Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Did you know that Anheuser-Busch has the option to buy the first ad of the Super Bowl, and they’ve declined two of the past three years? Their research shows them that commercials later in the game get more attention that those early on. By doing that, they’re gambling the game isn’t a blowout and people stop paying attention.

Advertising is also a big money game. Over the last 35 Super Bowls, Anheuser Busch has spent over $520M in advertising.

12) Three Oregon football players went to the hospital after off-season workouts, and so the new strength coach of the Ducks has been suspended for a month, replaced by the old strength coach, who must be laughing up his sleeve.

The new strength coach came from South Florida with coach Willie Taggart; supposedly he does not have the college degree a person in his position usually has.

Signing Day is 13 days away; stuff like that can hurt your recruiting.

11) Back in 1960, the first year of the AFL, the Los Angeles Chargers had a damn good coaching staff. Sid Gillman was head coach; two of his assistants were Al Davis and Chuck Noll. Not bad.

10) Tony Romo has a steel rod in the collarbone that has been broken three times.

I mention this because the last couple of times I flew, the security person asked me if I had any steel rods in my body. Maybe I look like an NFL quarterback or maybe I just look old, you make the call but my preference is to think I look like a former signal caller.

9) Tennis player Nick Kyrgios was trailing 6-5 in the third set late Tuesday night in Australia when he actually hit a return shot between his legs, like it was nothing. Seriously, I’d be in traction if I tried to do what he did, even without any steel rods in my body.

I don’t know much about tennis, but this guy looks like a little like Giancarlo Stanton, resembles a Greek Adonis, but John McEnroe ripped Kyrgios after he lost his second round match, saying “…..he has about the #200 mental game.” Alrighty then.

8) Congrats to Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, Pudge Rodriguez on getting into the Hall of Fame. Will be lot of people coming down from Montreal to Cooperstown in July, I’m pretty sure.

One other HOF note: if David Ortiz gets put in the Hall of Fame someday and that seems likely, then they need to put Edgar Martinez in also. His career on-base %age was .418. Four-Freakin’-eighteen.

Just because he played on the west coast shouldn’t mean he gets excluded.

7) Since 2010, your major league leader in home runs? Jose Bautista, with 249.

6) If I ever get involved in coaching basketball again, I’d be a strong advocate for spending eight minutes of EVERY practice with kids practicing all different kinds of layups. It really helps.

This is something from the Princeton school of coaching; I’m no fan of the Princeton offense itself, but if you’re lucky enough to have players who get the ball close to the basket, it is a big help to have guys who can finish plays. Watch Belmont in the OVC; they’re crafty around the basket and it helps them neutralize more athletic opponents.

I see it all season watching college hoop for 5-6 hours a night; some teams have kids who are uncomfortable when they have the ball around the basket, unless they can dunk it.

5) Surprising fact: Atlanta Falcons have four rookie starters on defense.

4) Over last two years, Clippers are 5-12 in games that Chris Paul missed; he is now out 6-8 weeks with a torn ligament in his thumb.

3) Baylor’s Johnathan Motley had 32 points, 20 rebounds against Texas Monday night; it is really hard to go 30-20 in a basketball game, you have to be totally dominant. Baylor got zero votes in the preseason college hoop poll, but now they’re a top 10 team.

2) Washington Huskies QB Jake Browning had shoulder surgery this week; they did a nice job of hiding his injury thru the season.

1— The following numbers are presented as facts, not as any sort of political statement, but they are facts, and they are interesting.

President Obama commuted 1,385 prison sentences in his eight years in office, 504 of which were life sentences. He also pardoned 212 people. This is more than the last 12 presidents did combined.

I don’t have an opinion on these stats, other than when you do something more than the 12 people who had your job before you (combined), it is an interesting statistic.

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