Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) UCLA had a news conference Wednesday, with the three geniuses who got caught stealing stuff from Chinese stores last week. Public relations spins at their finest. Kids read statements that were written for them, they were contrite, and it all went well enough.

How long is “indefinite”? When Duke really needed Grayson Allen a couple of years ago, his “indefinite suspension” was one whole game. One of these kids was expected to start, another to be a key guy off the bench. That shouldn’t matter, but fact of the matter is, it probably will.

I’m guessing the three players will be back Dec 19, when the Bruins host South Dakota. UCLA plays Kentucky on Dec 23, then Pac-12 plays the week after that. I’m guessing they’ll want all this BS behind them before conference plays begins.

12) Weasel agent Scott Boras was whining this week because teams like the Mets, Marlins plan on reducing payroll his winter. it does suck for the sport, but it sucks worse for an agent, who rakes in 3% of his client’s salary. Curious to see who Boras suckers into signing Eric Hosmer, the overpriced free agent 1B from Kansas City.

Also curious to see how many of the Marlins’ stars get traded this winter.

11) A’s traded 1B/3B Ryon Healy to the Mariners for a minor league SS and a rookie reliever; Healy figures to play 1B in Seattle. Emergence of Matt Olson in Oakland made Healy expendable.

10) Buffalo Bills will start rookie QB Nathan Peterman Sunday in Carson against the Chargers. Reading on the Interweb, Bills weren’t thrilled with how slowly previous starter Tyrod Taylor was going thru his progressions, causing him to miss some open receivers.

9) Only fifteen major league pitchers threw 200+ innings this past year; as recently as five years ago, 31 pitchers threw 200+ innings.

8) They broke ground on the Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas this week, a stadium that will house the Raiders and UNLV football. I’m saying UNLV moves up to the Big X once they get their fancy new domed stadium, probably with BYU joining them.

7) Davidson Wildcats are 39-86 outside the arc in their first two games; they were an astounding 26-53 on 3-pointers in their opener vs Charleston Southern. Wildcats scored 110-108 points in their first two games; curious to see if they keep playing this fast as their competition improves, and then when conference play starts.

6) In the NFL, forcing an opponent to go 3/out improves your field position and keeps other team’s defense on field longer- here are teams who’ve forced highest %age of 3/outs:
Steelers 38.3%, Cardinals 37.5%, Saints 37.4%, Seahawks 37.1%,

Teams who have forced the lowest %age of 3/outs:
Packers 21.8%, Giants 23.2%, Patriots/Chiefs 24.4%

5) Likewise, avoiding 3/outs on offense takes stress off your defense, improves field position:
Teams with lowest %age of 3/outs:
Steelers 21.3%, Patriots 21.7%, Saints 23.0%, Rams 23.5%

Teams who’ve gone 3/out the most this season:
Colts 41.6%, Titans 39.8%, Raiders 35.9%, Jets 35.7%

4) Seton Hall 84, Indiana 68— Pirates shot 59% inside arc, 9-17 outside arc. Indiana is off to a rough start, also losing to Indiana State at home.

3) Maryland 79, Butler 65— Bulldogs are on their 4th head coach in six seasons, which is weird for a Big East team that usually does well- they’re 38-34 in Big East conference games.

2) Creighton 92, Northwestern 88— If you like good defense, you would’ve switched channels to a different game, but this was entertaining. Bluejays push ball very well. Wildcats’ bench was 0-6 from floor in this game, a red flag.

1) I flip back and forth between college/NBA games a lot and the difference in skill level is drastic; you watch NBA Summer League games in July and you see guys who were really good college players who wind up playing in Europe or the G-League. It is tough to make an NBA roster.

Too many kids leave college for the pros too soon— work on your games, so when you leave for the NBA, you’re ready.

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