Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) It was so cold in Chicago, work crews had to set fire to commuter rail tracks to keep the trains moving smoothly. That doesn’t sound that safe, but in the midwest this week, it is colder than in some parts of Antartica. 

It was 35 below zero in Winnipeg Tuesday night, minus-49 with the wind. Yuk.

12) In his first eight years in the NBA, all with the Nets, Milwaukee Bucks’ center Brook Lopez was a combined 3-31 shooting behind the arc, while scoring around 17 points/game. He just didn’t shoot from the outside, it wasn’t a part of his game. 

The last three years, playing for three different teams (Nets-Lakers-Bucks), Lopez has made 371 of 1,032 three-pointers (35.9%), an amazing transformation of his game. 

Goes to show you that if you work at your game, you can improve drastically. 

11) Roger Goodell makes around $32M a year to be the NFL’s commissioner; his one-hour press conference during Super Bowl week is probably the worst hour of that year every year. 🙂

 10) Part of being a good coach is making in-season adjustments. Missouri State’s new coach is Dana Ford, who came over from Tennessee State; he wanted his Bears to play fast, but then Missouri State started the season 8-11, 2-4 in conference. Changes were made. 

In their last three games, Missouri State played a much slower tempo, with fewer than 60 possessions in regulation of all three games, which the Bears won. Its easier to recruit when you play fast, but its easier to keep your job when you win, and once he recruits some more of his players into the program, Ford’s team will play fast again. Just not this year.  

9) After standing in front of the Hard Rock Cafe for 28 years, the guitar-shaped sign that welcomed people to the Hard Rock has come down and can now be seen at the Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas, where they have lot of cool old signs from Las Vegas’ past.

8) Arizona Diamondbacks gave manager Torey Lovullo a contract extension thru 2022; team traded Paul Goldschmidt this winter, they’re going to re-boot/rebuild which means they’re probably going to suck this year, so they gave the manager more job security. 

7) When you hear an NBA announcer say: “Player A ‘Eurosteps’ to the hoop” thats a euphemism for “He walked, but they don’t call those kind of walks in the NBA.”

6) ESPN’s Adrian Branch said on air Tuesday night that Tennessee’s Grant Williams reminds him of former NBA star Adrian Dantley. Seeing how Dantley scored 23,177 points in his career, averaging 24.3 ppg, thats a pretty big compliment. 

5) Florida Atlantic football coach Lane Kiffin made an unusual recruiting stop Wednesday; he stopped by the maternity ward of a hospital in north central Florida to visit a prospect who had recently become a father. 

When you coach a mid-major team, you do what you have to do to get players.

4) Lincoln Riley got a contract extension from Oklahoma, will now make $6M a year. He doesn’t have to visit maternity wards to get players. 

3) Oklahoma State’s football team hired Princeton’s Sean Gleeson as offensive coordinator; Gleeson’s offense at Princeton scored 470 points LY, an Ivy League record. Tigers averaged 36.9 ppg during Gleeson’s six seasons on staff. 

2) Happy 89th birthday to the great actor Gene Hackman, even though in Hoosiers, his character (coach Norman Dale) didn’t know enough to give Jimmy Chitwood the ball every time Hickory High needed a basket. My favorite Hackman movies:
a) Hoosiers, b) Runaway Jury c) The Replacements

1) Someone on Twitter suggested replacing the Pro Bowl with a game between the two worst teams in the NFL playing, with the winner getting the first pick in the draft. Only problem with that is if a draft pick is traded, and the team holding that pick is a playoff team. Then what?

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