Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) VCU 84, LSU 82— VCU’s coaches have it in their contracts that if they bolt for greener pa$ture$, their new team has to play a home/home series with VCU; this was Will Wade’s visit back home— he was not warmly received. Guys wearing fake FBI uniforms wee sitting by the LSU bench. 

VCU led this game by 15 late in first half, but LSU fought back- they were outscored 23-13 on the foul line. Quality game between two teams I expect to see in March.

12) Ohio State 76, Villanova 51— Buckeyes led this game 40-22 at halftime. 

It is very, very early in the season; some teams are way ahead of others. It is easy to overreact to unusual scores, once we get to Thanksgiving, we can begin to do some evaluating.

11) NFL finalized its Week 16 schedule by putting three games on Saturday, Dec 21; Texans-Bucs, Bills-Patriots and Rams-49ers.

10) Rams’ injury troubles on the offensive line have contributed to their offense being less explosive; hard to throw longer passes if you’re struggling to protect the QB. 

Last year, the Rams had 15 TD plays of 18+ yards; this year, they have three. 

9) 46-year old Adam Vinatieri has missed 11 PAT’s/FG’s this year; the Colts have brought in other kickers to try out. 

8) Field position is important in football; turnover margin and 3/outs go a long way towards determining field position, especially now that kickoff returns have been greatly reduced. 

These teams have forced the most 3/outs this season:

New England 44, San Francisco 41, Philadelphia 34

7) These teams have forced the fewest 3/outs this season:

Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Oakland, all 17. 

6) These teams have gone 3/out on offense the most this year:

Bears 46, Jets 44, Redskins 36, Giants 33

5) These teams have gone 3/out on offense the least this year:

Texans 13, Cowboys 14, Ravens/Saints 17, Chiefs 18

4) When Arkansas fired football coach Chad Morris last week, they also lost out on a 4-star QB recruit who happens to be…….Chad Morris’ son. 

Chandler Morris is rated as the #13 dual-threat QB in the country, in the 2020 class.

3) Mike Piazza is going to coach the Italian team in the 2021 World Baseball Classic.

2) From ESPN Stats: Last week, the Browns had a drive where they ran six plays from the Buffalo 1 or 2-yard line but didn’t score on that drive; that is the first time that has happened in the NFL since December 18, 1993, when the Jets couldn’t score in that situation against Dallas. 

1) Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander both won Cy Young awards Wednesday night; only two players homered off of both of them this season, Adam Eaton and Juan Soto, both of whom homered against Verlander in the World Series. 

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