Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud

13) MLB has suggested a rule requiring pitchers to face a minimum of three batters in each appearance, to lessen the tedious lefty/righty pitching changes that make the end of games drag out endlessly. In one game last year, a team used five relievers in one inning, with each pitcher facing one guy. 

12) Also looks like the DH could be in the NL soon, as soon as in this year or next, which makes the Mets’ acquiring Robinson Cano look better. The players’ union would like the DH to be put into place this season in the NL, probably because DH’s make a lot more money than the average player. 

Last season, pitchers batted .115 with a .144 on-base %age and .149 slugging %age in 4,524 at-bats. 

11) Big trade in the NBA late Tuesday night;  Clippers traded Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott to the 76ers for Landry Shamet, Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, a ’20 1st-round draft pick, ’21 unprotected 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks.

Elton Brand is Philly’s GM, and he is being very aggressive in his trading.  

10) Kansas-Kansas State game Tuesday night was a joy to listen to; Jon Sciambi calling the action, with Stan Van Gundy/Chauncey Billups doing analysis. Really good team of guys, no screaming, no BS, they talked about basketball with enthusiasm and it was great.

9) Tuesday night also was the 20th anniversary of the first time Mike Breen/Walt Frazier worked together on a Knicks’ telecast; they’re an excellent team.

I was lucky enough to meet Walt Frazier at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas a few years ago; he was friendly, enjoyed talking when he really had no reason to be nice to me, a stranger. He’s a good guy, a great ambassador for the NBA and the Knicks.

8) Atlanta Falcons released 43-year old kicker Matt Bryant, who had two years left on his contract; he was 20-21 on FG’s this past season, and had been with the Falcons for the last decade.

7) Odds to win the AAF, the new football league:
5-2: Arizona Hotshots
4-1: Salt Lake Stallions
5-1: Atlanta, Orlando, San Antonio
10-1: Birmingham, Memphis, San Diego

Not sure how you come up with odds for a brand-new league, but they did. 

6) One thing that will be coming up soon that is a little odd; Conference USA has left the last four games of its teams’ conference schedules blank. After the games of Feb 16, the league will then schedule those games, with top teams playing each other, to increase all their power rankings, in hopes of getting an at-large (they ain’t getting one). 

Maybe the C-USA survivor will get a better NCAA seed; this is the first time this approach has been tried, so we’ll see how it works.

5) Roger Staubach turned 77 this week; typing that made me feel old. 

He is my sleeper answer to the question: “If you had the ball on your 20 with 2:00 left, down 3, who would you want as your QB?” I’m not a Dallas fan, but he was a great player. 

4) Former Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops re-emerged Wednesday as the coach/GM of the Dallas franchise in the XFL, a new league that will begin play in the spring of 2020. 

3) This is an interesting number: 40% of all men’s basketball players who enter Division I directly out of high school leave their first college by the end of their sophomore year.

2) Damn, that happened fast; one of Kirk Herbstreit’s sons signed on to play DB at Clemson next season. I remember when Herbstreit would bring his kids on the College GameDay set, and they were all little kids. Time flies. 

1) Next year is the NFL’s 100th season, and it sounds like they’re going to start with a Packers-Bears Thursday night matchup in Week 1, the oldest rivalry in the league.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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