Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Oregon 28, Wisconsin 27:
— Badgers outgained Oregon, 322-204.
— Wisconsin converted 4-5 4th down plays, but turned ball over four times. 

12) Alabama 35, Michigan 16— Crimson Tide averaged 13.1 yards/pass attempt with their backup QB playing. 

11) Why would any NFL team draft Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa in the first round? He’s been hurt a lot; very doubtful he could withstand the physical demands of a 16 (or 17)-game NFL season. I’m guessing a dislocated hip will be very difficult to recover from, and still be the elite athlete he was before the injury.

2019— Dislocated hip, nasal fracture
2018— Sprained knee

He’s also sprained both ankles in the last year. 

10) Minnesota 31, Auburn 24— Gophers’ WR Tyler Johnson may have made the Catch of the Year on January 1, a 2-yard TD that put Minnesota up 31-24 at halftime. Johnson had 12 catches for 204 yards, two TD’s. He will play on Sundays, and play very well. 

9) Arizona State 20, Florida State 14— Not often you win a game when your offense doesn’t score a TD; Sun Devils scored the winning TD on a pick-6 with 10:06 left in a game where the two teams combined to convert only 6-33 third down plays.

Florida State outgained ASU 470-282, but turned the ball over six times. 

8) There is a sportswriter named Art Spander who has been to 67 consecutive Rose Bowls; now thats impressive. Pretty sure Mr Spander wrote for The Sporting News when I was a kid. 

7) Here’s the deal with instant replay reviews:
— Look at the replay from a couple angles.
— Was the call on the field an obvious error?
— If it wasn’t an obvious error, the call stands. None of this 5-7 minute stuff. If you can’t find an error in two minutes, move the game along. 

6) Washington Redskins hired Ron Rivera as head coach, Jack Del Rio as defensive coordinator, as they rebuild their organization. 

5) Point guard James Akinjo transfers from Georgetown to Arizona; Akinjo averaged 13.4 ppg, 5.1 assists, and 1.3 steals per game in 40 career games (39 starts) at Georgetown, but was criticized for being not a good enough distributor of the ball. 

4) There have been ten Big Sky conference basketball games so far; one game was a pick ‘em, and underdogs covered the other nine. 

3) ESPN runs ads for The Masters on New Year’s Eve, because there isn’t any golf on TV between now and April. 

2) From Tom Crouch: Since 2003, there have been 575 drives over 400 yards on the PGA Tour; 319 of those have been at Kapalua, where the PGA Tour resumes today.

96 of those 319 drives have been on the 18th hole; 29 of those 96 were hit by Dustin Johnson. 

1) RIP to former NBA commish David Stern, who passed away Wednesday at age 77.

Stern was an excellent businessman who made the NBA a much more profitable enterprise; he also totally screwed over the city of Seattle when they wouldn’t build a new arena, facilitating the Sonics’ sale, and subsequent move to Oklahoma City.

But that was business, and Stern’s job was to make the NBA more profitable, which he was very, very good at. 

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