Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) You know things are off-kilter when my entertainment Monday night was watching a replay of the 1989 NFL Draft, when Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas all got drafted.

Was interesting to hear people comment on the picks, hear some familiar names from the past. Not everyone thought Aikman was a lock to be a great player; Joe Theismann thought he was a bit of a reach as a #1 pick, that Dallas should’ve traded the pick.

Fans at the draft cheered Pete Rozelle when he started the draft; commissioners these days take a lot of grief when they open the draft. Maybe Roger Goodell gets a reprieve tonight, when he kicks off the draft from his basement.

12) Couple of Cincinnati Bengal nuggets:
— Joe Burrow wasn’t alive the last time the Bengals won a playoff game (1990)
— Cincinnati went 2-14 last year, but they led at one point in 12 of the 16 games.

11) Pittsburgh Steelers have already signed nine players from the XFL, which leads you to think that they’ll be mostly passing on college free agents.

10) Seattle/New England are only two NFL teams that have had winning records every season since 2012.

9) 7th pick in the 1994 NFL Draft was traded three times, most times a draft pick has ever been traded. 49ers wound up with the pick; they took Bryant Young, a defensive lineman who wound up playing 13 years for San Francisco. 

8) From Jon Rothstein: Over the last five NBA drafts, of the 150 players taken in the first round, only four were kids who transferred during their college career.

7) Rams won’t have a first round pick for the 4th year in row; they’re first team since the ’97 Chargers to go four years in a row without a first round pick.

6) Saw a very touching interview the other night with the great musician Wynton Marsalis, whose dad recently passed away from COVID-19. He feels the same way about his dad the way I felt about my dad, who passed away five years ago. Brought tears to my eyes.

5) Bad sign for baseball starting anytime soon; Louisville Slugger closed the factory where they make their baseball bats this week.

4) Was watching an old Mets game from 1999; they rally to win the game in the last inning on a single by Matt Franco; the winning pitcher was Pat Mahomes- you may have heard of his son, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

3) Not sure why SNY showed an old Pirates-Mets game from 2012, but a Pirate OF named Travis Snider made one of the greatest catches, maybe the best catch I’ve ever seen, robbing Mike Baxter of a home run in a late season game. He climbed the RF fence, and caught the ball 2-3 feet over the fence. Tremendous play.

2) White Sox SS Tim Anderson is the first player ever to win a batting title in the same season he led the league in errors.

1) I know the draft is tonight and there isn’t anything else going on in sports and people get paid to write them, but good grief I’m tired of mock drafts. Will be fun to write about real events. 

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