Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) For the first time this July, all 30 NBA teams will be represented at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. If you like the NBA, its worth your while to spend a week or so in the desert and watch the summer league in person. I highly recommend it.

Worst case, you pay $30 to watch ball all day in an air conditioned arena when it is 110 degrees outside. Plus, the arena has good hot dogs.

12) Vikings losing in the NFC title game was actually a financial boon to hotels/businesses in the Twin Cities, since now more out-of-towners will be visiting Minnesota this week.

When Georgia Bulldogs made the national title game in Atlanta last month, it cost businesses some money to have Georgia in the game, meaning less out-of-state people would be taking up room in local hotels/restaurants.

11) FOX paid the NFL an average of $660M a year to televise 11 Thursday night games each season for the next five years.

10) Things I learned watching the news today; when an AMTRAK train is going full speed, it takes the train a mile to stop.

9) NFL game in Mexico City next season: Chiefs-Rams.

8) January 31 is solid day for baseball birthdays: Nolan Ryan, Ernie Banks, Jackie Robinson.

7) Three officials working in Sunday’s Super Bowl at one point spent time officiating in the Arena League.

6) In the NHL, some teams have road trips where the players’ moms or dads go on that trip with their sons. Pretty cool idea. LA Kings’ eastern road trip now is a dad’s trip.

5) Field for the Paradise Jam tournament in the Virgin Islands next November:
Eastern Kentucky, Kansas State, Kennesaw State, Missouri, Northern Iowa, Old Dominion, Oregon State and Penn.

4) Catcher Alex Avila gets two years, $8.25M from the Diamondbacks.

3) Good day for Mookie Betts; he won his arbitration case with the Red Sox, will make $10.5M this season. Boston wanted to pay Betts $7.5M this season.

2) If you’re Kirk Cousins, which team is the your most attractive destination for 2018?
Jets? Broncos? Browns? Bills?

1— In this day and age, with so much technology, how do the Clippers not at least text Blake Griffin and tell him he’s been traded? Its big business and all— the owner of the Clippers used to be the CEO of freakin’ Microsoft. How does Griffin find out about the trade via Twitter?

Author: Armadillo Sports

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