Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) This is the 8th year of the one-game Wild Card playoff in baseball; the teams that won those games are 6-8 in their next series, 3-4 in both leagues. 

2014 Giants are only Wild Card winner to win the World Series; they beat the Royals that year, the only other Wild Card team to make the World Series. 

12) Wild Card wrap:
NL game: Washington 4, Milwaukee 3— Nationals rallied for three runs in 8th inning off of Josh Hader, with Juan Soto getting the key hit. Washington plays the Dodgers next. 

AL game: Rays 5, A’s 1— Tampa Bay hit four home runs and advances to play the Astros in the ALDS, starting Friday afternoon in Houston. 

11) I mention this every season, but couple of years ago, when the Houston Texans were on HBO’s Hard Knocks, Texans coach Bill O’Brien started a talk to his players by saying, “Welcome to the most competitive business in the world.” 

There is such a fine line between winning and losing in the NFL; one week you look unbeatable, the next week, the fans want the QB benched and the coach fired. Injuries, officials, the bounce of an oddly shaped ball. Lot of intangibles for a multi-billion dollar business.

10) Good grief, if I never see another commercial promoting pro wrestling, it’ll be too soon. 

9) When college football coordinators visit NFL teams in the offseason, they generally visit with coaches on their side of the ball for new ideas, but when Washington Huskies’ DC Jimmy Lake visits NFL teams, he likes to visit with offensive coordinators, to pick their brain about where the game is headed. Nothing like knowing what the competition is thinking about. 

8) On Wednesday, the Steelers signed QB Taryn Christion to the practice squad, to try and mimic Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson in practice. Christion played college ball at South Dakota State; he rushed for 1,515 yards, threw for 11,535 yards and had 130 total touchdowns. 

7) Isabel Albright of San Lorenzo, CA was among the oldest living people in America; she passed away last December at the age of 102, but her family got an “early termination fee” of $160 from DirecTV, because her family had added a DirecTV box in a back room for caregivers, which then started a new 2-year agreement with DirecTV. 

Common sense finally prevailed; DirecTV agreed to waive the early termination fee after all, saying simply, “We have apologized to the family and resolved this.” 


6) Football stuff:
— Broncos lost LB Bradley Chubb wth a partially torn ACL. a big loss.
— Bengals lost WR John Rosa (shoulder) for a few weeks.
— Patriots’ K Stephen Gostkowski (hip) is out for the year. 

5) Washington Nationals offered 3B Anthony Rendon $210M for seven years and he turned it down? Figures that his agent is scumweasel $cott Bora$, who always drags things out to try and suck every last penny out for his client (and himself). 

I mean, if you’re Rendon and you’re happy playing for the Nationals, how the bleep do you turn down $30M a year? If you’re not happy, then you test the waters. 

4) Speaking of Boras, he represents three Nationals: Rendon, Scherzer and Strasburg, who this year made a combined total of $94,538,895, which makes Boras’ 3% of the take $2,836,166. 

It says on the Interweb (so it has to be true) that in 2017, Boras earned $108.3M in commission from his clients. He makes more money than most of the ballclubs do. 

3) Sacramento Kings are playing Indiana this weekend in two preseason games in India (not Indiana, INDIA), the country where Kings’ owner Vivek Ranadivé lived until he was 16. 

There are 1.3 billion people in India; some think India will surpass China as the world’s most populous country as soon as 2027. If the NBA is popular there. thats a lot of t-shirts and jerseys that can be sold. 

2) Get well soon to Senator Bernie Sanders, who had a couple of stents placed in his heart Tuesday night; the 78-year old Sanders will suspend campaigning “until further notice” after doctors treated the blockage in an artery. 

1) The commissioner of the Pac 12 has a salary of $5.3M a year, but he can’t get the Pac-12 Network on DirecTV. I’m thinking he is overpaid.

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