Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) Cardinals-Diamondbacks played until 4:30am Wednesday morning; fascinating game, and then the teams played a day game that started 11 hours later. 

If MLB wants to have tie games to avoid having marathon games that last into the middle of the night, I’d be OK with that, but no way in hell would I want them to institute a gimmick like starting extra innings with a runner on 2nd base. Not good. 

Myself, I love long ballgames, but I can see how they can screw up a pitching staff for a few days. Over in Japan they have tie games; wonder what they think about ties there?

12) Baseball is going to look a lot different next September; rosters will be capped at 28 guys, if I remember right (instead of 40), so none of the constant pitching changes next year, Plus, once they put in the rule about relievers having to face three batters, the constant R-L-R pitching changes will also be greatly reduced, which will shorten games. 

They used 25 pitchers in the Rockies-Giants game Tuesday; that was the first and could be the last time that ever happens. 

11) Alex Bregman’s team beat Mike Trout’s team in a fantasy football league last week; sounds like a fun league to be a part of. Wonder what the entry fee is. 

10) Someone at SouthPoint Casino in Las Vegas wagered $200,000 on the Houston Astros to win the World Series at 5-2 odds.

9) We could’ve gotten good odds back in March that Washington would wind up with a better record than the Phillies this year. Dave Martinez looked like a lock to get fired back in mid-May but his team caught fire and will be playing in the postseason. 

How ironic is it that the Phillies were eliminated and the Nationals clinched a playoff spot while the Phillies were in Washington this week? 

8) Red Sox-Tampa played an important game (for the Rays) Monday night, and only 8,779 fans showed up at the Trop. When the Rays call Montreal home in a couple years, don’t want to hear anyone in Florida complaining about it. 

7) Noah Syndergaard has allowed 41 stolen bases this year; no one else has allowed more than 24, which may help explain why Syndergaard doesn’t like Wilson Ramos catching his games, though the Marlins stole four bases with Tomas Nido catching Tuesday night.  

6) The NFL is directly linking with a sports bookmaker, Australia’s Tabcorp, allowing the company to stream NFL RedZone and NFL Network on its platforms and to use league and team logos, which fuels speculation that the league will do the same thing here, at some point.

5) University of New Haven hired former Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger, and will look into making the jump from D-II to Division I, which is an expensive but potentially lucrative jump. Not sure how much room is left in the conferences that are lucrative, though.

4) CC Sabathia’s 560 regular season starts before his first relief appearance are the 2nd-most to begin a career without a relief appearance, behind only Tom Glavine, who started 682 games without ever coming out of the bullpen.

3) Does the seemingly annual increase in strikeouts make defensive ability less important in baseball? Fewer balls in play, less need for guys who can catch the ball well. I’m just asking, not sure what the right answer would be. 

2) Houston Cougars opened the week Sunday at -3 over North Texas, but when news of QB Houston QB D’Eriq King and WR Keith Corbin taking the rest of the year off hit the wires, the line swung dramatically and now the Mean Green is -7. Not a lot of faith in Houston’s backup QB there, and there are also rumors that there is unrest in the Houston program, which wouldn’t be good. 

1) From Ralph Michaels:

 Since 1998, Thursday night non-divisional home favorites are 41-17-4 ATS (70.7%) 

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