Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…..

13) Minnesota 112, Denver 106 OT— Timberwolves survive this game in OT, snap Denver’s 6-game winning streak and make the playoffs for first time in 15 years. 

12) Lot of angry baseball players Wednesday; fisticuffs in Denver and Boston. Awful early in the season for division rivals to be going at it, but thats what happened. Nolan Arenado wound up throwing punches and Tyler Austin looked like a guy in the WWE when he charged the mound at Fenway Park. Too cold for fisticuffs- you can break a bone punching a guy. 

Five players got tossed in Denver, three in Boston. These teams have a lot of games against each other the rest of the season. Will be interesting to see if the hostilities carry over. 

11) Trayce Thompson played CF for the A’s last night; he robbed former Dodger teammate Yasiel Puig of a home run with a leaping catch in front of the fence. Puig tipped his cap to Thompson as he jogged back to the dugout. Thompson hit 13 homers in half a season for the Dodgers two years ago— he is an intriguing prospect for Oakland. 

10)‘s Albert Breer touted the Ravens as a possible landing spot for Louisville QB Lamar Jackson; Joe Flacco is 33 and the Ravens missed the playoffs the last three years. 

What the Ravens really need is a new offensive coordinator; Marty Mornhinweg is hideous, but for some reason, they stick with him. 31 of 64 NFL coordinator jobs changed hands this winter, but this guy keeps his job. Baffling. 

9) NFL announced the 2018 preseason schedule Wednesday, which I don’t care about except that it means the regular season schedule announcement is only a week away. 

Bears-Ravens is the Hall of Fame Game in Canton on August 2. 

8) Brad Stevens is a damn good coach; Celtics went over their 53.5 win total for this season, despite losing Kyrie Irving for 22 games and Gordon Hayward playing five minutes the whole freakin’ season. 

7) 76ers 130, Bucks 95— Philly won its last 16 games as they head into the playoffs. Happy for coach Brett Brown, who endured a lot of BS and losing on his way to this point in his career. 

6) Knicks fired coach Jeff Hornacek after they got back to New York Wednesday night; they really need to fire their owner, but that’s not happening. Knicks lost 50+ games the last four seasons, which obviously ain’t good. 

Former Cleveland coach David Blatt is listed as a possible replacement. 

5) 2020 All-Star Game will be in Dodger Stadium; last time they had the mid-summer classic in LA was in 1980. Dodger Stadium is now the third-oldest stadium in the big leagues. 

From 1962-65, before Anaheim Stadium was built, the Angels also played in Dodger Stadium. 

4) Twins 9, Astros 8— Minnesota led 8-1 but the Astros rallied to tie this game, before Max Kepler ended things with a a walk-off HR, his second tater of the day. 

3) Baseball injury stuff:
— Mets lose catcher Travis d’Arnaud with a torn UCL
— Rangers’ SS Elvis Andrus broke his elbow when he got hit by a pitch.
— Braves’ P Brandon McCarthy’s left shoulder appeared to pop out of joint as he covered first base in a game in Washington. The trainer popped the shoulder back in place— the out ended the 5th inning, but McCarthy didn’t return to the game. Weird injury. 

2) First round NBA playoff series:
East: Celtics-Bucks, 76ers-Heat, Cavaliers-Pacers, Raptors-Wizards
West: Warriors-Spurs, Blazers-Pelicans, Thunder-Jazz, Rockets-Wolves

1) Only in today’s crazy world would 50Cent and MSNBC’s Ari Melber be on a Twitter video together talking about what happens if the feds charge you with a crime. Thats what popped up on my timeline today. 

Say Defendant A gets convicted of a crime and gets sentenced to 10 years in jail; according to 50Cent, Defendant A would serve 85% of that time, or 8.5 years. If you got nailed for 30 years, that puts you behind bars for 25.5 years, assuming time off for good behavior.

Something to think about when you watch the news these days. 

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