Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) So I’ve got all my football research material and have been going thru it, getting ready for this season, then comes news that Urban Meyer is on paid administrative lead at Ohio State, so all the information about the Buckeyes goes out the window. 

Ohio State’s former WR coach had domestic violence charges against him in 2015; the issue here is whether or not Meyer knew about the incident(s) and did nothing about it. 

12) It is obvious from reports that Meyer’s wife knew about the incidents, and if Meyer is found to have lied about not knowing, then Ohio State might be looking for a new coach soon. Might be looking for a new athletic director, too. 

August 1 isn’t a great time to put your football coach on administrative leave. Especially when the coach has a 73-8 record at that school. 

11) Before Meyer took the Ohio State job, he was on ESPN for a year; I genuinely felt bad for the guy, because he seemed incapable of laughter or lightheartedness. I’m serious when I say this, the guy seemed to have zero sense of humor. It was a little eerie. 

10) Johnny Manziel gets the starting nod for the Montreal Alouettes Friday night in Montreal when they play Manziel’s old team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,. Hamilton traded Manziel to the Alouettes on July 22. 

9) Nationals 25, Mets 4— This was an embarrassment; heads need to roll, either the manager or some players- this team has quit, plain and simple. Inexcusable. 

8) Washington must have some serious dissension; they traded reliever Brandon Kintzler because they thought he was leaking info about the team to the press, then they flat out DFA’d Shawn Kelley when he gave up a homer, then threw his glove to the ground like a 10-year old brat. I laughed when I saw it because I’ve never seen a big leaguer do that before. 

The home run came in the 9th inning, with the Nationals leading 25-2; go figure.

7) I guess my next question is this; how much do players care about their individual stats? If you read into the Kelley incident at all, seems like he wasn’t interested in mopping up in a 25-1 game, then vented his frustration on national TV when he gave up three runs. 

6) Cameron Maybin has been in the major leagues for 12 years; he’s on his 8th team. Seattle has acquired seven new players in trades, since the season started. 

5) Giancarlo Stanton’s %age of runners knocked in:
2018: 12.99% (30.9% from 3B)
2017: 18.03% (34.2%)
2016: 13.62% (35.4%)
2015: 19.32% (36.8%)
2014: 16.47% (34.4%)
2013: 13.38% (35.5%)
2012: 15.17% (32.7%)

In other words, despite being healthy, Stanton is having the worst season of his career. 

4) Cody Bellinger has played 637⅓ innings at 1B, and 255 innings in CF for the Dodgers this season- this is unusual.

Last major league player with 500+ innings in both 1B, CF in same season was Lee Mazzilli with the Mets in 1980.

3) Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries in the United States. Thought you’d like to know. 

2) George Springer left Wednesday’s game with shoulder soreness, which means Altuve, Correa and now Springer are all out of the Houston lineup.

1) Texas Rangers were in Phoenix Tuesday when they traded reliever Jake Diekman to the Diamondbacks. Diekman took his bags, went outside the locker room and was driven down to the Arizona locker room in the D’backs’ bullpen cart, driven by Baxter, the team’s mascot.  

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