Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Packers traded RB Ty Montgomery to Houston Tuesday, less than 48 hours after he fumbled a kickoff that cost the Packers a chance to rally in the last 2:00 of a 29-27 loss in LA. 

Green Bay coaches apparently told Montgomery NOT to run the ball out of the end zone, but he was annoyed because he hadn’t played as much as he thought he should earlier in the game, so he took matters into his own hands, but then the ball was knocked out of his hands. 

Now Montgomery plays for Baltimore. 

12) If you like basketball and you haven’t seen ESPN’s historical basketball series that runs on Tuesday nights, you should— lot of great history. 

Interviews, clips with the guys we’ve been watching on TV for decades— good stuff. 

11) One of the clips was an exhibition game between a bunch of college all-stars and some NBA all-stars in Phoenix. Michael Jordan/Patrick Ewing were on the college team; one of the other players on the college team was Leon Wood from Cal State-Fullerton, who wound up playing parts of seven years in the NBA— for the last 22 years, Wood has been an NBA referee. 

10) My all-time starting five for NBA players:
C- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
F- Bill Russell
F- Lebron James
G- Michael Jordan
G- Magic Johnson

Coming up with a second team could start a lot of arguments……..

9) So far in the NFL this season, an average of 48.2 points/game have been scored, teams have thrown for an average of 252.5 yards/game and averaged 5.7 yards per pay, all-time highs thru eight games for any season ever. 

Despite all that, over is 60-60-1 in NFL games this season. 

8) NFL suspended Seattle LB Mychal Hendricks until Week 14 for off-field issues that revolve around insider trading in the stock market. 

7) Big 14 Conference hasn’t won a national title in basketball since Michigan State in 2000. 

6) Big Sky Conference was the most improved basketball conference in the country LY; their RPI jumped from 28th to 17th. Lot of good, experienced teams; can they maintain their ranking this winter?  

5) Iona released one of its basketball players who got into a scuffle with an assistant coach and sent the coach to the hospital- the kid averaged 11 points, five rebounds a game LY, so it’ll be a pretty big loss for the Gaels. 

4) Milwaukee Brewers had a terrific season, but they’ve already lost three coaches since the season ended; their pitching coach, hitting coach and bullpen coach have all either quit or been fired, which seems odd for a team that did so well this season. 

3) This from football expert Warren Sharp: Cleveland Browns are +11 in turnover ratio with a 2-5-1 record; since 2006, there have been 38 teams whose turnover ratio was +8 or better after eight games- none of the 38 teams had a losing record. 

Since 1975, 71 teams had a +11 or better turnover ratio thru eight games; none of the 71 teams had a losing record. 

2) With Hue Jackson getting fired, this is the 4th year in a row that the team drafting the first QB in the NFL Draft fired its coach during that year or just after the season.

2015: Lovie Smith/Jameis Winston
2016: Jeff Fisher/Jared Goff
2017: John Fox/Mitch Trubisky
2018: Hue Jackson/Baker Mayfield

1) RIP to the great Willie McCovey, who passed away Monday at age 80. McCovey hit 521 home runs in his Hall of Fame career- he led the NL in homers in 1968 and 1969. 

RIP, sir.

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