars. Wow.

10) One of the funny things about watching baseball on TV every night is when a team is doing badly, their TV guys quickly transition to other stuff, like the local team’s NBA/NHL playoff games, or the team’s concessions stands, or the bobblehead giveaway next week, or next month. 

Can’t be easy for these guys when a team sucks or is struggling; they travel with the team, with social media nowadays, any criticism they say on air gets back to the players quickly, but the job is to tell the truth, too. Delicate balance that some do way better than others. 

9) “If I ain’t starting, then I’ll be departing….”

Matthew Baldwin could’t beat Justin Fields out for the QB job at Ohio State, so he is gone to TCU, where he will sit out this season, meaning he will have sat out for two years in a row after he started for only one year in high school in Lake Travis, TX. 

8) We talked yesterday about‘s ranking the power 5 college football coaches; they listed #1-25 Wednesday, with Washington’s Chris Petersen #3, behind Saban/Swinney. Lincoln Riley was #4, Jimbo Fisher #5. 

7) They somehow list Duke’s David Cutcliffe at #21; if Cutcliffe is such a great coach, how come he can’t recruit competent WR’s? All I heard in the New York media during/after the draft was how terrible Duke’s WR’s were. Shouldn’t the #21 coach in the country be able to coach ‘em up better than they’ve been? 

6) College basketball transfer portal:
— DJ Harvey bolts from Notre Dame to Vanderbilt.
— Vermont lands grad transfer Daniel Giddens from Alabama. 

5) Florida Gators inked a home/home football series with Colorado; Buffs will visit Gainesville in 2028, the Gators will visit Boulder in 2029. What is interesting about this? It will be the first time Florida has left the Sunshine State for a true non-conference road game (non-bowl game) since losing at Syracuse in 1991.

4) Paul George had rotator cuff surgery since Oklahoma City was eliminated from the NBA playoffs, is going to have another operation on the other shoulder, and is expected to miss at least part of training camp next fall. 

3) Toronto’s Trent Thornton used to be on my fantasy team; he was cut during his horrendous start last night against the Twins.
His four starts when he was in my lineup: 0-3, 9.00 ERA, 2.13 WHIP
His four starts when he was on my bench: 0-1, 2.42 ERA, 0.85 WHIP
Enough already.

2) Mike Fiers has started 162 major league games; he finished two of them, both of them no-hitters, throwing 134-131 pitches. Hell of a performance late Tuesday night.

1) Doug Kern came up with some great no-hitter knowledge:

Mike Fiers: First pitcher to throw his second no-hitter since Jake Arrieta 2015-16.

Fiers’ second one was against the Reds.
Arrieta’s second one was against the Reds.

Final out of Fiers’ second one: Eugenio Suarez.
Final out of Arrieta’s second one: Eugenio Suarez.

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